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    Smelting Patch Up (1.2.5)


    Survivally Vintarians
    During survival playtesting we discovered a bunch of gameplay bugs, so pushing a quick patch!  Version 1.2.5 is now available for download in the account manager.


    • Tweak: Newly spawned/respawned player will not get immediately hungry
    • Tweak: Peat bricks now can be used as fuel in the fire pit
    • Tweak: Fire pit now burns 4 times longer when first constructed
    • Fixed: Tallgrass not breaking when the block below is broken
    • Fixed: Native copper ore not spawning at all
    • Fixed: Eating mushrooms gave too little saturation
    • Fixed: Player Saturation not reseting on respawn. Now the player always respawns at half saturation
    • Fixed: Blocks not interactable (i.e. firepits, chests) when player was holding an item 
    • Fixed: Itemstack Tooltip not disappearing when pressing ESC in a Firepit Dialog
    • Fixed: Flame and Arrow Symbols in Firepit dialog not scaling correctly with different gui scales
    • Fixed: One more fix to prevent backpack slots turning into normal storage slots
    • Fixed: Peat bricks placing weird transparent blocks
    • Fixed: Player not able to pick up still stackable items on full inventory
    • Fixed: Player not able to shift+click items out of the crafting output slot in certain cases
    • Fixed: Generall crafting wonkiness and wrong output numbers appearing
    • Fixed: Some areas completely devoid of tall grass


    Edited by Tyron

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