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    Release! Zomg! (v1.0.0)


    Cinematic Vintarians
    The game is officially up for sale! \o/
    v1.0.0 is available for download on the game account manager.


    • Added more world edit tools
      • Added ability to set block selection range 
      • Added ball brush/eraser to place or remove larger amounts of blocks at once
      • Added 3 brush modes (fill, replace solid, replace air, replace toplayer)
      • Added ability to export and import areas of the world

    • Improved AutoCamera tools for recording smooth cinematic flyovers.
      • Now shows a path preview,
      • Can delete the latest path point
      • Camera should now move smoothly and correctly
    • Improved performance of multi-block operations
    • Fixed block breaking animation wrongly positioned for some blocks
    • Fixed block breaking particles wrong color for most blocks

    Edited by Tyron

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