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  • Polished rock slabs (v1.10.16-rc.1 and v1.10.16)


    v1.10.16-rc.1 an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    This release fixes a number of minor issues with the current v1.10.15. Some changes were significant, so releasing it as unstable for now.

    [Edit:] v1.10.16 is now also online!

    Screenshot by MarcAFK

    Game updates (v1.10.16)

    • Fixed: Dead animals were no longer harvestable
    • Fixed: Should fix a crash related to troughs
    • Fixed: Sign post text overlapping by a letter
    • Fixed: Missing block names for flowers in flowerpots in the block info hud
    • Fixed: Z-Fighting when dropping carpets on the ground

    Game updates (v1.10.16-rc.1)

    • Tweak: Moving items from hoppers into troughs should now fully work
    • Tweak: Sleeping now drains satiety
    • Tweak: Crafting polished rock now also requires a hammer
    • Tweak: Can now craft polished rock slabs
    • Tweak: Made foxes snow-dive a bit more often into snow blocks
    • Tweak: Can now place items into hoppers also in survival mode
    • Fixed: Able to harvest meat/leather/fat from living creatures
    • Fixed: Should fix falling storage vessel always drawn as a plain clay vessel
    • Fixed: Unable to pick up colored lanterns
    • Fixed: Might fix some derpiness with traders refreshing their inventories
    • Fixed: Some incorrect naming of blocks
    • Fixed: Rare client crash
    • Fixed: Should fix yet another crash related to crocks
    • Fixed: Should fixed path slabs applying their speed bonus twice. In return I gave stone path blocks an overall 10% speed bonus
    • API Tweak: Tool molds should now print an extra error message if the drop config has a json syntax error
    • API Fixed: Should fix unable to modify the lanterns hsv values

    Edited by Tyron


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