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  • Hunger (v1.2.3)


    Hungry Vintarians!
    Version 1.2.3 is now available for download in the account manager.

    I've had little to no time for most of the week due to real life errands, but I did manage to cram in a few tasty new features in the 2 extra days of delayed release. I've also aquired a few more talented hands for drawing item textures and illustrations for our first story page that we can release to the public still this year I hope.


    • Feature: New Blocks
      • Added carpets with 6 variants
      • Added new 3 new variants for linen cloth
    • Feature: New Items
      • Bread, various Berries and Vegetables. Can be eaten.
      • Flint, Flax, Feather, Arrow and Twine. Currently no use yet.
    • Feature: Hunger! 
      • The green status bar now acts as a saturation indicator. Once your saturation runs out, you will receive damage every few seconds until you die. 
      • Can now eat items to regain saturation and health. All new food items can be eaten
      • Can now harvest berries from the berry bushes that spawn naturally in the world
      • Berry Bushes now slowly regrow berries (every 40mins)
    • Feature: Added new "Fast graphics" option that turns off drawing various parts of the leave blocks
    • Tweak: More messing around with distant tree and transparent rendering. Should now hopefully look right.
    • Tweak: Command issued from console are now also Logged
    • Tweak: More flexible handling of BlockEntities, can now be individually configured per block instead of being bound to the Block class.
    • Fixed: Client crashing instead of displaying error when attempting to connect to a server with a different version.
    • Fixed: Fixed last severe bug known to me: Black chunks after reloading a world
    • Fixed: Visible seams between snow layer and frosted grass
    • Fixed: Yet another attempt of fixing invisible mouse pointer bug in the menu. Maybe now for the last time.
    • Fixed: API call to SetBlock should now also generates any associated BlockEntity

    2016-12-18_10-47-17.png 2016-12-18_10-48-20.png


    Edited by Tyron


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