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  • Multiplayer Fixes, Linux Friendly Release (v1.2.1)


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    Vintage Story v1.2.1 should make the multiplayer experience significantly more pleasent. In addition, from now on I'll release the game also as a simple .tar.gz archive for download in the account manager, which should make it a lot easier to install and update linux game servers.

    It should also eliminate the need to install the game via wine for Linux users (you still need to manually install mono though). Furthermore one could even go ahead and build a small auto updater script by checking the version url!


    • Feature: Added a more Linux compatible release of the game to the account manager - a .tar.gz archive.
    • Feature: Re-added New Version notification (was lost during the gui redesign)
    • Feature: Add a client mod api call for rendering items/blocks into gui
    • Feature: Made chunk-generator-thread ticktime configurable to boost chunk generation speed on powerful servers (servermagicnumbers.json)
    • Tweak: Some minor aesthetic corrections on the main menu screen
    • Fixed: Setting other players gamemode did not inform the client causing weird behavior for that client
    • Fixed: Server shutting down after 6 hours
    • Fixed: Not able to place/remove blocks with default privilege group level in multiplayer 
    • Fixed: Player Models not visible
    • Fixed: Several issues with custom chat groups (the /group command)
    • Fixed: Seeing other players with flymode on constantly falling down in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Game crash when doing anything with inventory in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Game crash when trying to save a sign block text
    • Fixed: Game Crash when typing "/time set"


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