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  • The stormy weathers update (v1.12-pre.1)


    Underchallenged and Overchallenged Vintarians!
    v1.12-pre.1 can now be downloaded through the account manager

    Yet again, this update was the "but now for real seasons" update, but to have seasons it would be seriously nice to also have rain and snow, so I ended up adding that and much more, to a point where you, the community voted on discord 2 to 1 that this should become its own update. On the bright side, we now have a beautiful weather system and I have now a pretty clear plan on how to get the rest of the seasons mechanics into the game for the next update. You'll also discover that the quality of the games ambient has also been pushed much further as well as a rather game changing new survival mechanic that conveys some more of that juicy lore into Vintage Story.

    Please notice
    1. This is a (likely bug-ridden) preview release, mostly intended for modders and very adventorous players. Version 1.12 is not feature complete yet!
    2. New "pre" updates will only be posted in discord #news and not on the blog. A new v1.12 blog post will come when the first release candidate is ready.

    Still planned features for v1.12: (disclaimer: Any amount of them might not make it into v1.12)

    • Optimization pass. The new weather system and fluffy leaves are rather costly. I hope to add a low detail mode or something of the sorts.
    • A special drifter drop during low temporal stability
    • A mannequin to put your armor on
    • A helve hammer to semi-automate smithing
    • Immersive Armor crafting
    • Animated chest lid, double chests
    • Rock boulders, a luminescent block in caves, papyrus root, rotatable containers
    • New drifter models, tool model overhaul, canvas block
    • 1-2 new creatures

    Screenshots, Gifs, Videos

    Completely reworked, location bound weather system. There's now various degrees if wind, snow, rain, hail and other weather effects. Weather impacts various mechanics in the game, such as extinguishing fires.

    Visible impact of wind on the game world, recognizes wind protected rooms

    One of the new precipitation types: Hail

    New cloud formations such as towering cumulonimbus clouds and wavy undulating clouds2019-11-25_14-19-58.thumb.jpg.85b14ab46deccd7bb9ff6b6d108e1b9e.jpg


    Temporal stability mechanic. You now have to watch out for low stability areas and temporal storms. More info on this in rc.1 to avoid spoilers ^_^

    A great many improvements on the games ambient, such as new ambient sounds and new torch visuals

    42 variants of sea shells now spawn on beaches

    Fluffy leaves for all the trees

    Greatly improved the falling block mechanics which now produce avalanche like behavior

    Can now force slabs into having the placed only vertically or horizontally by putting them in the crafting grid to change the placement mode0-slabmode.png.adc5226c7f014f24c7c5cb48b5ed0d1e.png

    Some tools now have a new stylized look. More still to come.

    You now need a fire starter or a torch to ignite a fire pit, whereas the latter is the more reliable option


