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  • Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, stable! (1.16.0)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    This is it community. v1.16 looks stable enough to me. There are still bugs, but I estimate there's now less than in 1.15.10. This major update contains over 300 features, tweaks and fixes. It's been quite a monumental task to get here. As always, it would not have been possible with the incredible amounts of feedback and bug reports by you, the community. I'm very grateful for your support, thank you so much! 💚

    The theme of this update did morph a bit during development. We originally wanted to complete some of the homesteading features that didn't make it into 1.15, but now also contains some major rework on how drifters spawn and behave as well as major changes to the games combat. While nothing is ever set in stone, I do hope these combat changes sufficiently address some of the shortcomings that a part of our community (rightfully) critized.

    Looking forward, the VS Team will focus on a new main game trailer and then begin work on 1.17. Our main topics for the next update are De-Jank and Story Content. We'd like to address some of the unintuive and half finished parts of the game and get to work on the first main story event. Definitely lots more exciting new stuff to be worked on there!

    Until then, the VS Team is happy to present you: Version 1.16 - Homesteading part 2 and Combat update! 🎉

    Oh and please Note, in about one Week, we'll slightly increase the price of the game, by about 3-4 USD

    Note2: You can still player your old 1.15 worlds with 1.16. Only two things are not backwards compatible - liquids stored in buckets and barrels will be lost and the new content such as mushrooms will only generate in new chunks.

    Main update trailer

    Screenshots / Gifs

    Server wide auction house: Buy and sell on a global scale...for a price (multiplayer feature only)

    Rifts: Temporal distortions now spawn in the world that affect drifter spawn

    Crates: Beautiful single item mass storage, with item labels and visible contents

    Trunks: Like 2 chests together, but better!

    Alcohol making: A fruit press, juice fermentation and a distillery for the ultimate drunken VS experience \o/

    Class exclusive item: Hacking spear and hacked locusts for the clockmaker

    Combat update: Added shields and more

    Liquid system rework: Now easier and more satisfying to use for modders and players alike!
    liquidsystem.gif.c5e30cddbfe093970ed23b6e9ee81a0c.gif   multitransfer2.gif.8aa484fe85386bb7348b13abd3416c85.gif

    Fruit Trees: 9 types of seasonal fruit producers. A flowery delight in spring!

    Fruit tree dynamic growth: A fruit tree takes a while to mature

    Fruit tree grafting:
    Fruit trees are propagated by taking and planting a cutting, but you can also graft it onto an existing fruit tree

    Forest floors: Forests are so much more foresty now.

    Mushroom update: Over 34 new types of mushrooms

    Improved wind effects: Rewritten and triple polished wind sway effects. Example - here's a wind swaying sunflower, before and after
    sunflower1_15.gif.8ab1ce8bd87e5565d571f91c896a8408.gif  sunflower1_16.gif.363a653ecc875e3fb8ca5115f2cb9bc6.gif 

    Ground storage tweaks: Can now 4x4 place pots, bowls and also optionally center place them
    4x4pots.gif  centerbowl.gif 

    Ground storage tweaks: Can now place shoes on the ground and on shelves

    Easy modded server joining: The game now tries to download mods from the VS Mod DB, no more manual installing required

    Improved multimaterial chiseling: Can now add new materials much more quickly

    Armor Stand Feature: They can now carry tools and weapons

    Drifter Rework: They will now throw stones at you. Added a rare variant that spawns only during temporal storms

    Improved hit knockback

    3D Models for berries and for the new fruits from fruit trees

    Permadeath mode: Disabled by default, but now available for those that like the extra challenge

    45° Signs: Can now also place signs at a 45 degree angle

    Can now craft colored chairs

    Can now rotate planks

    Glowing and light emitting creative mode blocks

    Wind effects editor: VSMC, our official model editor now allows you to configure the wind say mode in great detail and with live preview


