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    GUI Scaling and new blocks


    Fellow Vintarians! Here are the updates of today:

    • Two inventory convenience updates: A /clear command now clears the inventory and the keyboard keys 1-9 let's you flip itemstacks between your hotbar and the currently hovered item.
    • Update on the Physics system to allow stepping on half blocks without jumping
    • Added GUI Scaling - which is necessary so the GUI can resized to fit your screen size. This is where the GUI System shines - since everypart of the GUI (buttons, text, shadows, borders, lines, sliders, ...) is drawn in code, it can be freely resized without blur.

    • New blocks! Vintagestory now has fences, doors, stairs, slabs, glass and polished stone. Some of them still have a very rough implementation, but the placement of stairs and fence works and doors can be interacted with already.
    • Saraty remade the rock textures and made polished stone, which looks like awesome material for some epic builds.

    • I also published a video on my youtube channel that compares the performance of Vintagestory with Teraslogy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KMlWzlbPks

    Edited by Tyron

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