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  • Spooktober update 2 (v1.17.9)


    Dear Spooky Survivalists
    v1.17.9, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Go grab seventeen'o'nine for a spooky main menu background picture! 8k Ultra HD preview picture:
    Build by Arkan, tweaks by Elvas

    Game updates

    • Feature: Added halloween themed main menu background
    • Tweak: Updated community translations
    • Fixed: Burning coals not extinguished by adjacent water
    • Fixed: Crock sealing not working, food expired as if not sealed
    • Fixed: Texture issues on pumpkin
    • Fixed: Snow layer issue on stacked vertical mud brick slabs
    • Fixed: /stats command - Players last online value was incorrect
    • Fixed: Incorrect firewood visuals in the clay oven
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