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  • Stable De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.0)


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.17.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Time for stable! As with the 1.16 release, there is still a number of known bugs for some players, but I estimate it is more stable than 1.16.5 by now. This major update contains over 350 features, tweaks and fixes. Getting this update out took us longer than we hoped for, as we also spent roughly 4 months creating a new trailer alongside and did some deep engine changes. As always, this update would not have been possible without the incredible amounts of feedback and bug reports by you, the community. We are very grateful for your support, thank you! ūüíö

    Eerily repetitive to my previous stable post, the theme of this update also majorly morphed during development. While the main focus was meant to be de-jank, we also added visual spectacle for use in the new trailer, new creatures, some significant performance improvements, massively reworked the water physics system and added some features long requested by the community, such as armor repair, fish and an oxygen meter.

    For 1.18 we hope to primarily focus on story-telling and game lore with lots of new dynamic structures added to our world generator. Stay tuned!

    Screenshots / Gifs

    Added Lightning strikes and lightning rods to protect against lightning strike damage

    The player model now reacts to being cold and when exposed to strong winds. Added sand storm fog effect in sandy areas.

    Added player lookat mode

    Can now sit down on block edges and pet animals

    Huge water phyics update: Water is now stored in an independent "layer" - blocks can be submerged, and water can flow through blocks

    Added oxygen meter

    Added Salmon fish, non-interactable for now (WIP)

    Added 200+ clutter blocks in preparation for the Lore Update     clutter.thumb.png.d55dc7ad57e13915079433b8ffa530ec.png

    Added gazelles

    Added brown bears, black bears, pandas and sun bears

    Improved termite mound models with much larger variants, termite mound color matches the local type of sand

    Enhanced temporal storm and low stability visuals

    Armor repair and visible armor damage

    Many more varieties of shield

    Added a new grass type and a new cactus type.  Improved berry bushes, water lilies and breadfruit appearance

    Reducing resolution in the graphics settings (for higher FPS) no longer makes the game blurrylinfilt2.thumb.gif.c6777edb682dcd1099aa3cd88683741e.gif

    Improved sunset ambient visuals

    More bling: improved reflective effects for metals and crystals
    bling4.gif.12e2d852ff9eeee5d4906252ac971411.gif crystaltweaks.thumb.png.54f19a42b6ae4b2f47ffae56cdded4b1.png

    New Lava visuals to look more like real lava

    Ground storage improvements - items can now be placed with any orientation (respects placement orientation)

    Ground storage improvements - can now place a selection of tools on the ground

    New wrench tool to modify the orientation of a selection of block types

    Armor stand pose can now be changed, using the wrench tool

    Prettier main menu screens - dialogs such as Settings are now drawn over the background, and the background is smoother

    Berry bushes are now fluffy (but can be pruned).  Fences now attach to more solid block faces



