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  • Stabler De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.4)


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.17.4, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Time for another bugfix release, almost all bugs were happening in various edge cases.

    Screenshot by Rhell Norrattu#2519 on discord

    Game updates

    • Feature: Preparations for a 1-click mod install feature (added URI Handler and Protocol handler for vintagestorymodinstall://)
    • Tweak: Added sleep and sit behavior to gazelles
    • Tweak: Increased vernalization temperatures for pink apple, yellow apple, cherry and peach trees
    • Tweak: Tool mold rack TLC
      • Tweak: Tool mold rack is now renamed to "Vertical rack"
      • Tweak: Can now also place resonance archives on vertical racks
      • Fixed: Shields placed on tool mold racks were visually broken
      • Api tweak: Added vertical rack transform tab to the transform editor. Made custom transforms less hardcoded.
      • Api fixed: Not able to properly create a transform for vertical racks
    • Fixed: Client no longer crashing when using very large world edit brush shapes (shape preview now defaults to a generic cube)
    • Fixed: Server exception when breaking a stacked berry bush thats below another berry bush
    • Fixed: Able to interact with ground storage in claimed blocks
    • Fixed: Rock strata thickness not scaling with world height, causing some ores not to spawn
    • Fixed: Hotbar numkey slot flip with cooking pot slots did not respect slot max stack size
    • Fixed: Crafting with a hotbar num key then clicking the output slot with mouse crashed the game
    • Fixed: A singular failure to connect to the master server did not make the server attempt to re-register to it
    • Fixed: Broken droplet noise on water when it rains in some cases
    • Fixed: Mitigate issues with painting placed on ice
    • Fixed: Might fix a rare issue where creating a new world with a different size than the previous one had an incorrect spawn point, or even crashed when trying to join
    • Fixed: Rare connection issues on second game load, thanks to @Apache
    • Fixed: Rare server side full deadlock / freeze
    • Fixed: Saltpeter spawning underwater and on the surface in some cases
    • Fixed: Sneaking did not hide player icons on the map
    • Fixed: Mitigate issues with vertical trapdoors in rotated schematics
    • Fixed: Worldgen pond generator not taking into account new submersible behavior
    • Fixed: Server crash when using the fruit press in a certain way
    • Fixed: Overlapping issues with wallpaper and other blocks, like paintings
    • Fixed: Mitigate one crash with fruit trees
    • Fixed: Rare worldgen exception near kimberlite spawns
    • Api Fixed: Text overflow in the textarea of the block selection editor .bsedit
    • Api Fixed: Multiplayer auto mod downloader searched for the mod references by the mod network version instead of the mod version
    • Api Fixed: Using 35 joints in an animation crashed the game
    • Api Fixed: tree.MergeTree() broken for nested trees
    • Api Fixed: Avoid crash in the hotbar hud when a mod as removed that added tool modes to a collectible
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