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  • Temporally affected echo chamber (v1.12.12, v1.12.13)


    Dear community
    v1.12.12, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    Somewhat daring to push yet another stable release and without making it a release candidate first, but so is attempting to build a game of this scope from scratch, so I guess I'll just roll with my incessant urge to fix issues as soon as possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [Edit:] Also released v1.12.13 to fix an issue with the new public server search method.

    Amongst others, echo chambers lost a glitch or two, therefore behave a bit more "in character" during low temporal stability.

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added a search field for the public server list. Added some player stats to the public servers list.
    • Tweak: Search fields now indicate their purpose with a "Search..." place holder text
    • Tweak: Added server admin command /nexttempstorm to get the days left until the next temporal storm
    • Tweak: The game server will now refuse to start or die on autosave if there is less than 200 MB free disk space. This is to avoid fatal corruption of the savegame if disk space runs out. The threshold can be configured in serverconfig.json
    • Fixed: Should fix issue #489: Item in hand not synchronized across MP when item is consumed
    • Fixed: Rotating a work item on an anvil confused the helve hammer
    • Tweak/Fixed: Temporal instability left the pitch of echo chamber tracks in a weird state. Also fixed that putting a archive on the echo chamber sometimes did not make it play the sound track. Playiny tracks now adjust their pitch during low stability.
    • Fixed: Picking up ingots, firewood, boards and etc. from item piles were moved into the backback instead of the hotbar
    • Fixed: Should mitigate issues with tree chopping not fully removing the huge trees
    • Fixed: More seraph animation derpiness
    • Fixed: Numpad enter not recognized as enter (#488)
    • Fixed: Server Exception spam when hitting a tree with a hammer
    • Fixed: The exploit of using another tool to speed up block breaking is no longer possible
    • Fixed: Should fix more windmill issues (due to wrong map region indexing)
    • Fixed: Pickaxe Mining speed sounds rate dependent on the games framerate
    • Fixed: Worldgen bugs in 1024x1024 sized worlds
    • API Fixed: Containers that expand the inventory beyond the visible range were not usable



    Edited by Tyron


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