    All game updates since 1.16.5

    • Feature: Lightning strikes!
      • Damage creatures in a 8 block radius
        • Lightning rods can redirect lightning, be sure to place them in an elevated spot
    • Feature: 200+ new blocks: lore rich "clutter" blocks and bookshelves with rich visuals. Currently these are only in the Creative inventory. These will be added to Survival worldgen (in ruins, tombs, etc....) in the future 1.18 Lore Update
    • Feature: Huge water physics update
      • All non-solid blocks can now be submerged, water can flow through them and they can become embedded in ice if it freezes
      • Stones, boulders, seashells and ruins are now also generated underwater during world generation
      • Directional water physics. Doors, slabs, chiseled blocks, etc. now provide directional blocking of water flow for greater realism
      • Panning from sand and gravel blocks which are in or next to water, the reduced layers block can also become submerged
    • Feature: Added oxygen meter. Players can now only hold breath¬†for 20 seconds underwater, as opposed to infinite air
    • Feature: More visual spectacle during temporal storms and low stability
      • Added large turning gears in the sky
      • Additional "flowing rust" shader effects on blocks
        • More wicked glitches and particles
    • Feature: Improved Player armor
      • Armor no longer disappears when its durability reaches 0, but it will lose all its protection.¬† Protection degrades as the armor durability reduces
      • Armor can now be repaired using its base material. Repairing armor has half the material cost.
      • Lowered the cost of crafting lamellar armor to be more accessible. Rebalanced blackguard and forlorn armor crafting costs to match repair costs for other chain/plate armors. Forlorn now requires some luxury materials to suit its fanciness.
      • Damaged armor will look visibly damaged
    • Feature: 300 types of shields
      • There are now nearly 300 types of shields in the game. Materials can be mixed and matched. More shield models to be added in the future
      • Shield durability is now dynamically determined based on the materials used: hardwoods and stronger metals add durability to the base durability value
      • Added metal hoops and bosses. Made by smithing. Shields are now crafted with hoops and bosses instead of metal plates
      • Rebalanced shield durability. Blackguard shield no longer top durability, but cheaper to make than full metal shields
    • Feature: More and prettier flora
      • Added red top grass
      • Added flowering water lily
      • Added silver torch cactus to desert mountains. Painful on touch!
      • Berry bushes are now fluffy (can be pruned with shears)
      • Improved seasonal colors for ferns
      • Improved lichen model
      • Made breadfruit texture more spiky looking. Ripe breadfruits are now larger
      • Creative-only dandelion and acanthus flowers
    • Feature: New and improved fauna
      • New creature: Gazelle. Male, female and calf.¬† Found in warm/dry climates (savannah)
      • New creatures: Brown bear, black bears, sun bears and pandas now spawn in the world
      • The first fish: Salmon. No fishing or boats just yet, the salmon is only decorative right now
      • Fox pups now spawn as well
      • Can now pet tameable animals when they are generation 1 or higher (right-click a creature to pet it). Petting causes creatures to stand peacefully
      • Termite mound remake. Added much larger versions. All termite mounds are now rock typed. Added rare large patches to Savannahs
    • Feature: Improved Creature AI
      • Attacked creatures should now react more quickly
      • Improved creature AI tactics - when an attacking creature cannot reach its target and gets hurt, it will make a tactical retreat. Every time it gets hurt again, it will retreat further. Should mitigate the pillaring + ranged attack weakness of most creatures.
      • Fixed animals sprinting around a target because they overshoot the destination. Now they slow down near the target
      • Bears and other large creatures in general should no longer become stuck when wandering
      • Creatures walking into solid walls will attempt slight strafing movements to get around the wall
    • Feature: Extensive visual tuning
      • Much improved graphics quality when using resolutions below 100% - as it is no longer blurry (therefore, lower resolutions can be used to improve FPS without much loss of fidelity, especially on 4k monitors)
      • Improved sun ambient color and water reflections to reflect the sky colors
      • Prettier main menu - all main menu screens are now dialog based over the background image
      • Much improved reflective shader effect and more configuration options for modders for reflective stuff
      • Improved lava visuals and effects
      • Added more metal pouring vfx, added bouncy particles when smithing
      • Fences now attach to chiselled blocks
      • Tweak: Visual improvements on the death screen (permanent damage overlay + sepia effect)
      • Tweak: More sparkly crystals
      • Tweak: Larger bells and locusts
      • Tweak: Added blur effect to dialog title bars, various other minor visual tweaks
      • Tweak: Boosted SSAO intensity by 40%
