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  • Music <3


    Fellow Vintarians!
    Could have worked some more on the game but my hands were not agreeing


    • Lo-Phi has joined our cause to make music! He already made two excellent first tracks and two days ago we've signed a contract that should ensure long term collaboration. This is going to take our game to a whole new level.
    • Nearly completed the game account manager. The site now let's you log in securely, change your password and player name and sends you a password reset email if you've forgotten your password. Still missing is account creation from a given game key.
      I've also integrated a "Forgot Password?" and "Account" button in the game that redirect you to the account manager site.
      Sounds so simple but it actually required a lot of things:
      • Had to buy and configure a Wildcard SSL Certificate - this is what creates the secure connection (https) for the account manager and now also for the game client, so nobody can steal your password especially over wifi
      • Input validation: Need to ensure no duplicate playernames, correct lengths of playernames and passwords, etc.
      • Anti Brute Force Login - Protection against people guessing your password with trying every possible combination: The account manager now shows a re-captcha after 3 failed logins and the game client login slows down the login attempts to once every 2 minutes if there were failed logins for 10 times.
      • Setting up email sending, the webspace, the subdomains, etc.
    • 0-accountmanager.png
    • Saraty redid some of the last unlicensed textures we had and also made a fantastic new cobblestone texture. There is always room for improvement and more additions but texture wise the game is pretty much ready for a first release. 



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