    All game updates since 1.15.10

    • Feature: Auction house! Every trader now gives you access to a server wide auction house where players can buy and sell items
      • To still encourage direct trade, the auction house comes with multiple (configurable) fees:
        • 1 rusty gear for each week of having your item listed
        • 10% sales cut for each item sold
        • Transpot costs of 1 to 8 gears or direct pickup for free
      • Everytime you join the server, you get a status update send to you in chat about your active auctions
      • Server owners can configure the cost or disable the auction house altogether
    • Feature: New storage options!
      • Crates
        • 20 to 25 slot containers for one type of item, without GUI. Left/Right click to take/put one item or hold shift to move entire stacks
        • Can be labelled with a icon label using paper and a pigment
        • Paper can be bought at the commodities and foods traders
      • Trunks: A double size chest with one extra column of space
    • Feature Distillery and Fruit press
      • All fruits can now be juiced in the fruit press
      • Juice can now be fermented into cider
      • Cider can be further distilled into spirit
      • Drinking Cider and Spirit makes you drunk
    • Feature: Fruit tree update
      • 12 types of fruit trees (red apple, pink apple, yellow apple, peach, pear, cherry, orange, olive, mango, breadfruit, lychee and pomegranate) now spawn in newly generated chunks. Break the side branches for a chance to retrieve a cutting.
      • This cutting, when planted, should sprout after a couple of days and eventually mature into a full tree (does not require fertilizer or watering for the time being)
      • Fruit trees will yield fruit once a year, depending on the sort. They'll go through various distinct cycles: Flowering, Fruiting, Ripe fruit, No fruit and then Dormant for decidious trees, which is a leafless version only with branches. The evergreens (mango, orange and olive) stay green all year round.
      • Ripe fruit can then be used for cooking and juicing
      • Fruit trees planted in an unsuitable climate will die
    • Feature: Mushroom update
      • 34 new types of mushrooms, some of them now growing on the sides of trees.
      • Mushroom growth rework: Mushrooms no longer leave stumps when harvested, but will still regrow over time
      • Mushroom world generation rework: The world now has distinct regions where certain only a subset of all mushrooms grow
    • Feature: Auto-modded server install! You can now 1-click install mods that you need to join a modded server. These are only enabled when you join said server.
    • Feature: Added Rifts. These appear and disappear at random in the world. Drain your stability when close to one. Surface drifters now only spawn within a 25 block radius of rifts
    • Feature: Drifter rework
      • Drifters now throw stones at players
      • Adjusted drifter animation names to clearly differentiate between Standing and Crawling.
      • Added a drifter attack sound
      • Fixed alternate version of the spiked drifter never spawned
      • Added a rare drifter variant to temporal storms, which always drops a temporal gear. Spawwns a 20% chance instead of a corrupt/nightmare drifter and only once per player per storm. Hint: You should be able to increase the chance of it spawning by repeatedly killing corrupt/nightmare drifters
    • Feature: Combat update
      • Added crude wooden shields, when standing 15% chance of blocking 1.5 to 3 damage, when sneaking 85% chance of blocking 3 to 5 damage, depending on the shield type
      • Long blades now also have a wind up time, attack animation and strike effects, much like the spear
      • Mitigate cases where creatures attack players while looking away
      • Ranged aiming accuracy buildup is now about 50% quicker
      • The hurt screen overlay effect now indicates from which direction the attack came from
      • Improved hit knockback on creatures and players
    • Feature: Wind shader rework
      • Much improved code, making it easier for modders to add wind sway effects to their blocks and items through VS Model Creator
      • Fixes heavy wind sway derp on sunflowers and other plants
      • Made storm level winds more impactful
      • Added water storm particles
    • Feature: Ground storage rework
      • Any 2x2 storable can now be placed in the middle
      • Pots, bowls and crocks are now 2x2 ground storable, while still able to transfer foods between them
    • Feature: Liquid system rework
      • Liquid quantities are now shown in litres instead of amount of items
      • Bowls can now be used to transfer liquids, just like the bucket
      • New liquid container: The jug, a 3 litre container
      • Implemented container specific transfer sizes. Buckets let you transfer 1 litre each, bowls 0.1 litre each, jugs 0.3 litre each
      • Liquids such as milk, juices, ciders and etc. can now be consumed for satiety, either from a bucket, bowl or the jug