      • Tweak: Third person camera zoom with +/- keys is now smooth instead of instant
      • Tweak: Added some glowy flicker to burning forgesTweak: Placed curd bundles now rotateable
      • Tweak: More particles for burning coal in forges
      • Tweak: Some extra seraph head bobbing while drunk
      • Tweak: Beeswax and Honeycomb now displayed inside crates
      • Tweak: Bees no longer clip through walls
      • Tweak: Made filled crates and barrels fuller
      • Tweak: Block broken particle spawns are now multiplayer synced
      • Tweak: Added seraph chiselling animation
      • Tweak: A bit of rotation randomization on items placed in a display case
      • Tweak: Chickens now peck on the ground for longer, but now also peck for random durations
      • Tweak: Gravel texture now randomly rotated, which greatly mitigates any repetitivenessTweak: Fine tune amaranth crop texture, more fluff to some of the seraph hairstyles, fine tune layer of sticks model and texture, thicker stem for the bamboo sapling, added a bit of thickness to the condenser model
      • Fixed: Visual glitch glowy geometry during fog
      • Fixed: Weird AO on shelves against the wall
      • Fixed: Sun specular reflections on water no longer working since 1.16
      • Fixed: Distant tall grass noticeably disappearing (not being drawn at all)
      • Fixed: Minor visual glitches when distant tall grass seen against sky or water
      • Fixed: Terrain below flowing water had inconsistent shading at the end of the water flow
      • Fixed: Some inconsistencies in block sunlight levels below placed/flowing water blocks
      • Fixed: white or wrong particle colors when breaking leaves, fruit-tree leaves, berrybushes and waterlilies
    • Feature: Massive performance tuning
      • Faster chunk loading: We have changed our internal compression algorithm from deflate to ZStd, which is several times faster for both the server and clients and single-player (details: on Windows platform a native library libzstd is used, on Linux and OSX platforms, currently, a .NET version of the Zstd library is used)
      • Even faster chunk loading and reduced memory usage: We have changed our internal chunk data storage method to palletised chunk storage, which needs two to four times less memory on average while the game is running, and made other improvements in memory efficiency, so the game uses less RAM while running, leading to smoother overall performance
      • Faster worldgen: The worldgen can now usually "keep up" with player motion as the player moves into new areas of the map
      • ~40% faster game starts: Lots of fine tuning and multithreading during the startup process should greatly reduce the game startup time. (Single player Creative world load time was 17 seconds in 1.16, now 10 seconds in 1.17, YMMV)
      • Improved overall FPS: Grass and flowers are now (optionally) drawn using instanced rendering which improves¬†FPS and allows more fine grained control over grass for future projects - this is an optional setting, enable it in Graphics settings, as it seems to cause¬†some issues on some models of graphics card
      • Improved server TPS: AI pathfinding is now multi-threaded; many other entity ticking performance improvements; mitigated slow ticks caused by drifter and butterfly spawning; mitigated slow ticks caused by farmland and berrybush; for significantly fewer slow ticks / lag spikes overall
      • Greatly improved GUI dialog creation performance (the dialog edge blur algorithm now skips over the center part of the dialog)
      • Reduced SSAO quality on the "Medium SSAO" setting for more FPS
      • Improve FPS when rendering very large inventories, like the creative inventory (50 FPS -> 100 FPS)
      • Tweak: Increased server MagicNumbers values to reflect faster chunk loading speeds and faster worldgen - servers are encouraged to experiment with the servermagicnumbers - especially ChunksColumnsToRequestPerTick, ChunksToSendPerTick and ChunkColumnsToGeneratePerThreadTick to find their own optimal values
      • Temporal storm particles are now async for greater performance
    • Feature: Added a wrench tool. Can be used to re-orient chutes, stairs, slabs, logs, pillars and plaster. Can now change armor stand arm pose with a wrench.
    • Feature: Added Lookat camera mode. Makes it so that in the overhead camera mode the seraph looks into the camera. Enable via .clientconfigcreate overheadLookAt bool true
    • Feature: Added Desert storms. Block colored fog effect in dry areas with lots of sand, when there are strong winds
    • Feature: Reworked waypoint dialog. Icon and color are now a grid of clickable icons.
    • Feature: Added craftable top hat, bamboo hat and straw hat
    • Feature: Major player improvements
      • Tweak: Seraph voices reworked. The previously experimental seraph voices system is now the new default.
      • Tweak: Improved immersive first person mode. Death animation no longer glitching into blocks and knapping should be easier (work in progress)
      • Feature: Sitting down on a block edge now uses a custom seraph pose (still quite buggy in multiplayer)
      • Feature: Added "protect eyes" pose to seraph during strong winds
      • Feature: Additional visual effects when cold
