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  • Mudbricks and Peat stacks (v1.10.8)


    Rustic Vintarians
    Version 1.10.8, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    This update adds crafting recipes for mud bricks and you can now place your peat brick collection on to the ground, huzzah!


    Game updates

    • Feature: Can now create peat stacks
    • Feature: Added recipes for crafting mud bricks and mud brick slabs. Downside: Has a 15% chance to disappear upon breaking
    • Tweak: Cob now also has 15% chance to disappear upon breaking
    • Tweak: Extinct firepit stop smoking after about 24 ingame hours
    • Tweak: Gems now show their potential in the item info (for a not-near future gem cutting thing)
    • Tweak: Reduced diamond drop rate from suevite by 50%
    • Tweak: At long last, completed implementation of the /group help command.
    • Fixed: Female Arctic and Desert hares not spawning
    • Fixed: Not able to place flowers in planter
    • Fixed: Water fall particles in spots where there shouldn't be
    • Fixed: Certain meals in bowls rendered differently in gui than in hands
    • Fixed: Might fix a crash when placing a cooked pot
    • Fixed: Barrel grid recipe no longer in the handbook
    • Fixed: Lanterns in handbook having broken textures
    • Fixed: Propick result links for cassiterite and coal did not open the appropriate handbook page
    • Fixed: Grinding properties of items were not documented in the handbook
    • Fixed: Bush meat in barrel texture missing

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