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  • Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, stabler-er finetune (1.16.4-rc.3)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.4-rc.3, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    I should probably stop playing VS myself, because I keep finding imbalances and issues instead of working on the new trailer and the next major update 😬
    Played with my family for quite some hours, but still only in the bronze age 😁


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Scythe rework
      • New (default) tool mode: Trim grass. Will leave behind short grass that regrows. The 2nd tool mode restores old behavior.
      • Fixed desync issues with long duration tool interactions causing scything to sometimes have no effect
      • 3rd person scythe animation a bit more in sync with the fp animation
      • Fine tune timings a bit
    • Tweak: Free-floating vines now slowly disappear over time
    • Tweak: Crocks now use vegetable labels for meals that have 3 or 4 of the same ingredient
    • Tweak: Mitigate clayforming lagspikes. Disabling the block interaction help while clay forming might reduce the lag even more now.
    • Tweak: Small server performance optimization related to entity spawning
    • Tweak: Rough hewn fence recipe a bit less generous (12 -> 8 fences)
    • Tweak: Added a new "arctic supplies" cracked vessel (not yet in worldgen).
    • Tweak: Right-click placing fuel into a firepit now plays a sound
    • Tweak: Arrows now show break chance on impact in their tooltip
    • Tweak: Increased fleeing distance on most creatures
    • Tweak: Improved teleporting behavior of hacked locusts
    • Tweak: Mitigate locust wall climbing derps
    • Tweak: Mitigate creatures forever stuck running into a wall
    • Tweak: Disabled unused bellows block
    • Fixed: Should greatly mitigate melee attacks not registered when attacking a fleeing creature
    • Fixed: Teleport-on-lag is now off when AntiAbuse mode is off. Multiplayer players rejoice!
    • Fixed: Strange behavior when sleeping in a bed and right clicking on another bed
    • Fixed: Vintagehosting a failed request was displayed as sucessful in some cases
    • Fixed: Rare server freeze when running /stop in the same moment as a player joins
    • Fixed: Sawblade locust emitting light
    • Fixed: Particles glitching through blocks, such as snow particles
    • Fixed: Worldedit bug doing Undo and Redo on a placed schematic deleted all block entity data
    • Fixed: Some Z-fighting issues with chiseled block materials
    • Fixed: Player entered sneak mode when walking through doors and fence gates
    • Fixed: Player knockback not synced to other players on death
    • Fixed: Somewhat awkward first person animation when attacking with a spear while looking downwards
    • Fixed: Down faces of all roof blocks are now considered solid sides
    • Fixed: Snow breaking sound not attenuated over distance
    • Fixed: Rare client side crash related to particles
    • Fixed: Should fix .tfedit not using correct decimal seperator for numbers
    • Fixed: Should fix the server mod downloader deleting manually installed mods that are outdated
    • Fixed: Unecessary line break in itemstack tooltips in some cases (bug in 1.16.4-rc.2)


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