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  • Randomized Block Textures and Server Auth


    Fellow Vintarians! This time I was forced to do 3 larger updates on the game engine to fix some annoying bugs, which cost me almost a day each. All in all some good progress has been made.

    • Large update 1: Reworked the positioning of everything inside the game world (blocks, entities, particles and decals) to allow high precision positioning at very large coordinates. Before this update everything in the game became very shaky at large coordinates (e.g. 250.000 blocks away from 0/0/0). This update now allows for much larger worlds (from ~50.000m² up to 500.000m²), although still not at the theoretical limit of 64mil m², there seems to be some more glitches beyond 600-800k blocks which prevents the world from loading.
    • Large update 2: I had to turn the game coordinate system by 90 degrees (north to east, east to south, ...) to be consistent with the coordinate system in the model editor, which in turn fixed some texturing errors. This threw off many calculcations which I had to correct everywhere.
    • Large update 3: I had to do some research and fixes on a third party library (OpenTk) to fix some wrong keys being applied on my laptop (pressing Fn+F12 for Volumne up was activating the key 'B' O_O)
    • ...and another large and really boring update: I've finalized work on an authentication server and basic authentication systems and dialogs in the game client. So in the end it will be the same system as in Minecraft - you need to buy an account which let's you log in into the game and then you can play. Offline play will also be available if you have logged in at least once. For added convenience the will be no launcher, you log in inside the game.
      I'm also trying to make everything correctly right from the start and threw the auth server code and database into a Amazon EC2 / DBS System which allows for very quick scaling if there were a sudden increase in traffic to that server.
    • Added sound and music level sliders to adjust volume, but no music yet :<
    • Made the game settings dialogs also available from the main menu
    • Saraty made a handful of verrry nice textures for planks and logs, which is also pretty much the only noteworthy visual update to show this time
    • Added randomized block textures! A block can now be textured by any amount of textures which are randomly chosen per coordinate. It looks really good for the planks block and we also working on using it for ores and timber (to build vintage looking log houses)
      The random block textures for planks is already in the game. See last picture in below gallery. Notice how some planks are shorter and some longer? Thats perfect matching of random block textures :)

      Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/fQna9

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