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  • Terrain, Sound and polishing frenzy


    Most patient Vintarians!
    Game dev is like a roller coaster

    No video just yet
    Everytime I want to get recording I notice a gazillion imperfections that I want to fix, so I did those first >.<
    Until next time hopefully.

    Saraty and me had our very first usable multiplayer experience and built a small house together (picture below). Still more bugs to squash but that felt totally awesome <3

    Alright, let's dig into the git commit log to see what has changed.


    • So I did a lot of polishing, well mostly bugfixes. I usually don't share these, but this time I'll give you a behind the scenes look:
      • Fixed chunks generating twice under certain conditions
      • Fixed a water wave rendering glitch at chunk borders
      • Fixed 2 bugs preventing the standalone server to start
      • Fixed particles wrongly colored from block light and fixed transparent overlapping particles getting very dark.
      • Fixed player characters not illuminated by block light and also fixed precision errors when rendering the character at large coordiantes
      • Fixed Chunk frustum culling being disabled -.-
      • Fixed FXAA not working
      • Fixed /help (cmd) command not recognizing mod commands. .help commands now also sorted alphabetically.
      • Fixed worldgen mod not reloading landforms on server restart
      • Fixed memory not being freed after leaving a multiplayer game
      • Fixed snow layer replacing leaves during world generation
      • Fixed snow layer not rendering if a solid block is above
      • Fixed changing game mode in multiplayer not correctly interpreted by the connected clients
      • Chests and Ladders now have correct collision and selection boxes and are orientable (n e s w)
      • Fixed chunk loader suddenly stopping to generate new chunks after some time. Added another debug command to track such kinds of bugs.
      • Refactored Multilanguage support
      • Fixed not being able to climb out of 2 block deep water
      • Added red mushroom block
    • Worldgen Updates
      • Added a block patch generator that can produce patches of flowers, different grass, mushroom rings, and later hopefully some smaller patches of sand and gravel near lakes. 
      • Tweaked climate tinting textures to be a bit more pretty
      • Continued work on block layer generation: Works a bit better again, tweaked the grass layer, still not seeing any sandy deserts for some reason.
      • Tweaked landform generator: Mountains and Grasslands probably look better now
    • Sound and sound engine updates:
      • Refactored the sound engine. The old code was super frustrating for me so I finally went ahead and refactored it. The code is now way cleaner and shorter too. Changing the sound level in the settings now also adjusts all currently running sounds.
      • Blocks can now have randomized breaking, placing and stepping-on sounds again freely configurable by anyone. I've spent a day collecting and editing various sounds for the most common blocks. Added about 50 new sounds to the game. Most of them are decent, some need improvement still
    • Small fun features
      • Each time you you open the "new world" screen, a world name is randomly generated (e.g. "Gloomy Kingdom Worlds")
      • Breaking blocks in creative mode also spawns particles
      • All block sounds now also have a slightly randomized pitch, which sounds super funky. Maybe too funky for our theme :D

    This time with some random terrain screenshots, maybe you'll notice the improvements.
    2016-08-20_20-42-33.png 2016-08-20_22-29-07.png 2016-08-21_12-40-43.png

    2016-08-21_08-28-32.png 2016-08-21_09-48-18.png 2016-08-22_07-21-46.png

    2016-08-22_08-06-05.png 2016-08-22_08-06-14.png 2016-08-22_08-08-11.png



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