      • Animals and players that are low body temperature now have a frost overlay on them (when the outside temperature is below -5 ¬įC)
      • Seraphs will have a freezing / shivering animation when cold
    • Feature: Ground storage upgrades
      • All tools can now be placed on the ground
      • The rotation of the placed item now depends on the player's placing direction (used to be fixed)
      • Flatter selection boxes for better visuals and more accurate sub-block placement
      • Fixed wrong particle collision box with ground storage blocks
    • Feature: Added "arctic supplies" stashes to arctic climates, comes in 40 variants
    • Feature: New rain drip behavior for leaves and stick layers. Added Accumulating droplets. Keeps on dripping for a while after the rain stopped
    • Feature: Handbook improvements
      • The handbook now also shows how a block/item can be stored
      • Added guides in the handbook on Dye Making and Ground Storage
      • Added text about swapping glass panes to the lantern entry
      • Added description of how to make ferrous (iron) anvils
      • Chairs are now grouped in the handbook
      • Improved handbook hotkey (<hk>) visuals. They now look like the hotkeys shown in the in-game block interaction help
    • Feature: Added 6 new crock labels, dynamically chosen based on contents, including for when its contents are rotten
    • Feature: Held candles now also emit light
    • Feature: Added ability to place sideways hay bales
    • Feature: New 3D models for tailor shoes, merchant shoes, great steppe boots, and reindeer herder shoes
    • Feature: The longblade is no more. Long live the falx!
    • Feature: Support for 2x1 paintings. Added "sodhouse" and "lastday" paintings
    • Feature: Worldgen tuning
      • Now less trees in hot and dry areas
      • Reduced spawn of water in dry places by making lakes/seas more shallow. In existing 1.16 worlds this can cause lines of water at chunk borders with newly generated map regions, but only below sea level in dry areas.
      • Loose stones and boulders now also spawn in caves
    • Tweak: Game controls fine tuning
      • In the Settings menu, the Mouse settings and Keyboard controls are now split across two tabs
      • New controls option: Ctrl-click and Shift-click mouse modifiers can now be separate from the Sprint and Sneak keys (so you can re-assign Sprint to something other than the Ctrl key, but still use a Ctrl-click mouse action)
      • Keyboard controls are now more logically grouped in the Settings menu
      • When the Handbook refers to keyboard controls, it shows the current assigned key
      • Block interaction help now shows mouse modifiers (by default, Ctrl- and Shift-) before the mouse button
      • Translation: added missing lang strings for some controls e.g. Show Handbook, Show/Hide Minimap
      • Bulk add material to the Bloomery is now Ctrl + right-click, for consistency with other bulk adds
    • Tweak: Gameplay balance tuning
      • Major berry bush and crop growth times and yield rebalance, with the ultimate goal being crops becoming in sync with the seasons. We carefully looked at growth times versus satiety to redo most of the numbers we used to have on our crops. This is a work in progress, feel free to provide feedback.
      • Added a small respawn timer: the death dialog now appears with a 1.5 seconds delay
      • Double the drop rate of crystallized ores. They were waaaay too rare IMO
      • Hares can no longer jump over fences in snowy conditions; reduced hare spawn max light level from 8 to 6 to further mitigate them spawning in farmlands
      • Boosted breadfruit satiety 120 -> 200
      • Empty firepits now have a 4x burn time bonus instead of 3x
      • Chiselling now requires a hammer in the off-hand in Survival mode, but does not consume durability on the hammer
      • Aged wooden crates can no longer be made from aged wooden boards. To compensate, traders will now buy aged wooden crates for more than they used to
      • Can now craft the stone coffin from basalt and peridotite stone
      • Tree felling time is now more based on log count, less based on leaves count
      • Tree felling time also based on wood type; hardwoods take 30% longer; tropical hardwoods longer still
      • Higher tier metal axes fell trees slightly faster than previously
      • Purpleheart requires at least a copper/scrap axe to fell; ebony requires at least a bronze axe
      • Crop growth times are now calculated in months instead of days, so setting shorter months means quicker growth times. The default growth times remain unchanged
      • Reduced respawn speed of wolves, slightly reduced spawn rate of butterflies
      • Hares now eat sunflower and cassava crops in their early stages
      • Forest floor blocks when broken now drop low fertility soil instead of medium fertility
    • Tweak: Minor dejanking
      • Tweak: Added barrel open/close sound. Can now right click barrel again to close gui
      • Tweak: Tree seeds can now be placed in display cases
      • Tweak: Changed behavior of how items flow in chutes to be more intuitive
      • Tweak: Wolf howl animation now more synchronized to the howl sound
      • Fixed: Pounders pounding in the wrong direction (visual bug)
