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    Ingot Piles, Tool racks and ambient sounds (v1.2.9)


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    Version 1.2.9 is now available for download in the account manager,
    I've begun some work on metal alloying as well as a second farming mechanic: Herbalism. I've also started the first few bits of code for loading animations created with the modelcreator.

    A lot of time also went into improving the model creator to make the creation of animals easier. Beyond that, I felt like adding various planned small-ish features in no particular order, so here you go!

    Game Updates

    • Feature: Stackable Ingots and Firewood: Shift + Right click on the ground with ingots or fire wood to make pretty piles
    • Feature: Tool racks: For neatly organizing your tools. Crafted from 6 sticks (3 top, 3 bottom)
    • Feature: Beginner bag: 2 Slot baskets crafted from 15 cattails (fill 5 slots with 3 items each in the crafting grid)
    • Feature: Block ambient sound system. Each block may now emit forever looping ambient sounds.The first 2 blocks using this mechanic is water and lava.
    • Feature: Firepits now emit an ambient fire sound when lit
    • Feature: First person item rendering improvements
      • Now lags behind the players camera rotation, giving a more immersive feel
      • Moves out of sight when looking straight up
    • Feature: Item/Entity boyancy. Light items now float on the water surface instead of going under
    • Feature: Mod API Additions
      • Added soundByType blocktype property
      • Added client side mesher api to allow for injection of custom meshdata into the terrain tesselator (used by the ingot piles and tool racks). 
      • Unified Block/Item properties into a common Collectible class. Gives some additional properties to blocks. 
    • Tweak: Addd geartwos updated server.sh script
    • Tweak: Made water yet again more transparent
    • Tweak: High fertility soil deposits now only 1 ever block thick
    • Tweak: Allow early low-yield harvest of pre mature crops (but only one stage before completion)
    • Tweak: 4 times lower chance of getting a second seed from a mature crop
    • Fixed: Snow layers not generating on top of tree leaves
    • Fixed: Bunch of bugs with firepit inventory
    • Fixed: Correct sound system attenuation
    • Fixed: Server crash related to farmland
    • Fixed: Players loosing privileges/roles on a smp server after every version update
    • Fixed: Creative inventory scrollbar not updating to right size after searching something

    VS Modelcreator Updates

    • Feature: Improved Saving/Loading Mechanic. Now behavors more like a classic image/text editor
    • Feature: Added ability to move and delete keyframes
    • Feature: Added undo/redo capability
    • Feature: Added crude version of single texture mode that is more suited for creature creation
    • Feature: Added attachment points manager. Let's you define attachment points for later use in game (e.g. where the held sword goes)

    Game Screenshots


    2017-01-19_21-32-22.jpg 2017-01-19_21-48-50.jpg

    2017-01-19_12-31-34.jpg 2017-01-22_20-28-09.jpg


    Edited by Tyron

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