    Game updates

    • Feature: Massive Weather system rework
      • Weather patterns are now location bound. Deserts will have different weather patterns than for example Jungles
      • Cloud system rework. Added many new cloud patterns, some with special effects, such as undulating clouds
      • Wind system
        • Added 2 wind ambient sounds (one when the player is in a forest and one in a forest-less area)
        • The Plants and Tree leaves swaying intensity now depends on the wind speed
        • The motion of particles Particles is now affected by wind
        • Enclosed rooms block the wind
      • Precipitation system. Various types and intensities of downfall now occur on a regular interval
      • Some weather patterns will now make it rain or hail
      • Cold areas will have snowfall instead of rain, with a fluid transition from rain to snow
      • Added thunder and lightning effects
      • Feature: Weather in-world impact
        • Butterflies now rest during rain
        • Forges, firepits and forges will extinguish when rain, snow or hail falls on them
        • Farmland gets moist during rain
    • Feature: Added temporal stability mechanic
      • The hotbar hud now has a temporal flux meter. Certain areas, especially the deep underground will drain the player of temporal flux. Stable areas slowly recover the players temporal flux
      • Can extract temporal flux with a temporal gear in off hand and knife in active hand then hold right mouse
      • New world config to disable the temporal stability mechanic. Disabled by default in the exploration mode.
      • Added temporal storms. Causes low stability effects every x days.
      • During low stability you will enter the Rust world:
        • When very low, you take regular damage from being in it
        • Drifters do not walk away from the player during daylight
        • Drifters will spawn during daylight
        • Tougher drifters will spawn
        • The minimum spawning distance to the player is reduced to 0
    • Feature: Exhaustive ambient and realism improvements
      • Torch rework: New model, fancier particles, plays sounds when in hands. Now has a burned out block variant.
      • Firepit rework: You now need a fire starter or a torch to ignite it. Spawns fancier fire particles and with a pot inside the fire particles spawn around the pot
      • Tree leaves rework: They are now all fluffy
      • Falling blocks rework: They now spawn a lot of particles, play a sound, has a chance to drag other unstable blocks with it, can fall sideways, sideways falling blocks also push player and other creatures, and unstable soil has a chance to collapse when jumped on. In the wilderness survival mode sand, gravel and soil cannot be stacked vertically.
      • Felling tree improvements: Felling a tree now plays a sound and spawns a bunch of falling leaves
      • Forge rework: Added burning ember ambient sounds and the forges burn time is now calendar based (i.e. sleeping will make it go out rather quickly). This should also fix sync some oddities in multiplayer.
      • Still water ambient sound
      • Added seashells: Spawn on beaches. Can be ground into lime. Comes in 42 variations.
      • Tool models rework: Several tools now have a new stylized look
      • The chest now has a new model
    • Feature: New tool: Cleaver. Can be used reliably 1 hit kill domesticated animals starting from their 3rd generation
    • Feature: A number of bugfixes that allows increased world sizes. And now create worlds of size 32x32 mil, although there's a few minor glitches left to fix at this size
    • Feature: Reduced RAM usage by 10-60% (Technical info: Empty chunks are now determined server side, hence may never need to get decompressed. Tall superflat worlds are mostly empty chunks, so these benefit the most from this change)
    • Feature: Can now put slabs in the crafting grid to change their placement mode (Auto, Forced horizontal, forced vertical)
    • Tweak: Hyena chase and flee speed is now doubled
    • Tweak: Holding space while swimming should no longer jitter now
    • Tweak: Improved/Fixed the ambient particles (fireflies, summer dust, in water dust)
    • Tweak: Updated to official OpenTK 3.1. Should fix Issue #174 (Win32Exception)
    • Tweak: Added some info on the plumb and square to the handbook
    • Tweak: Added /debug netbench to benchmark server side networking
    • Tweak: Worldmap hotkeys are no longer shown in the controls menu in a wilderness survival game
    • Tweak: The fuel in hot firepits with an empty input slot now last 3 times longer
    • Tweak: Sleeping animals that are getting damaged now wake up for a while
    • Fixed: Game crashing when placing/removing planks from a plank pile
    • Fixed: Half of the music tracks of the game never played
    • Fixed: Game crashing on empty custom network packets
    • Fixed: Sun texture sometimes glitching out
    • Fixed: Might fix charcoal pits burning down if they are placed at the intersection of chunks
    • Fixed: Should fix thick outlines on the knapping surface when the chunk wireframe is enabled

    API Updates

    • Feature: Added capi.Event.RegisterAsyncParticleSpawner(ContinousParticleSpawnTaskDelegate handler) for asynchronous particle spawning
    • Feature: Added --tracelog trace logging commandline switch. Useful for mod development with visual studio. Lets you delete the RedirectLogs.cs
    • Feature: Added callback block.OnJsonTesselation(MeshData sourceMesh, BlockPos pos, int[] chunkExtIds, int extIndex3d)
    • Refactor: Blocktype json particle system: Renamed glowLevel to vertexFlags
    • Refactor: Many of the particle property fields were camel cased, now they start with an upper case letter
    • Refactor: capi.Render.ShakeCamera() is now capi.Render.AddCameraShake()
    • Refactor: In the block class
        bool OnTryIgniteBlock(EntityAgent byEntity, BlockPos pos, float secondsIgniting, ref EnumHandling handling)
          EnumIgniteState OnTryIgniteBlock(EntityAgent byEntity, BlockPos pos, float secondsIgniting)
    • Tweak: Dropped obfuscation on ClientPlatform code (~5k LoC)
    • Tweak: New BlockBehavior callbacks: OnBeforeRender(), OnCreatedByCrafting() and GetHeldBlockInfo()
    • Tweak: New event: OnEntityDeath
    • Tweak: New server event: OnTrySpawnEntity
    • Tweak: Better logging during mod loading
    • Tweak: api.ModerLoader.GetModSystem<>() no longer returns a reference for disabled mods
    • Tweak: Ability to animate the off hand item in code by setting controls.LeftUsingHeldItemTransformBefore
    • Fixed: Source mods crash upon load when they referenced other mods
    • Fixed: Collision and Selectionboxes where limited to 1/16th of a cube, now increased to 1/1000th. Also .bsedit was glitchy when using fractional numbers
    • Fixed: Game crashing when more than 4000 items were registered

    Edited by Tyron


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