      • Fixed: Texture overlapping issue on the 3-flower lupin
      • Fixed: Helve hammer obstructed by a block where it doesn't feel like it should get obstructed
      • Fixed: Multiple visual issues with potted bamboo and lily of the valley
      • Fixed: Wrong texture resolution on seaweed
    • Tweak: Allowed glass to be chiselled. WIP: still didn't fix the wrong faces issue with them though or the wrong texture
    • Tweak: Worldedit updates
      • Feature: Can now use worldedit to place fruit trees
      • Fixed: Worldedit, using "Redo" after a move tool operation not working
      • Fixed: 3 bugs related to importing entities stored in block schematics
      • Tweak: Worldedit control panel now allows setting of fractional movespeeds
      • Tweak: Changing the current selection is now also stored in the undo/redo history state
      • Tweak: The Magic select mode will now ignore tallgrass by default
      • Tweak: Added a flood fill mode more suitable for placing lakes
      • Tweak: The flood fill tool now will replace all blocks of blockmaterial Plant
      • Tweak: Left clicking with the flood fill tool now performs the opposite effect, a "flood erase"
      • Tweak: Worldedit: Added server overload protection toggle to the options dialog
      • Fixed: Multiple fixes with "/we mr" no longer creates 2 history states, also updates the current selection and does not move the whole selection up by several blocks
    • Tweak: Worldedit GUI upgrades:
      • Fixed: Drop down scrollbar was not visible
      • Select tool now has 2 new buttons: Rotate CW and Rotate CCW
      • Increased flat fog slider range 4-fold
    • Tweak: Various tweaks to chat commands
      • /time command now disallows setting of negative values because it has undefined behavior
      • Added "/player [plrname] entity intox" subcommand to set intoxication value
      • Added "/debug delplr name" to delete playerdata in a savegame
      • Added "/player playername movespeed" subcommand
      • The output of "/debug logticks" is now hierarchical and more informative
      • Fixed /weather setev not working
    • Tweak: Gold and silver falx are now steel blades with gold/silver flair. As such, their recipes and stats have changed to be similar to steel falx
    • Tweak: Forlorn Estoc now uses a thrust animation in 3rd person to better suit the weapon
    • Tweak: Added a description to wolf pup item to indicate that it's hostile and some traders highly value it
    • Tweak: Can now place side-growing mushrooms in creative mode
    • Tweak: Chat dialog less obtrusive (more transparent) when not focused (experimental)
    • Tweak: Trimmed the hunter class flavor text
    • Tweak: Changed name of hacking spear to tuning spear to better fit the setting. Also gave it a description so players know what it does
    • Tweak: Hacking spear can be made with tin bronze and bismuth bronze spears now
    • Tweak: Increased third-person in-hand model size for full blocks
    • Tweak: Added the 'Tinkerer' trait to the Clockmaker class: functions like the other unique crafting traits
    • Tweak: Savegames should now be more robust against ungraceful exits in regards of entity spawning
    • Tweak: Various improvements to creature bots (we used these for making the 2022 trailer)
      • Added bear and hacked locust bot
      • More configurable playerbots
      • Can wear backpacks, quivers and shields.
      • Can apply a custom skin via /npc copyskin to apply a player skin
      • Can now have a nametag, set via /npc setname
      • Fixed /npc enq/exec playanim not working for some animations
      • Added "/npcs loopall" subcommand
    • Tweak: Added ability to disable crop/berry bush and fruittree growth (/worldconfigcreate bool processCrops false)
    • Tweak: Added player entity repair capability when loading a savegame in repair mode
    • Tweak: The paper, scroll and book lore items now have 3d models
    • Tweak: Disabled span ruins, they need better spawning behaviors
    • Tweak: Torches and other blocks which attach to the side of other blocks, now cannot be attached to lake ice (even if they could before)
    • Tweak: For Linux users, starting the game using Mono versions prior to Mono 5 should now fail (Mono 4.x and below is not supported)
    • Tweak: Server: Handle invalid SaveFileLocation more gracefully and log to server-main.txt
    • Tweak: Can now interact with firepits while having a torch or pot in hands
    • Tweak: Firepit now reduces the font size for the cooking recipe text if necessary
    • Tweak: On world creation, the game now tries to avoid spawning players above 75% of world height
    • Tweak: Snappier, crunchier gravel step sound
    • Tweak: Server repair mode will now regenerate corrupted chunks, should they ever appear
    • Tweak: Added apple pie to the creative inventory
    • Tweak: Initial world spawn location is now seed deterministic
    • Tweak: The crash reporter will now show if a crash was caused by a mod and also list any related harmony patches
    • Tweak: Bears no longer spawn (runtime and during worldgen) in the first 4 ingame days and also don't spawn wolves in the first 4 ingame hours
    • Tweak: Most land creatures now flee from bears
    • Tweak: Mitigate sizzle sound spam + OOM by reducing its sound range from 32 to 16 blocks
