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  • Smelting (v1.2.4)


    Metallurgic Vintarians
    Version 1.2.4 is now available for download in the account manager.

    Dearest Community, I hope you all had a great christmas! 
    In the meantime we completed the basic smelting system as well as everything around it for it to make sense in a survival game world. Currently you can only make use of copper ingots. A lot of features were needed to support it in a meaningful way which took away most of the dev time, so it is not very feature rich just yet.


    • Feature: Basic Smelting
      • Can now use Firepits and Stoves to turn fuel + ore into metal ingots. 
      • Can now craft copper tools from copper ingots (same recipes as for stone tools)
      • Can now construct firepits by shift+right clicking on the ground with 1 dry grass and 3 fire wood
      • Can now craft fire wood from log + axe (above in the crafting grid)
      • Can now gather dry grass from breaking tall grass with a knife
      • Can now craft a knife from stick + flint (above in the crafting grid)
      • Flint now spawn naturally on the ground amongst other patches of loose stone
    • Feature: Better item and block tooltip
      • Added smelting and burn temperature information
      • Added nutrient information
      • Removed debug infos (can be made visible again using the command .edi)
    • Feature: Game optimizations
      • Switched from Gzip to Deflate, saving on CRC calculations and memory. Saves ~2-4% CPU on server+client
      • Added a fast random generator to Deposit and Cave generation. Saves ~4-6% CPU on server
      • Cache a single value in terrain tesselation: Saves ~1% CPU on client
    • Feature: Automatic World Save File Upgrader
      • The compression optimization broke compatibility with pre 1.2.4 world save file formats, but VintageStory will now automatically probe what version a world save file was created with and upgrade the save file format on world startup.
    • Feature: Worldgen updates
      • Feature: Added single-block rivers to world generation. They generate on rocky faces over- and underground.
      • Tweak: Less dense patches of tallgrass
      • Tweak: No more grass under under lakes, should also allow gravel and sand in the right climates
    • New Modding Features:
      • Items can now also have any kind of shape that can be created with the VSModelCreator (example: Firewood)
      • Custom Item Types are now possible (example: Firewood, Dry grass, Stones)
      • Crafting recipes can require a tool without consuming the tool completely (example: Firewood)
      • Blocks can now be made edible (example: Mushroom)
      • New Event for Blocks and Items: OnUseItem
      • MarkBlockDirty/MarkBlockEntityDirty/MarkBlockUpdated Methods in IBlockAccessor for more precise control on what kind of updates a block should receive.
    • Feature: Added Item ID Remapper. Prevents adding/removing items to the game messing up your current items in old worlds.
    • Feature: Can now place loose stones on the ground by Shift+Right click on the ground with a stone
    • Feature: Mushrooms are now edible too (not very healthy, but might keep you from starving)
    • Feature: Added bamboo hay block
    • Feature: Added Ingots (item only at the moment)
    • Graphics Tweaks:
      • Many item and block graphics improved
      • Added dithering to night sky (reduces color banding)
      • Night fog no longer weirdly purplish
      • Increased overal scene contracts
    • Fixed: Dropped Items reappearing (but disappearing on collection) in certain cases
    • Fixed: A bunch of crashes that I observed for the first time
    • Fixed: Berry bushes not regrowing berries when placed by world generation





    Edited by Tyron


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