      • Can now craft bread dough also with a (water filled) bowl + flour
      • Fixed handbook dough recipe showed an empty bucket instead of a bucket with 1 litre of water inside
      • Added sound and particle effects when moving liquids
    • Feature: Character class exclusive items
      • Clockmaker: The hacking spear. Each hit with a hacking spear gives the clock maker a 15% chance to hack a locust, which will then fight by his side. Beware, hacked locus are extremely jealous on one another
      • Malefactor: The sling. Exclusive ranged weapon for the malefactor that uses stones as projectiles
      • Tailor: Tailored gambeson, comes in 11 colors: Has more damage resistance and higher movement speed than normal gambeson
    • Feature: More Character class rebalances
      • Traders now buy sewing kits and more craftable clothes.
      • Rebalanced character classes. Blackguard buffed to 30% melee damage instead of 20% and -15% armor durability loss instead of -10%. Hunter buffed to 20% ranged damage instead of 10%. Malefactor buffed to 35% reduced animal seeking range instead of 20% and 10% chance to get whole loot vessel instead of 5%
      • The Blackguard class is now less affected by the walk speed penalties of armor
    • Feature: Added permadeath mode, disabled by default for all play styles
    • Feature: Can now use WASD keys to scroll the expanded world map
    • Feature: Added isolated, handcrafted underground lakes
    • Feature: Signs can now be placed at 45 degree angles
    • Feature: Armor stands can now hold tools in one hand
    • Feature: Improved animal pitch step rotation when stepping up and down blocks (and disabled it for bipedals)
    • Feature: New 3d models for fruits and leather
    • Feature: Shoes are now neatly placeable on shelves and on the ground
    • Feature: Store location, seed and worldconfig when saving a screenshot. Could be used to autocreate a new world and teleport to this location and tons of other fancy things. (off by default, enable via .screenshotExifDataMode 1)
    • Feature: The handbook now shows if an item is being sold or bought by a trader
    • Feature/Tweak: Can no longer sleep during temporal storms for standard and wilderness survival.
    • Feature: Easy multimaterial chiseling - can now easily add more materials to a chiseled block, by dropping blocks into the tool model selector dialog
    • Feature: Added rare polar bear spawn. The other bear types should get added in the future.
    • Feature: Added vertical planks block
    • Feature: Server side moddb install utility - /moddb
    • Feature: New world config to disable class exclusive recipes
    • Feature: Added Alcohol-soaked bandages, and grid recipe for solder bars
    • Feature: Added admin longblade for testing purposes. (Creative mode only)
    • Feature: Added command /gm shorthand for /gamemode
    • Feature: A new set of main menu backgrounds, half of which are made by the community (please contact me if we shouldn't use your screenshot)
    • Feature: Added 2 new sets of colorful creative mode blocks. One set of strong light and another with weak light, but both with max glow.
    • Feature: Leather can now be dyed to make certain clothes (and a shield) instead of making the clothes in a barrel.
    • Tweak: Improved creative inventory search, e.g. when searching for "stone" the loose stones are near the top now
    • Tweak: Major Crop rebalance. Doubled growth times and yields for most crops with some exceptions. (Experimental)
      • Rye Cold Dmg changed to -12, Cold Mult to .75, and Heat Dmg to 27 (same heat dmg as turnip).  Spawn conditions of Rye were changed to be in the -12 to 14 temperature range.  Overal rye should now be more suited to northerly climates.
      • Rice Heat Damage ceiling increased from default to 46.
      • Peanut growth time was doubled, but yield was left alone.
      • Amaranth growth time not changed, since its already about 50% of irl.  Yield still doubled though.
      • Cassava growth time was left alone, being already rather long (though still nowhere near irl).  Yield was still doubled to keep the satiety per day vaguely 'competitive'.
      • Doubled pumpkin mother plant growth time, but did not touch anything else, for now.
      • Pineapple was not touched due to already being a very long growth time and its also the only farmable fruit.
    • Tweak: Creature ai tweaks, applies to all creatures
      • Slower look around speed
      • They now tend to wander further
      • Mitigate chasing derp (where creatures turn back for a second)
      • Fixed walking sideways in 3rd camera mode caused animals to target wrongly
      • Creature attack knockback now proportional to damage
    • Tweak: Lots of visual tuning and polishing
      • Fine tuned snow accumulating and melting to be a bit less abrupt.
      • Fine tune wind affected particles
      • Fine tuned explosion particle spawning a bit and made them more proportional to the explosion radius
      • Fine tuned Aurora visuals
      • Fine tuned teleporter sounds and teleport effect
