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  • Sand Physis, Stability and Performance (1.3.4)


    Sandy Vintarians
    Version 1.3.4 is now available for download in the account manager.

    [Update 23.4.2017] There's currently a fairly common server crash occurring, I'm working on a fix

    While I did make some more progress on the smithing system and animals, I decided against waiting any longer for these features to be ready and release an inbetween version. Since last update I added the ability for tools to have tool modes that the player can select from. This enables you to properly shape your work item on the anvil. Still missing is a forge to heat the ingot, a recipe matching system and some pretty effects.

    Beyond that, we've now closed the suggestions tracker and moved all the suggestions either to the new suggestions reddit at /r/VSSuggestions or our internal tracker.


    • Feature: Added falling block physics for sand and gravel
    • Feature: Added Skull Cow block to deserts
    • Feature: Added Max FPS Slider for manually syncing monitor refresh rate with game refresh rate for reduced stutter (38 FPS works best for me)
    • Feature: Added metal plate and plate piles
    • Feature: Lava now flows like water, albeit slower and emits light also when generated during worldgen
    • Feature: Improved Game Performance
      • Moved block and sun relighting computations into a seperate thread. This causes light sources to appear fractionally after placing them therefore however cause no more lag. This is particularly helpful while loading newly generated chunks as these can cause many updates from settling rivers.
      • Fixed random heavy frame stutter while chunks are loading (due to lock contention)
    • Tweak: Tools now have a higher attack power than using bare hands
    • Tweak: Gravel Step sounds a bit smoother
    • Tweak: Some API methods in Collectible.cs and Block.cs now marked virtual
    • Fixed: Sky darkening every day at 12:00
    • Fixed: Sun shine halo cut off
    • Fixed: Drifters not despawning, causing them to be a pretty rare find
    • Fixed: API method entitypos.GetViewVector().Z inverted
    • Fixed: Game crashing when it fails to load a mapchunk, now logs an error instead
    • Fixed: Stuttering problem when teleporting very far away
    • Fixed: Hovering items over items in the creative inventory + hotbar key created only ghost items
    • Fixed: Mipmap level now at 4 by default
    • Fixed: Hunger level going down in creative mode
    • Fixed: Controls Dialog getting oversized when the window is resized or the gui scale changes
    • Fixed: Stove Block disappearing on world reload


    Edited by Tyron


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