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    Hotfix fix (v1.6.9)


    Version 1.6.9, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    Sorry, some bugfixes I introduced 1.6.7 and 1.6.8 produced crashes -_-

    Game updates

    • Fixed: Some blocks (filled tool mold, filled ingot mold, clay forming surface) exported/imported through WorldEdit schematics not properly updating their block/item mappings, causing crashes on the client when imported.
    • Fixed: A few more small memory leaks
    • Fixed: Digging all the way to the bottom causing the world map to crash
    • Fixed: Various issues related to the .clients command and worldmap player overlay. 
    • Fixed: Server exception thrown (and kicking out clients) when placing blocks near ladders

    API Updates

    • Tweak: The client event api now has 2 new events: PlayerEntitySpawn and PlayerEntityDespawn. These trigger when a player gets in range of the player or out of range of the player. The events PlayerSpawn/PlayerDespawn now have been renamed to PlayerJoin/PlayerLeave which indicate when a player connects/disconnects to/from a server


    Edited by Tyron

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