    • Tweak: Added tool mode icons for the scythe
    • Tweak: Added subcommand /player [playername] entity maxoxygen [int] to edit oxygen capacity on existing players
    • Tweak: Reverted spear thrust sound to old voiced sound. Made them respect the selected voice pitch therefore.
    • Tweak: Removed 'new seraph voices' setting, they are now always on as I believe most are at a bearable quality now.
    • Tweak: Various minor tweaks (addded sub-1 movespeeds to worldedit dialog, fixed a typo, improved ifp clayforming, slower vertical texture animation of water)
    • Tweak: Players should no longer spawn underwater in new worlds. Search range for solid land broadened, if it still fails to find land, it will spawn a block of planks for the player to rest on instead, i.e. a mini-raft
    • Tweak: Dye System fine tune
      • Dyes are now made with water instead of diluted alum/cassiterite/chromite. Need to be sealed for a while before they're ready.
      • Dye-making now requires a barrel for mordants and a barrel for dyes instead of combining both of them
      • Reduced and standardized the amount of alum/cassiterite/chromite needed to make a mordant
      • Added a mordanted cloth variant, which is now used for dyeing
      • Reduced the amount of dye liquid needed to dye cloth
      • Woad blue now has its own dye barrel since it doesn't require a mordant
      • Black dye now made by adding pigment to gray dye, similar to orange dye
      • Removed Brown dye until we add more pigment options for it. For now, cloth can be added to strong tannin to make brown cloth without needing a mordant
    • Tweak: Leather can now be dyed pink
    • Tweak: Ales now give Grain nutrition
    • Tweak: Wrench can now also be used to rotate chiseled blocks
    • Tweak: Added more descriptions for the smithing GUI
    • Tweak: Replaced the 360¬į character autoturn in the character dialog into a light left-right swivel
    • Tweak: Hares now also eat peanut plants, and early stages of rice and amaranth
    • Tweak: Added more credits to the credits screen.
    • Tweak: Tannin can now be made out of acacia logs as well as oak.
    • Tweak: Adjusted the crafting cost of hide and pelt-based clothing. Costs less in general now, and crafting costs scale based on hide size instead of all having the same cost, e.g. 8 small hides are worth the same as 1 huge hide.
    • Tweak: Adjusted lamellar armor crafting to follow the same principle of scaling hide sizes as above ^. Wood lamellar can now be repaired, only requiring firewood.
    • Tweak: Oiled/curing hides now also scale according to hide size. For example, 1 piece of fat can make 4 small oiled hides, 2 medium hides, or 1 large hide. Huge hide now requires 2 fat.
    • Tweak: Can now do "/worldconfigcreate int lungCapacity [milliseconds]" to define for how long a player has air (default: 20000)
    • Tweak: Can now do "/worldconfigcreate int fertilityRecoverySpeed [speed]" to define farmland recovery speed (1.16 default: 0.33)
    • Tweak: Added missing mushroom ingredient names
    • Tweak: Disabled all custom cursors on MacOS, mouse controls may now be less glitchy on MacOS Catalina and above
    • Tweak: Added helpful descriptions for items that can be used as a mordant
    • Tweak: Prospecting pick probe results are now translated into the players language on servers
    • Tweak: Adjusted a couple animations to work better in Immersive First Person mode
    • Tweak: Fish now die when exposed to air for 30 seconds. Fixed upright dead fish model
    • Tweak: Increased the size of a number of items when dropped
    • Tweak: Server admin: Handle invalid SaveFileLocation more gracefully and log to server-main.txt
    • Tweak: Mitigate lag spikes caused by ground storage
    • Tweak: Some texts were not translatable, updated community translations
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with snow coverage on chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Dark shadows caused from SSAO, might break other things
    • Fixed: Pristine forlorn body armor can now be properly crafted.
    • Fixed: Wooden path block texture issues
    • Fixed: Cinematic camera crash when adding 2 points at the same coords
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with the immersive first person mode (clip into blocks upon death, not adjusted for running sideways swivel, etc.)
    • Fixed: Heavy z-fighting on distant ice
    • Fixed: Falling containers now drop their contents if they cannot be placed on impact
    • Fixed: handbook entry for labeled chests, and links to it in chalk and charcoal descriptions
    • Fixed: (long-standing!) leaves blocks incorrectly had a 0 degrees rotated alternate as well as 10 degrees
    • Fixed: (since 1.16) blocks with general wind motion flag were incorrectly given a glow value (e.g. glow == 3)
    • Fixed: (since 1.14) leaves ground-offset windshear being disabled for leaves against solid blocks was not working correctly on north side
    • Fixed: Unknown texture when putting solder ingots on forges
    • Fixed: Wrong glow vfx for items held in third person mode
    • Fixed: In single-player, occasional flash of X-ray vision when breaking blocks underground at any chunk edge