      • First person held item position/rotation polishing
      • Fine tuned first person attack/interact animations some more
      • Dark blocks now get a white selected block outline for easier chiseling
      • Added more water bubbles when walking in water
      • Zoomed in all spear gui transforms. Looks weird but can tell apart spears more easily now.
    • Tweak: Lots of other gameplay balancing
      • Slight speedup when walking in water, for creatures and players
      • Windmills no longer work underground, unless worldconfig undergroundWindmills is set to "true"
      • Standing still now reduces your hunger rate 4-fold instead of 3-fold
      • Buffed all bow by +0.25 damage.
      • Gambeson no longer High Damage Tier Resistant
      • Torches thrown into water now also go out
      • Boosted durability of steel armor to make it worthwhile (lamellar: 950->1600, brigandine: 1900->2600, chain: 1000->2000, scale: 2000->3500, steel: 3200->5500)
      • Reduced cave art material cost by 50% (consume the pigment every 1/15 times instead of 1/10)
      • When a temporal storm ends, half of the spawned drifters now disappear
      • Hares eating crops leave behind a dead crop. Prevents seed loss
    • Tweak: Added berry picking and shield blocking sound
    • Tweak: Added tempStormFrequencyMul worldconfig
    • Tweak: Removed liquid items from the creative inventory. Replaced them with liquids inside buckets. Added a new liquids creative tab.
    • Tweak: All mods in the mod manager not having set up an icon will now use a default icon. Fixed crashing game if mods did not define a mod icon
    • Tweak: Can now also right click with a bucket on the barrel slot in GUI to take out liquids (and also added holding CTRL to move only small portions)
    • Tweak: Doubled sound range of echo chambers
    • Tweak: Can now place bees wax, fired bricks, candles, clay, dyed cloth, all crushed resources, blasting powder, fat, flax fibers and flax twine on the shelf
    • Tweak: Added pit kiln burn times by fuel to the handbook entry
    • Tweak: Added more debug logging for the shift+click item disappearance bug
    • Tweak: Locust drills more drill-looking
    • Tweak: The selected chiseling material is now remembered across chiseled blocks
    • Tweak: Performance: Don't render dynamic shadows when shadow intensity falls below 10% (during night or rain)
    • Tweak: Reduced RAM usage by about 75 MB (Technical info: generate animation frames only on demand, optimized particles ram usage)
    • Tweak: Added white and gray dye
    • Tweak: Disable seasonal grass coverage changes. Causes large stutter with radeon cards, as it has to retesselate lots of chunks
    • Tweak: Added mod<=>engine version check and crash the client/server if they mismatch, to prevent undefined behavior
    • Tweak: Added additional handbook info, and a link to the wiki, when describing block reinforcement system
    • Tweak: Barrels now visually show contents for some more items/blocks
    • Tweak: Worldmap: Ignore corrupted map parts instead of crashing
    • Tweak: Unlit chimney now hollow for particles, allows smoke to rise through it from below (or snow to fall through it!)
    • Tweak: Add appconfig thing to maybe fix the game being launchable with too old versions of .net
    • Tweak: De-Jank: Mouse wheel no longer changes the values of drop down ui elements just from hovering over them
    • Tweak: De-Jank: The World configuration attributes are now grouped by category
    • Tweak: Can now use {plr} placeholder in command block commands
    • Tweak: Yellow dye is now made with onions. Orange dye is now made by adding more onions to yellow dye.
    • Tweak: When making dyes, barrels now produce the same amount of liquid as the ingredients, e.g. if you put in 4 diluted alum, you get 4 dye.
    • Tweak: Forest rain sound a bit more pronounced
    • Tweak: Farmland now uses the configurable HoursPerDay instead of 24 hours to time crop growth
    • Tweak: Grid crafting with spoiled ingredients now will also result in a spoiled crafting output
    • Tweak: Shelves are now very suited for drying items if they are not in a cellar
    • Tweak: Added hunter backpack recipe that uses 3 small pelts
    • Tweak: Kapok leaves now less neon green
    • Tweak: Made mountains less faded in the distance
    • Tweak: Added recycling recipes for hay bed and thatched roof
    • Tweak: Game crash resistance against corrupted large gears on TOPTS
    • Tweak: Click sound for the creative rotor, placement sounds when adding parts to the pulverizer
    • Tweak: Firepit construction stages drop contents when broken and break faster.
    • Tweak: Added server arg --append which prevents the server from clearing the log files on startup
    • Tweak: World map visual tuning (more color accurate but more noisy)
    • Tweak: Disabled bell pepper worldgen spawn
    • Tweak: Snow covered grass can no longer ignite
    • Tweak: Mitigate cases where creatures stepped over fences
    • Fixed: Bamboo shoots block info saying that they'll mature
