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  • More bees, less hungry hares, less jitter (v1.10.6, v1.10.7)


    Jittery Vintarians
    Version 1.10.6, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    This update should in theory solve some of the game jitter issues when VSync is enabled, fix that bees are way to rare, make finding wild beehives a bit easier, make hares till your gardens a bit more gently, fix a bug or 2 with land claiming work and other stuff ^_^

    Also traders restock their wallet as well now, so you can revisit a (financially) broken trader every once in a while to keep selling him stuff. If only I could program such mechanic in real life :D

    [Edit:] Also release v1.10.7 to fix some crashes related to rotten meals!


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Hare crop stealing nerf
      • Now eats half as much to become full
      • Now stays full twice as long
      • Will no longer break onion and rice crops
    • Tweak: Wild Beehive buzzing sound is now louder
    • Tweak: Reduced the latency for ambient sounds and ambient particles to appear. Should in theory at the same time also be a bit performance optimized (Technical detail: The ambient sound scanner no longer does a thread lock() and dictionary lookup on every block it scans. Reduced search range from 40 to 37 blocks resulting in a reduced search size from ~500k blocks to ~400k)
    • Tweak: Minor server side performance optimization (Technical Detail: Game tick listeners lists are now defragmented during autosave, saving some overall cpu cycles every game tick. Used to, in some cases, iterate over a list of 11.000 entries every tick, now it should average to 1.000 or less)
    • Tweak: New version overlay now has a mouse hover overlay and pointer mouse cursor to give a better indication that its clickable
    • Tweak: Nerfed Suevite diamond drop chance from 3% to 1%
    • Tweak: Traders now restock every 7 days instead of every 14
    • Tweak: Traders now also restock 7-28% of their rusty gears in the same restock interval
    • Tweak: Updated trader/buying selling lists. Fixes also some vessels offered by the trader haven the wrong name
    • Tweak: Added some tools to better debug issues with performance, land claiming and berry bushes (Tyron needs this mostly for himself :D)
    • Tweak: Added command /autosavenow to trigger an autosave
    • Fixed: Beehives hardly ever spawning
    • Fixed: Farmland that is adjacent to water, but where the water is in another chunk not properly growing
    • Fixed: Able to user or break claimed blocks in some cases
    • Fixed: A few texture memory leaks
    • Fixed: Some parts of the game not transatable to other languages (e.g. the names of keybinds)
    • Fixed: Should fix some derpyness with rotten food in pots and bowls
    • Fixed: Should fix some crops not growing in offloaded chunks if their water source block was in another chunk
    • Fixed: Should fix jittery lag / stutter for some players
    • API Tweak: Added IBlockAccessor.SearchBlocks
    • API Fixed: block.GetBehavior arg withInheritance not working

    Edited by Tyron


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