    • Fixed: Should fix stability issues when using the game updater, due to leftover files that should no longer be there
    • Fixed: TempstormDurationMul world config not working
    • Fixed: Some roofing faces too dark; trough fluffy hay faces too dark.
    • Fixed: Particle collision box issues with the boiler
    • Fixed: Water in condenser hardly visible
    • Fixed: Placing fruit trees with worldedit did not respect the size values
    • Fixed: Tool molds rotations during clayforming not matching finished product in some cases
    • Fixed: Sealed barrels displayed block interaction help
    • Fixed: Drifter killing drifter showed "eaten by" in the info text
    • Fixed: Wrong SSAO on knapping surface
    • Fixed: Pullets changing plumage when they mature to adults
    • Fixed: Wrong texture resolution on some bamboo leaves
    • Fixed: .clientconfigcreate not printing error on invalid datatype
    • Fixed: Some lighting chunk border issues when rooms are closed or opened to sunlight
    • Fixed: Various minor sunlighting bugs (eg. wrong values below water which spreads)
    • Fixed: Able to chute-push random items into ground storage areas
    • Fixed: Tiny memory leak in the main menu
    • Fixed: Crafting dupe bug with some recipes
    • Fixed: Falling sand block oddities in certain cases
    • Fixed: Hopper item collecting oddities
    • Fixed: Avoid a crash in the fruit tree block entity (report an error instead)
    • Fixed: Selecting a very large view distance in single player then reloading the world made it revert back to a shorter view distance
    • Fixed: Missing tool mode info on prospecting picks
    • Fixed: Game crashing on ".debug perceptioneffects"
    • Fixed: Mitigate occasional z-fighting on overlapping leaf blocks with wind motion
    • Fixed: Infinite crafting dupe glitch when the inventory is full
    • Fixed: Some mushroom stews were invisible
    • Fixed: Better localization for a few mushrooms.
    • Fixed: Missing block broken particles on ores
    • Fixed: Liquid dupe bug with barrels
    • Fixed: Barrel closing sound not playing in some cases
    • Fixed: Game freezing on the singleplayer screen if a savegame is write locked
    • Fixed: Pink bonnet and funeral bell mushroom not poisonous
    • Fixed: Mitigate derpy turning behavior in 3rd person while swimming
    • Fixed: Game crashing when looking at a chiseled block with a soldering iron in hands
    • Fixed: Too high speed on a shader effect on lava
    • Fixed: Able to move a dialog outside the screen and no way to recover it. Reopening the dialog will now move a corner back into the window so it can be dragged back
    • Fixed: Solved an issue that caused the game to crash when the `handle` texture for shields was not found.
    • Fixed: Center aligned richtext did not properly align in some cases
    • Fixed: Fruit tree error log spam
    • Fixed: Various texture errors logged to client-main.txt on startup
    • Fixed: Worldmap: The trader icon disappeared
    • Fixed: Drifters not fleeing during daylight
    • Fixed: Unusually dark clouds in some cases
    • Fixed: Ground storage guide twice in handbook. Fixed a render issue with one of the hotkeys on the same guide
    • Fixed: Incorrect linebreaks on japanese translations
    • Fixed: Might fix UI rendering issues on MacOS M1 chips
    • Fixed: Cascade bomb explosion did not destroy the bomb but dropped an item
    • Fixed: Itemstack tooltip flicker every second in the handbook
    • Fixed: Hitting 'H' while hovering water bowl opened the page on the honey bowl
    • Fixed: Visible seams between some blocks
    • Fixed: Weird interactions with rush matting
    • Fixed: Own step sound not playing at the player but at the step location
    • Fixed: Macro editor did not prevent duplicate macro names, causing undefined behavior
    • Fixed: Arrows flying through entities on the client side
    • Fixed: Major item shift-clicking bug related to barrels and firepits. Items would get teleported to barrels and firepits instead of the desired container
    • Fixed: Not able to pick up placed pie
    • Fixed: Might fix GUIs disappearing in some cases when on Mac M1 Chips.
    • Fixed: Should fix game crashing with extended debug info enabled and pausing the game (related to fruit trees)
    • Fixed: Incorrect font paths on linux in the install.sh (https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/9353-font-issues-with-linux-script/)
    • Fixed: Should fix wrong sign orientation for other players
    • Fixed: Potential issues when removing all voxels of a workitem on the anvil
    • Fixed: Potential crash with signs
    • Fixed: Might mitigate cases where rifts spawn near light sources
    • Fixed: Able to harvest fruit from fruit tree stems
    • Fixed: Drunken effect jitter when pausing+unpausing the game
    • Fixed: Incorrect temperatures in nonstandard world height worlds (due to incorrect sealevel value)
    • Fixed: Memory not freed upon world exit
    • Fixed: /lntest available to unprivileged players
    • Fixed: Cutting a quarter sliced pie restored its serving size
    • Fixed: Disabling snow accumulation caused world autosave to break
    • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking 'Customize' on the create world screen with now playstyles loaded



