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  • THE IRON AGE (v1.4.6)


    Iron Vintarians!
    Version 1.4.6, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    This is it lads! Over a year has passed by since we reached our first major milestone - the "Creative Mode Release" version of the game. For most of this time we have been tirelessly working on countless survival features. Today we will retire this title and officially announce Vintage Story 1.4.6 as the first version than can rightly bear the mark of a "Survival Mode Release". Let this be the start of something much greater!

    Please Note: This update will rotate all your toolracks by 180 degrees and in turn pop of the wall, sorry about that. I made some changes for the sake of consistency.

    Website Updates

    • New trailer! 

    Game Updates

    • Feature: The Iron Age
      • Can now construct bloomeries for high temperature smelting (like limonite ore)
      • Requires a base and a chimney, for crafting recipe see below
      • Fill with charcoal or bituminous coal and limonite ore then ignite with a torch. Requires equal amounts of coal/ore in order to smelt properly.
      • Added Iron Variants of all tools, these can be smithed on bronze anvils
      • Tweaked durabilities of all tools for a better metal progression feeling
    • Feature: Underground ruins: Ghastly underground experiences and the basis for future Story related features
    • Feature: Trap doors
    • Feature: Improved Reed harvesting
      • No longer breaks instantly
      • Breaks in 2 stages, the top parts and it's roots. Requires knife in order to not destroy the roots
      • If the roots remain planted, then the tops will slowly regrow
      • The tops are for basket crafting, while the roots are for replanting or eating after being cooked
    • Feature: Finally! Replaced 3x3 anvil grid recipe with a more immersive anvil casting counterpart - the anvil mold! Also requires 9 ingots instead of 7. Removed the old grid recipe for anvils.
    • Feature: Finally! Quick inventory slot filling with holding down the right mouse button
    • Feature: Bamboo now drop bamboo stakes for planks and can also be chopped entirely at once with an axe. See recipe below.
    • Feature: New grid crafting recipes for Wooden Bed, Chair, Clay brick chimney, Table and Bamboo planks
    • Feature: Added loose quartz stones on the surface, which drop clear quartz at a 20% chance, to be able to create quartz glass early on
    • Feature: Entities now push eachother apart instead of overlapping
    • Feature: Health and Saturation bar now flash when below 20%
    • Feature: Added /playerstats [hunger|saturation] [0..1] command to quickly set health/saturation in creative mode
    • Tweak: Berry bushes no longer have a collision box and regrow berries up to 5 times slower, but increased the chance of them spawning already in ripe state during worldgen
    • Tweak: Drifters now gradually walk away from the player during daytime
    • Tweak: New models for all saplings
    • Tweak: Animals now spawn in better randomized groups. Previously they almost exclusively spawned in a group of 1 male + 1 female + 1 infant
    • Tweak: Improved Notification message on server crash / bad connection. It is now more understandable to the user.
    • Tweak: Can now use mouse wheel to change slider values when hovering over them
    • Tweak: Made the engine more robust against corrupt save games, which should make some broken savegames playable again.
    • Tweak: Reduced saltpeter deposit occurence and size by about 33%
    • Tweak: A wolfs howl and the rooster call can now be heard from further away
    • Tweak: Halved the player detection(+chase) range for Wolves and Drifters.
    • Tweak: Can now also use the jump button to climb stairs
    • Tweak: Can now also chop whole bamboo trees
    • Tweak: Holding a stick in hands gives you 1 meter extra attack range, torches an extra of 0.5 meters
    • Tweak: Seeweed no longer drops anything
    • Tweak: New texture for quartz, sulfur and diamond ore
    • Fixed: Godrays discoloration issue. Together with the unanounced changes in 1.4.4 we now have quite the pretty godray shader effect. 
    • Fixed: Creatures attacking through blocks, they now test for line-of-sight before damaging players
    • Fixed: Animals often spawning in the wrong climate
    • Fixed: Animals sometimes spawning inside blocks
    • Fixed: Animals glitchy y-movement when walking against blocks the can't step on
    • Fixed: Sound Attenuation now correctly applied on large distances
    • Fixed: Rendering issues with transparent stuff on Intel HD cards, removed previous workaround fix 
    • Fixed: Setting view distance sometimes not working
    • Fixed: Surface music playing in too quick succession without breaks inbetween
    • Fixed: Lakes generating incorrectly on some occassions
    • Fixed: Block schematic import in worldedit having issues with block entities
    • Fixed: Rotating block schematics in worldedit did not correctly rotate tool racks, paintings, beds, stoves and doors
    • Fixed: One of the wood stepping sounds playing only in the left speaker
    • Fixed: Player sometimes spawning in mid-air and falling to their death after starting a new world
    • Fixed: Bamboo block names missing
    • Fixed: Worldedit Eraser and Paintbrush tools not working correctly on replacable blocks like tallgrass and liquids
    • Fixed: Block Breaking Decals now render correctly on 0-voxel thick models \o/
    • Fixed: Another possible issue that would cause Ruins to spawn floating above ground
    • Fixed: Made the top layer of lava inside caves emit light again
    • Fixed: Game not remembering if block info and coordinate hud was opened from last play session
    • Fixed: Cheap fix of white particles spawning when eating items/blocks
    • Fixed: Possible fix for entities spawning stuck inside blocks
    • Fixed: Server not loading any blocktypes/entities/itemtypes if one of them has wrong json syntax
    • Fixed: \r in install.sh and Vintagestory.desktop (but several more bugs seem to exist in the linux version)
    • Fixed: Version number not displayed in the list of installed programs on windows

    VS Model Creator Updates

    • 5 Bugfixes related to UV-Box drag&drop
    • Bugfixes to improve compatbility with old model files
    • Documented one more shortcut in the controls dialog



    Trap doors, new sapling models and harvested state of reeds

    Anvil 3x3 crafting recipe replaced with a massive anvil mold.
    anvilmold.png.d69373950b0a5c89e4f507e150bd9db3.png 0-anvilmold.png.010f3d74bdc59462c098e8ea0b067182.png

    Bloomeries for high temperatue smelting up to 1.500 degrees celsies (Iron Ore melts at 1.482 °C)

    Slot Quickfill and Underground Ruins
    0-quickplace.gif.c46a8f9dd7d8fd12d7c938a2c3840783.gif     2017-11-06_11-47-11.thumb.jpg.5490d44fecc59c2aad25dbb86bca321d.jpg

    Godrays Improvement

    Without godrays

    New Recipes

    Edited by Tyron


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