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    Looty Stable Hotfix and new Versioning Scheme (1.5.4)


    Wavy Vintarians
    Version 1.5.4, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    The game looks stable enough to warrant a stable release, so here, have a stable! Thanks to everyone adventurous enough to try out the testing release and submitting bug reports ❤️



    New Versioning Scheme
    Sorry for the confusion with all the versioning stuff, please bear with me as we try to get into a good rhythm of versioning. Whatever releases I only upload on our Discord server will now be marked as a pre-release. Any unstable releases will be marked 'rc' for release candidate. So by this scheme I have to up the version to 1.5.4 now. Examples:

    • 1.5.4 - a public, stable release
    • 1.5.5-pre.1 - a private testing release (these may be also posted to our discord server)
    • 1.5.5-pre.2
    • 1.5.5-rc.1 - a public release candidate (same as "unstable" is now)
    • 1.5.5-rc.2
    • 1.5.5 - another public, stable release

    Full game updates list

    • Tweak: Lily pads now rock up and down with the water waves
    • Tweak: /clear command no longer clears the character/outfit inventory
    • Tweak: Added debug logging for tracking cynthias login crash
    • Fixed: Blocks not place-able when there is a dropped item in the way
    • Fixed: Torchholder recipe not usable in survival mode
    • Fixed: Standing inside a lily pad block creates underwater fog
    • Fixed: Editing sign text deleting the 4th line
    • Fixed: .reload textures not reloading worn outfits
    • Fixed: Water sideflowing animation on nearby ice blocks
    • Fixed: Flying upwards into blocks did not properly collide the player
    • Fixed: Exception thrown when shutting down server during spawn chunks generation
    • Fixed: Hitting esc while assigning controls ingame no longer makes it impossible to get back into escape menu. The esc now cancels the current hotkey assignment
    • Fixed: Attempt Number 2 to fix "incorrect known srgb profile" error log spam in linux. May break a lot of textures under linux. 
    • Fixed: Placed bed block info only shown for the top block
    • Fixed: Breaking pre 1.5.3 chests dropping invisible item that crashes the game when collected
    • Fixed: Thrown stones colliding with wall when thrown in a 1 block wide corridor

    API/Modding Updates

    • Feature: Added client side event OnReloadTextures
    • Tweak: The block properties glowLevel and renderFlags are now marked obsolete, to be replaced with the more intuitive vertexFlags object
    • Tweak: Improved the phrasing on some of the logs when loading mods
    • Tweak: Mod specific loggers in preparation for better error/warning/obsolete tracking for modders
    • Fixed: Mod compiling issues in certain situations
    • Fixed: Texture base and overlay cannot be from different domains

    Edited by Tyron

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