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  • Fixes, Refactors, Fancy Ores


    Numerous Vintarians
    Fancy Stuff from Saraty and Hayden. Boring technical stuff from Tyron.
    No new release at the moment.


    • Nachtfalter joined the team \o/
      He will hopefully provide us with much fancier logos+icons and improve our presence on various sites and communities.

    • Hayden made a new Theme Track that plays in the main menu. It sounds awesome and mysterious.
    • Saraty remade many of the ore textures and included 3 different variants for each. Bitmiunous coal and Gold-In-Quartz look especially juicy :P
      coal.png gold_in_quartz.png

    Tyrons Tweaks, Refactors, Fixes

    • Load Music on Demand: When starting the game, instead of 10 seconds loading sounds it should now only take 2 seconds \o/
    • Large Refactor - GUI Dialog Handling: In preparation for chest inventories I have added another layer of abstraction between the running game instance and all the dialog systems. This allows me to open any number of inventory simultaneously, even multiple chests. Could surely come in handy when organizing chest contents. This also improved code cleanliness. I still have to fully connect the dots before the actual chest inventory works.
    • Large Refactor - Block Texture Handling: Added yet another layer of abstraction for block texture definitions. Instead of a single filename, a block texture now may have several other properties, which are currently any amounts of overlays or alternate versions. These features were available before but were limited in certain ways which are now gone. This enables:
      • combining any amount of textures based on block/item type. Examples:
        • Stone Texture + Ore Overlay + Erosion Overlay
        • Stick + Pickaxe Head + Flax Binding
      • using overlays in combination with alternate versions. Only with this we ware able to add 3 random variants for every ore overlay
    • Worked towards Linux compatiblity: Changed several places in the code to allow playing the game under Linux. Probably still some more steps needed to make it work fully.
    • Cleaned up some of the shader code to not use outdated features. Maybe improve compabtility for some graphics cards. Also for ATI cards the game should now print to the log files if something is running in software mode.
    • Fixed serverconfig.json and servermagicnumbers.json containing obfuscated names
    • Fixed some wrong/missing block names

    Edited by Tyron


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