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  • Homesteading part 2, 4th release candidate (1.16.0-rc.4)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.0-rc.4, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    It almost looks like this is one of the last unstable releases \o/

    Screenshot by BreakfastTime#1346

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Fine tuned Aurora visuals
    • Tweak: Fine tuned teleporter sounds and teleport effect
    • Tweak: Click sound for the creative rotor, placement sounds when adding parts to the pulverizer
    • Tweak: Firepit construction stages drop contents when broken and break faster.
    • Tweak: New tint for Olive tree foliage
    • Tweak: Fine tuned fruit tree fruit windwave
    • Fixed: Crashes related to handbook and itemstack hover debug info
    • Fixed: Able to sleep through temporal storms when going to bed before the storm starts
    • Fixed: Game crashing on startup under MacOS Monterey
    • Fixed: Creatures trying to get out of water stuck at the last block of water
    • Fixed: Rare race condition crash in animated blocks
    • Fixed: Able to make 200 cheese from one barrel of curdled milk
    • Fixed: Fern tree growing through trader cart floors
    • Fixed: Translocating sound not attenuated
    • Fixed: Invisible condenser bucket
    • Fixed: Unable to set the games language to chinese
    • Fixed: Sun travelling west-north-east instead of east-south-west
    • Fixed: Crafting recipes for clothing disappearing/not shown in the handbook
    • Fixed: Stacked liquid eating container dupe bug
    • Fixed: Dropping the wrong item when using the Q hotkey in the creative inventory
    • Fixed: Hot crucible no longer glowing yellow in GUI
    • Fixed: Game crashing when feeding certain non-crushable items into the pulverizer
    • Fixed: Should fix a crash when launching the game on Pop OS
    • Fixed: Various minor issues (2 missing lang entries, floaty mushroom at block edges, wonky slanted roof hitboxes, shadows around reed&papyrus)
    • Fixed: Boiler missing liquid interaction help infos
    • Fixed: Unable to re-ignite a placed unlit torch
    • Fixed: Spears in mouse slot and in the handbook not correctly cropped
    • Api Tweak: Added IDisosable interface to many classes that are disposable



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