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  • Mod compatibility patch and .net7 experimental build (v1.17.11 and net7-v.1.17.11)


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.17.11, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Version 1.18 still will take some time - here are a few important bugfixes for 1.17.
    Plus one new major release! @Th3Dilli has been hard at work upgrading our codebase to the latest .net framework. This has the potential to yield a significant performance boost for free, since .net 7 compiles to native code! It is currently an experimental build that we invite you to try out and see if there are any issues with it. Please download it from info.vintagestory.at/v117-net7

    Aw, no 1.18 yet
    Indeed. The main story event is a very large undertaking - in need of several new smaller systems to make it all work. We'd also like you to have a complete lore experience already from the first pre-release, as well as try to minimze world gen changes during pre and rc releases, which means we need to prepare better. That being said, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, so to speak. Although estimating release dates for games and software are notoriously hard, I still believe we have a good chance to get 1.18 to a rc.1 state within Q1 2023, as mentioned in the previous post. Do keep in mind though, rc.1 is not a stable version.

    Screenshot by nebux#0287 as shared on discord

    Game updates in 1.17.11

    • Fixed: Rotating a chiseled block broke its side solid properties
    • Fixed: Hacked locusts despawning in some cases
    • Fixed: When attempting to join a modded server, mod load errors are no longer silently ignored and instead the game stops and displays an error
    • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking buy/sell in the trader dialog then quickly switching tabs
    • Fixed: Lightning rods not working on chunk reload
    • Api Fixed: Compatibility lib no longer working for json patches
    • Api Fixed: Exception thrown by the Compatibility lib on some patches
    • Api Fixed: Barrel content names not respecting mod domain
    • Api Fixed: Barrel recipe ingredients with a wildcard threw an exception if no wildcard name was defined
    • Api Fixed: FakeDictionary.Clone() not working correctly



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