    • Fixed: Leaded glass panes not correctly rotated when rotating with worldedit
    • Fixed: Hammer did not loose durability from combat
    • Fixed: Floaty pixel on silver diadems
    • Fixed: Add a bit of tolerance to cementation process completion
    • Fixed: Player began to freeze if temperature was above 30 degrees o.O
    • Fixed: Flowers not frost overlaid
    • Fixed: Removing wax from waxed cheese reset the cheeses freshness
    • Fixed: Wrong block breaking overlay on placed cheese
    • Fixed: Wrong texture for placed waxed cheese
    • Fixed: Anvil: Able to move metal voxels with a voxel above them
    • Fixed: Bloomery insides completely black
    • Fixed: Game crashing when an invalid language was set in the clientsettings.json
    • Fixed: Items in gui not glowing
    • Fixed: .tfedit with empty hands left the mouse unlocked
    • Fixed: Rare race condition crash in animated blocks
    • Fixed: Fern tree growing through trader cart floors
    • Fixed: Translocating sound not attenuated
    • Fixed: Dropping the wrong item when using the Q hotkey in the creative inventory
    • Fixed: Game crashing when feeding certain non-crushable items into the pulverizer
    • Fixed: Should fix a crash when launching the game on Pop OSFixed: Various minor issues (2 missing lang entries, floaty mushroom at block edges, wonky slanted roof hitboxes, shadows around reed&papyrus)
    • Fixed: Meals in a pot or bowl spawning white particles when broken
    • Fixed: Chiseling a light emitting block now emits light as well
    • Fixed: Wrong texture resolution on croton plants, therefore more fluffly now
    • Fixed: The Balanced trader had a broken sprint animation
    • Fixed: Spears and arrows sometimes flying through creatures
    • Fixed: Liquid containers accepting non liquids from hoppers/chutes
    • Fixed: Light color jitter on the worldmap when chunks are updated
    • Fixed: Pit kiln not emitting light
    • Fixed: Farmland perma boosters still applicable multiple times
    • Fixed: Coloring lanterns did not update lighting server side, causing them to get lost after server restart
    • Fixed: Fence gates not remembering their reinforcement level when opened or closed
    • Fixed: Vintagehosting Server Status screen showing wrong server state in some cases
    • Fixed: Various z-fighting issues with armor
    • Fixed neighbour block lighting visual issue for Wallpaper and other Decor blocks
    • Fixed: Alignment issue in the transform editor
    • Fixed: Updated the character trait descriptions to match previous balance changes.
    • Fixed: Dragging around a dialog was janky on non-8 gui scales
    • Fixed: /wgen regen not removing entities on the client side. Might fix duplicate ghost players? ??
    • Fixed: Crash reporter launching twice
    • Fixed: Creature hurt sounds not playing? (Might break other things)
    • Fixed: Wrong shading on first person held items
    • Fixed: Missing texture on one of the shields
    • Fixed: Freshly crafted clothes had not 100% condition
    • Fixed: Missing texture on thrown hacking spears, fp hand spears upside down
    • Fixed: Incorrect day/night cycle. Looks promising now, as in, behaving physically correct on all latitudes
    • Fixed: First person spear upside down, spear attack animation a bit smoother
    • Fixed: Ingame error text in front of dialogs
    • Fixed: Missing "25k" option on world config world length
    • Fixed: Freshly crafted clothes had not 100% condition    
    • Fixed: Chopping down bamboo chopped nearby bamboo trees
    • Fixed: Able to always pick up clear quartz from loose quarts ores
    • Fixed: Crash when setting the chisel tool mode right at the edge of a block
    • Fixed: Derpy positioning of the itemstack infobox
    • Fixed: Exception thrown on some /worldconfig commands
    • Fixed: Opened coken oven doors dropping a different block variant
    • Fixed: Should fix fern trees spawning underwater
    • Fixed: Clay dupe glitch
    • Fixed: Fog flicker when moving vertically
    • Fixed: Game crashing when pasting text into the config world screen
    • Fixed: Itemstack infobox sometimes displaying the wrong text
    • Fixed: Fixed creature hostility configuration not properly applying whenever a major update comes out (To the author of the golden wolf mod: add "friendlyTarget:true" to your seek entity json config)
    • Fixed: Firepit ash overlay culled with a block above
    • Fixed: Woad not yellow in world map
    • Fixed: Crash related to interacting with pies
    • Fixed: Wrong sizes of cheese on shelves
    • Fixed: Avoid an exception in the trader restock code if an item no longer exists (e.g. due to a removed mod)
    • Fixed: Items in the grid crafting output slot starting to spoil/dry
    • Fixed: "Dryable. Duration: NaN Hours"
    • Fixed: Multimaterial chiseled blocks containing Glass disabled some faces that it shouldn't (glass chiseling is still not supported in vanilla though)
    • Fixed: Difficulties using the teleport block on server with mild or heavy lag
    • Fixed: Should fix rare crash in the error reporter