    Game updates since v1.17.0-rc.8 (also listed above)

    • Tweak: Major berry bush and crop growth times and yield rebalance, with the ultimate goal being crops becoming in sync with the seasons. We carefully looked at growth times versus satiety to redo most of the numbers we used to have on our crops. This is a work in progress, feel free to provide feedback.
    • Tweak: Prospecting pick probe results are now translated into the players language on servers
    • Tweak: Crash reports now no longer contain /user/Tyron file path!
    • Tweak: Doubled berry bush growth times and yield. Reduced ripe berry bushes on spawn
    • Tweak: Creatures under roofs no longer get frosted
    • Tweak: Usability tweaks for the customize world screen (using scroll wheel closes drop downs, smaller hover info activation area)
    • Tweak: Exploit fix: Any newly placed pineapple or pumpkin will now spoil. Can therefore right click pickup and place 2x2 pineapples in one block
    • Fixed: Exceptions logged to the server logs when using hoppers in some cases
    • Fixed: Able to burn down trader huts
    • Fixed: Food in creative inventory spoiling
    • Fixed: Z-fighting with snow layers and planted saplings
    • Fixed: Scrollbar invisible on some dropdowns
    • Fixed: Translation entries for modded content not falling back to english
    • Fixed: Disabling snow accumulation caused world autosave to break
    • Fixed: "Host rock" info missing from the handbook
    • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking 'Customize' on the create world screen with now playstyles loaded
    • Fixed: Remapper dialog no longer showing up, preventing the fix on unknown blocks from 1.16->1.17 upgrades
    • Api Tweak: New startup virtual method - ModSystem.AssetsFinalize(), which is called after AssetsLoaded(). The server event "AssetFinalizers" is now obsolete.


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