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  • Terrain, Terrain, Terrain. Also Light. And Stuff.


    Dedicated Vintarians!
    The polishing continues

    Probably the best news of the month is that we now a (so far) glitch free colored lighting system. We also worked heavily on terrain generation again.


    • I have finally fixed the last known lighting glitches related to the colored light system. As mentioned in an earlier article I was unable to make it work in certain cases which was super frustrating, so now I'm all the more happier to finally see it working and no longer something that I have to touch until release. You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0_M4b9_1TQ
    • Block Updates
      • New block: Added 10 Paintings that you can hang on walls and which depict Saratys Art \o/
      • New mushroom variant: Bolete mushroom
      • New flower variants: We've added Wild Daisys and Cornflowers
      • New config: Any Block can now be individually be configured to be randomly offseted when placed in the world (currently used for tall grass, flowers, saplings and mushrooms). This now also affects the blocks selection box.
      • New config: Individual elements of a block can now be tinted by climate. This is used to climate color the flowers stems, but not their petals. Looks massively better \o/

    • WorldGen Updates
      • New Subsystem: Shrub Generator. Generates small shrubby trees only composed of leaves. Uses it's own shrub layer independent from the forest layer.
      • New Subsystem: Vines Generator. Generates columns of vines on trees in wet climates
      • Added several new tree generators for greater variety
      • Added several new kinds of block patches to the 'Block Patch Generator': Now places single cornflowers and wild daisys, mushrooms in very small groups and heathers, western gorse flower and horsetails rarely in very large groups
      • Some more balancing on the individual landforms
      • Tweaked block layer generator some more, I could finally see something sandy and desert like appear :P
    • Inventory Convenience Update: Can now use left shift + mouse click to move items between inventories (e.g. from creative inventory to hotbar)
    • Half broken blocks now slowly repair themselves (with a backwards running breaking animation)
    • In the create world screen you can now enter a world seed
    • I've begun work on a 'Game Account Platform' - a website where you will be able to log in with your game account, change your player name or password as well as assisting you when you forgot your password.
    • Another dozen bugfixes as always


    All these screenshots are from procedurally generated terrain, no hand placed blocks (except the first 2 pics obviously)

    2016-08-22_10-46-14.png 2016-08-25_19-12-06.png 2016-08-25_23-42-34.png

    2016-08-25_23-47-36.png 2016-08-25_23-48-04.png 2016-08-25_23-52-21.png 

    2016-08-25_23-53-07.png 2016-08-26_00-08-56.png 2016-08-26_10-12-10.png

    2016-08-26_10-17-30.png 2016-08-26_12-07-08.png 2016-08-26_12-32-44.png 



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