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  • Scary drifters and fancy bows (v1.12.5)


    Dear Players
    v1.12.5, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager


    Game updates

    • All the changes in rc.1, rc.2 and rc.3
    • Feature: New item model for the magic wand (creative mode tool)
    • Feature: New item model for the bow
    • Tweak: Ore deposit quantity now scales with world height (double world height = double deposits)
    • Tweak: Reduced deposit quantity for chromite, ilmenite and pentlandite, which have no use right now
    • Tweak: /stats command now shows the amount of active entities
    • Fixed: Mitigate a client crash caused by the weather system
    • Fixed: Text overlapping issues on the multiplayer screen when using german translations
    • Fixed: Might fix an issue with entities not turning inactive, and thus increase server load. Tiny performance optimization on inactive entities.
    • Fixed: Waypoint colors turnring into hex numbers (red when edited will be red again)
    • Fixed: Should mitigate a bug where harvesting an animal and taking out the items made them disappear
    • Fixed: Might fix ipv6 ips not working to connect to or host a server
    • Fixed: Knapping animation getting stuck and repeating forever
    • Fixed: Temporal stability indicator not correctly scaling with the GUI SCale
    • Fixed: Server side frame profiler not pointing to the right systems
    • API Fixed: Item shape alternates overly dark shaded

    Edited by Tyron


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