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  • The no more festival, but maybe better servers respawn hotfix (v1.5.8)


    Festive Vintarians

    Here's whats up since last post!

    • The ReVersed festival, where we presented Vintage Story, ended last sunday, and as always, simply great for connections and socializing, not so great for sales. It lasted for 4 full days and took a few more to prepare. After the event I had a bunch of real life catching up to do and handle various health issues in my familiy, yet again. Hopefully starting from Friday I can get back into serious productiveness again. I seriously start to miss coding on the game. 
    • We uploaded have a pre-release version of 1.6 on discord, so for those adventurous enough checkout the #news channel. It is jam-packed with great features and I hope it won't be long anymore until we can release it as testing version. 
    • I also got in contact with PingPerfect, a game server hosting provider and will make some updates on the game server, which in all likelihood will result in our first consumer server service for Vintage Story \o/
    • I also will get in contact with a very interesting offer from a publisher that I met during the festival, with large potentials for the future of the game, not sure how great our chances are, so keep your fingers crossed ^_^
    • And finally decided to push an update for two rather game breaking bugs in the game so that we have something stable to play with until version 1.6 is stable enough. See below for the change list.
    • Some lovely new Let's Play Videos came out recently! (silly editor, can't horizontally stack the videos)


    Festival Pics



    Game updates (v1.5.8)

    • Tweak: Bamboo stakes can be used to build firepits
    • Fixed: Respawning not working in some cases
    • Fixed: Rare server crash from pumpkins

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