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    [Edit 9.Aug.2016] Seems like I accidently deleted this entry and no possibility to restore it ?

    The Text I still remember that I wrote:

    Vintage Story will not be written from Scratch, there is no need for that. Instead it will be based on the game Manic Digger whose Authors graciously have placed the entire game source under public domain, for which I am extremly thankful because it will let me kickstart my game and not worry about implementing the very essentials first. The game itself looks, let's say, very rough, but it hides a few unpolished gems in it's source code.

    Below Screenshot is the very first visible progress on the game, as I have written a new block loading system that loads blocktypes from external json files. The line of blocks you see there are directly taken from my mod Vintagecraft. I've also already managed to render blocks as 3D models within manic diggers gui system



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