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  • The stable emotes update (v1.9.4, v1.9.5, v1.9.6)


    Version 1.9.4/1.9.5, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.


    [Edit:] Release v1.9.5 to fix a major crash bug when starting the game for the first time using german translations. Changes:

    • Tweak: Updated german translations file
    • Fixed: Broken soup names
    • Fixed: Game crashing on first startup under german language and thus basically unplayable
    • Fixed: Console admin messages - name was not bold

    [Edit2:] Something messed up with the v1.9.5 upload, had to release v1.9.6 as well, sowwi!

    v1.9.4 Game updates

    • Tweak: Player names in the chat are now bold. /announce text is now orange
    • Tweak: Reduced amount of generations until animals are no longer fleeing from the player from 50 down to 30 
    • Tweak: Removed 'install'/'reinstall' from server.sh. 'update' now only shows a hint on how to update the server manually
    • Fixed: Should fix sand/gravel duplication bug
    • Fixed: Should fix floating blocks after a fire
    • Fixed: Trader dialog can not be opened
    • Fixed: Pressing H on damaged tools not opening the handbook detail page
    • Fixed: Looking at a cooking pot crashes the game
    • Fixed: Game crashing when cancelling during while connecting / loading the world
    • Fixed: Emotes not working in multiplayer
    • Fixed: A bunch of memory leaks when exiting a world or server

    Edited by Tyron


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