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    Knapping, Spears, Creature Emotions States (v1.4.4)


    Knapping Vintarians
    Version 1.4.4 is ready for download in the account manager.

    I really wanted version 1.4.4 to be the first story elements update but since we have the GameOn Festival coming up this weekend I decided to work towards a more complete stone age experience and better game stability. Also the story features are somewhat tricky to get right. Aw. Never enough time.

    Game Updates

    • Feature: Knapping
      • Same as clay forming but can only remove voxels. Uses flint as ingredient.
      • Removed grip recipes for stone tools, these now require the flint knapping mechanic. Some tools are no longer available in stone form at all.
    • Feature: Spears
      • New weapon that can be used as a thrown weapon or in hands 
      • Flint spears are crafted by knapping, metal spears through smithing
    • Feature: Limited Attack ranges
      • Reduced default attack range of 4.5m down to 1.5 meters
      • Swords, Axes and Knifes and Spears increase this attack range again
    • Feature: Creature Emotion States
      • Basic implementation of reaction based behaviors. Bighorn sheep now become aggressive or sometimes fearful when attacked and will react accordingly.
    • Tweak: Reduced hunger drain by 40%, reduced damage taken from hunger by a factor of 4
    • Tweak: A bunch of shader tweaks. Nighttimes is now a tad brighter, nighttime clouds are now darker, night skies are more intense and broad daylight is a bit brighter.
    • Tweak: Bighorn sheeps now have double the health. Lowered health for chickens though.
    • Tweak: Some attempts in improving attack animations of creatures
    • Tweak: Rock and Logs can no longer be broken without a tool
    • Tweak: Reduced drifter spawn count by half
    • Tweak: Bows have durability now
    • Tweak: Increase default render distance of clouds
    • Tweak: Doubled search radius for dynamic lights (they no longer emit light after 60 blocks instead of 30 blocks distance)
    • Tweak: Flints now 25% more common
    • Tweak: Animals swim a bit more naturally now
    • Tweak: Harvested berries now enter the players inventory directly
    • Fixed: Spam stacking wood not working
    • Fixed: Placing flower in flower pots not removing it from the inventory
    • Fixed: Big Workaround for GUI going haywire when pouring metal that hopefully didn't break something else
    • Fixed: Some Stair sides becoming transparent when a block is in front (was a fundamental issue in the engine, maybe finally fixed now)
    • Fixed: Some minor render glitches with water
    • Fixed: 2 crashes when near the map edge
    • Fixed: Anvil mold craftable (not yet finished)
    • Fixed: Snowlayer white pixels poking through bottom edge, seams between frosted grass and snow layer
    • Fixed: Several issues preventing creatures from spawning in groups
    • Fixed: Child creatures not following their parents
    • Fixed: Snow layer step sound only hearable on left channel



    Edited by Tyron

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