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  • Stonebrick fix (v1.10.17, v1.10.18, v1.10.19)


    v1.10.17 an stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    The previous update broke the stone brick recipe. Here's a fix ^_^

    [Edit:] Also released v1.10.18 due to the game not starting up at all. Must have made a mistake during the build process
    [Edit:] Also release v1.10.19 to actually fix stone bricks not craftable and to fix the game crashing when creating a first new world.

    Screenshot and build by zorne

    Game updates

    • Fixed: Throwing a stone through a water fall made it go all slo-mo
    • Fixed: Stone bricks uncraftable. It now works as follows: Chisel+Hammer+Rock = Polished Rock; Chisel+Hammer+Polished Rock = 2x Polished Rock slab; Chisel+Hammer+Polished Rock Slab = 4x stone bricks

    Edited by Tyron


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