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  • The Creature defrost Hotfix (v1.5.0.4)


    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    ♫ "99 bugs in the game, take one down and pass it around, 100 bugs in the game." ♫ ♪

    Apologies for the release spam. Version introduced a new bug that causes all animals to freeze in place, which is fairly game breaking. I hope this is the last hotfix release for a while now. 

    Installer Updates

    • Feature: Installer will now start to remember the install directory. So after the next installation you will have your previously selected install directory listed instead of the default one. (windows only)

    Game Updates

    • Tweak: Reworked plank textures, their patterns now differ somewhat
    • Tweak: Spectator mode is now more spectator like: Player is now invisible, cannot interact with entities or water, automatically enters fly mode and can use move speed keys.
    • Tweak: Decreased animal reproduction rates by a factor of 10
    • Tweak: Minor optimization - don't redraw block info and coordinate HUD texts if they are not opened
    • Fixed: Non critical issues crashing the client on rare occasions
    • Fixed: Server throwing exception upon /stop command
    • Fixed: Creatures becoming frozen in place and never moving again
    • Fixed: Chunks were not getting unloaded on the client in some cases in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Chunks sometimes still getting rendered even after being unloaded



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