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  • The Stable Worldgen and Geology Update (v1.9.0)


    At long last
    Version 1.9.0, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    [Edit:] Released 1.9.1 to fix a crash with knapping in multiplayer


    Close to 6 month since the first stable v1.8 release. I can't believe how much time and effort this took. Future updates will be on a shorter release cycle again for sure ??

    For a full changes list see

    - The rc.1 blog post 

    - The updates since the previous unstable release, v1.9.0-rc.9

    • Tweak: When playing the game in a non-english language, the missing translation entries now default to english
    • Tweak: Some more UI cleanups
    • Tweak: Made wooden rail blocks connect in a super basic way for creative play
    • Tweak: Reduced surface copper deposits by 50%
    • Tweak: Players no longer spawn with bread 
    • Fixed: Quern sound always playing at full volume
    • Fixed: /entity removebyid not working
    • Fixed: Able to glitch the Quern into grinding on its own
    • Fixed: Opening 2 quern dialogs caused the previous one to become black
    • Fixed: Aged log not being burnable
    • Fixed: Placing a pot with food crashing the game in some cases 
    • Fixed: Taking out food from a pot inside a fire pit allowed gave on extra meal
    • API Fixed: survival/config.json still not properly loaded... moved it to configs/general.json    

    - and all updates during the release candidates. Summary:

    • Feature: Added info log chat channel. Added new messages notification thing - chat tabs turn white when there's new messages. Propick readings now go into the info log.
    • Feature: Added panning mechanic: Find copper nuggets and other rare goodies by sifting through sand and gravel
    • Feature: Small hacked in fun feature: Creatures that walk up or down blocks now rock back or forth a bit
    • Feature: Added public server listing, added ability to advertise servers on the listing
    • Feature: Added ability to set server name during runtime via /serverconfig name
    • Feature: Added "/time stop" and "/time resume" to stop the calendar without changing the time speed
    • Tweak: Dead harvest-able creatures now also show the interaction help HUD
    • Tweak: Set default sprint key back to CTRL key
    • Tweak: Reduced surface ruins by ~30%, reduced ruined villages by 50%
    • Tweak: Doubled chance for locust nests to spawn
    • Tweak: Significantly reduced animal spawn during worldgen, especially for wolves
    • Tweak: Harvesting carcass now costs 3 durability with the knife
    • Tweak: Increased surface copper deposit size and chance of it spawning surface bits
    • Tweak: Increased clay/peat/soil deposit size by 20%
    • Tweak: Reduced village spawning chance by another 50%
    • Tweak: Slightly more fitting fox death sound
    • Tweak: Snappier sand walk sounds and removed an odd noise spike in sand2.ogg
    • Tweak: Increased surface ore bits commonness by a bit
    • Tweak: Buffed cooked meals, should make you not hungry for 40% longer now
    • Tweak: Major deposit rebalancing
    • Tweak: Removed three debug hotkeys (togglewireframe, lagsimulation, toggleoffsreenrender) because nobody needs those.
    • Tweak: Made fireflies also spawn in slightly colder climates
    • Tweak: Hematite ore yield one extra nugget, Gold ore on less nugget and Tin ore significantly less nuggets
    • Tweak: Updated trader buying/selling lists
    • Tweak: Made the default font color 3% brighter to increase contrast against the background 
    • Tweak: Made loading screen and chat hud background 10% more opaque to increase contrast against the background
    • Tweak: Made chat notifications more transparent to not stand out as much as player chat messages
    • Tweak: Server info chat tab only visible when developer mode i
    • Tweak: Sort public server listing in descending order by player count 
    • Tweak: Changed prospecting pick readout to hopefully be more explicit and intuitive. Made propick readings translatable.
    • Tweak: Some deposit gen numbers tweaked, made pentlandite, fluorite and phosphorite spawn.
    • Tweak: Added creative mode first-launch-help-dialog 
    • Tweak: Worldedit Erode tool now much less noisy
    • Tweak: A Bunch of other minor polishing things.
    • Tweak: Stones now also can go into the mining bag
    • [dozens of bugfixes....]

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