    API Updates

    • Feature: Some simple implementation of a generic multiblock system, to hopefully avoid custom multiblocking everywhere. Currently used for the distillery.
    • Feature: Added capi.Gui.LoadSvg() and capi.Gui.LoadSvgWithPadding() which allows for use of external SVG vector files to be loaded. For a first code sample, check out ItemProspectingPick.cs
    • Feature: Improved mounting system. Should now be properly network synced \o/
      • Sneak to unmount a IMountable is no longer hardcoded. It must now be handled by the IMountable itself, see BEBed.cs as example.
    • Feature: Ability for custom gui/fp itemstack renderers, register via api.Event.RegisterItemstackRenderer()
    • Feature: *byType precedence: For the Json assets blocktype, itemtype and entitytype, can now define an attribute as well as a *byType attribute, whereas the latter takes precedence, e.g. stackSize: 32 would be overwritten by stackSizeByType: { "*": 16 }
    • Feature: Explosion code upgrades
      • Explosions radii have an upper limit, which is now doubled, reaching it nonetheless now throws a more informative exception
      • Fixed particle lag and upper cap issues, as they now spawn async
      • Fixed a crash in the lighting engine when explosions go beyond chunk boundaries
      • Added blockDropChanceMultiplier argument to CreateExplosion() to reduce block drops by explosions (large explosions drop *a lot* of blocks)
    • Feature: .gltf models now support most flags
    • Feature: Added api.Render.RenderItemStackToAtlas(), allows rendering of an itemstack into a texture atlas
    • Feature: Can now set amount of inventory columns for GenericTypedContainer blocks
    • Feature: Add initialDelayOffsetMs arg to Event.RegisterGameTickListener() to mitigate lag spikes from many listeners running code at the same time
    • Feature: Added withInheritance argument to api.ModLoader.GetModSystem()
    • Feature: Added new render stage EnumRenderStage.AfterBlit
    • Feature: Added client side api death event
    • Feature: Added sapi.HandleCommand() to run a custom command through code
    • Feature: In the json assets, can now define a "ucontents" property to define contents of containers. Example implementation: A wood bucket filled with water in the creative inventory
    • Feature: New JSON Patch operation "addeach" allows inserting/appending of multiple elements in one operation. (the value must be an array)
    • Feature: Added Block.PriorityInteract property to be able to sneak interact with a block before sneak interacting with the currently held item. Used for the new crate.
    • Refactor: Recipe systems are no longer engine exclusive. All recipe systems (except the grid recipes) are now moved from api/engine to the survival mod. This means:
      • If you need to look up cooking recipes, reference VSSurvivalMod.dll and exchange world.CookingRecipes with "Api.ModLoader.GetModSystem<RecipeRegistry>().CookingRecipes" or through the helper method "Api.CookingRecipes()"
      • If you only add cooking recipe json files, no changes are required
      • You can now add your own recipe system. Check out RecipeRegistry.cs for reference (still needs handbook support, though)
    • Refactor: All Barrel recipes that have liquids as input or output, instead of quantity and stacksize respectively, these should now define "litres". However for backwards compatibility, if the recipe loader encounters a liquid ingredient or output without a litres definition, it will assume quantity/stacksize = litres and log a warning.
    • Refactor: Rename BlockLiquidContainerBase.GetInContainerProps to BlockLiquidContainerBase.GetContainableProps
    • Refactor: The block code for planks has changed from planks-{wood} to planks-{wood}-hor
    • Refactor: Minor refactor in Weather/WeatherSimulationParticles.cs
    • Tweak: Holding sneak key with .edi enabled shows you item attributes in the itemstack tooltip
    • Tweak: Added the boolean properties CanDrinkFrom, IsTopOpened and AllowHeldLiquidTransfer to BlockLiquidContainerBase, can also be set via json attribute (unless you use the class BlockLiquidContainerTopOpened, which sets them all to true)
    • Tweak: RegisterAiTask and RegisterVtmlTagConverter is now in ICoreApi (through C# class extension in the esentials/survival mod)
    • Tweak: Shape elements of zero size are now no longer tesselated
    • Tweak: New tool: /debug heldstattr key type value
    • Tweak: Added IDisposable interface to many classes that are disposable
    • Tweak: Calling networkChannel.SendPacket() server side without player args now throws an exception
    • Tweak: Added CollectibleObject.TpOffHandTransform
    • Tweak: Added helper methods for ITreeAttribute Set/GetVec3i, Set/GetBlockPos and Set/GetVec3is
