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    Splendid Vintarians!
    That was an exciting and very productive 4 days


    • A fantastic fellow going by the Nickname sitatop has joined our cause and has been mass producing high quality block models and textures from dawn to dusk. Saraty has been drawing textures as well, which means I also spent a significant amount of time gathering all the assets and putting them into the game.
      0-rockv2.png 0-chest.png 0-shingles.png

    • Added 2 new client commands to test out how far cloud rendering can go without lagging. As it turns out up the game can render up to 5 kilometers of clouds in every direction without lagging noticably. Admittedly I only tested it on in empty flat world. But then again, a normal world would only increase the load on the GPU and I have a pretty weak one (GT630M). This is how it looks like:
    • Added a FoV Slider that lets you set the Field of View between 20 and 160 degrees.
    • The customized Block Model Creator received some more attention
      • Added block side shading, to give a much better preview of how the block will look like ingame. This one was a hard nut to crack due to boxes being freely rotatable.
      • It now remembers the texture and file save/load path
      • It is now open source and freely available for download at: https://github.com/tyronx/vsmodelcreator/releases
    • I've automated the build process of the game and added a game installer. Both important steps for the relase of the game. My current build process steps: Clear output folder, copy binaries and assets together, obfuscate the binaries, copy some more libraries and finally create installer
    • Added some cheap print-to-console .help and /help commands to display a list of client and server commands. I want to display those in a seperate dialog someday, to improve readability.
    • When switching between hotbar slots you new get to see an info box with the name of the block for 2 seconds
    • Added the infrastructure to set any player picking range, that is from how far away a player can break, place or use blocks.
    • Cleaned up the server modding api and seperated the vintage story game content mods from the world edit mod. The latter I will probably release as open source example for server mods.
    • Many tweaks and fixes, one of them is being able to use the full 65k blocktype range the game supports.

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