    • Tweak: Added ISaveGame.StoreData<T> and ISaveGame.GetData<T>()
    • Tweak: Added SendBlockEntityPacket<T>(IServerPlayer player, BlockPos pos, int packetId, T data = default(T)) BroadcastBlockEntityPacket<T>(BlockPos pos, int packetId, T data = default(T))
    • Refactor: Massive Windwave/VertexFlags refactor. All wind related vertex flags are now consolidated into 2 properties - windMode and windData. Can now define these 2 values *per vertex* in VS Model creator
    • Refactor: Rework mesh generation of displayed items, such as items in shelves or ground storage. This is now done through the interface IContainedMeshSource for the contained item, instead of hardcoded in each container.
    • Refactor: BlockEntity.OnBlockBroken() now has a new argument IPlayer byPlayer
    • Refactor: Rename AddDecor() to SetDecor() and allow passing air blocks to remove decor
    • Refactor: Merged BreakDecor() and BreakDecorPart() into one method
    • Refactor: Remove API.Common.Action, replaced with System.Action
    • Refactor: GuiElementCellList is now generic
    • Refactor: GuiElementHandbookList is now GuiElementFlatList (now a slightly more basic version than GuiElementCellList)
    • Refactor: Renamed entity "Hitbox" to "Collisionbox" (Hitbox can still be used but is marked obsolete)
    • Refactor: Removed world argument from all methods in ILiquidSink & ILiquidSource
    • Tweak: Seperated creature hitbox into collisionbox and selectionbox (the later is used for attacking and interacting with creatures)
    • Tweak: Removed and consolidated a lot of crushed shape files since they were all essentially the same.
    • Tweak: Doubled block, item and entity texture atlas size
    • Tweak: Added property IBulkBlockAccessor.StagedBlocks for jakecools dynamic trees
    • Tweak: Made clayforming system more flexible towards new types of clay
    • Tweak: .AddDynamicText() removed argument for EnumTextOrientation, it can be set in the font.
    • Tweak: GuiElementTextButton now has a Visible flag
    • Tweak: Client and server now (lazy) load all language entries. Can now send text from server to client in the clients language. (Contribution by Apache#8842, edits by Tyron)
    • Tweak: Added ability to disable durability averaging during grid crafting
    • Tweak: Added rndIndex argument to Block.GetRandomColor()
    • Tweak: .tfedit now allows editing of ground transforms for ground storable items and blocks (also fixed that blocks did not apply the ground transform)
    • Tweak: Clean up reeds and papyrus assets. Drops are no longer hardcoded, only 1 blocktype file instead of 3, all shapes in the same folder, added frozen variant for papyrus
    • Tweak: Can now define knockback strength in AiTaskMeleeAttack
    • Tweak: capi.World.Player.Entity.OnFootStep and capi.World.Player.Entity.OnImpact are now events instead of Action fields
    • Tweak: Added IParticlePropertiesProvider.Async to make particle spawn asynchronously (for particle spawn calls on the server)
    • Tweak: Specially treat empty string variant code for blocks, items or entities: They are now treated as "skip this variant group" and not add an extra dash to the block/item/entity code
    • Tweak: Clean up, unify and simplify GetModData and SetModData for chunks, map chunks and map regions
    • Tweak: Added EnumFoodCategory.NoNutrition for foods that provide no nutrition
    • Fixed: Calling GetClimate() for a specific date returned fundamentally broken values 🤦‍♂️
    • Fixed: Some items set to be placeable in backpack slots crashed the game for no (apparent) reason
    • Fixed: Small values ignored in shape: { offsetX/Y/Z: 0.01 }
    • Fixed: OnTrySpawnEntity event did not handle multiple event listeners correctly
    • Fixed: Entity shape alternates didn't work (see example entities/land/drifter.json, make sure the alternate shape textures have different texture codes)
    • Fixed: Liquid in barrel textures defaulted to the game domain
    • Fixed: Health boosts in meals should now respect serving size and spoilage rate
    • Fixed: Should fix night sky textures not moddable
    • Fixed: Handbook crashing the game on invalid grid recipes
    • Fixed: Json patch addeach not implemented in the engine
    • Fixed: game crashing when removing the hunger behavior from the player
    • Fixed: Wildcard liquids in grid recipes crashing the handbook
    • Fixed: CreativeInventoryStacks property not working properly for items
    • Fixed: Wildcards not working on grid recipe returnedStacks
    • Fixed: Failure to resolve itemstack for a crafting recipe ingredient did not print a warning
    • Fixed: Texture Rotation not applied to alternates when using * wildcard


    Changes since v1.16.0-rc.8

    • Tweak: Reverted fence height changes. It gave wolves the ability to leap over them
    • Tweak: Increased jug capacity from 2 to 3 L
    • Tweak: Reduce fern tree spam a bit more
    • Tweak: Completely removed old longblade swing behavior
    • Fixed: Another liquid dupe bug with barrels
    • Fixed: Able to pick up meals with jugs
    • Fixed: Wolves going all stiff after leaping. Wolves not prioritizing players when up close.
    • Fixed: Not able to put long blades on armor stands
    • Fixed: Cut off links in the handbook
    • Fixed: Gambeson no longer tier 2 armor
    • Fixed: Creatures able to step over hewn fence gates
    • Fixed: No forest floors in jungles
    • Fixed: Colored lanterns not retaining their colored light
    • Fixed: Pit kilns not removing the light they emit
    • Fixed: Filled Jugs and bowls shown as empty when placed on the ground
    • Fixed: Straw dummies and armor stands not resistant against knockback
    • Fixed: Switching from map hud to map gui ordered the map dialog behind the hotbar
    • Fixed: Disabling a mod made it disappear from the mod manager
    • Fixed: Some parts of the afro hair too dark
    • Fixed: Wrong held third person pose when holding metal parts
    • Fixed: Croton in planters derp


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