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  • The Story and Loot Update (v1.5.3)


    Looty Vintarians
    Version 1.5.3, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    Ugh, 2 months since the last major update. In April the gardening season started and the sunny weather compelled me to spend most of my time outside and taking a break from programming in general. I've been programming almost non-stop over the winter and so I suppose this break was my compensation for that ^_^ 

    I might make a post on our garden and gardening methods in offtopic somewhen. Either way, it's gotten rainy again and most of the empty garden space now has something growing in it, so back to being somewhat more programmy! 

    I'm happy to report that we finally got something story-like in the game. And a few more fun features to encourage exploration. The changes list has become quite huge again. Check it out!

    Pretty Pictures

    More and more random loot in underground ruins

    New and updated ruins

    Story elements found in underground ruins can now be added to an ingame journal and looked up at2018-05-18_19-36-17.thumb.png.5bda001a134a8331bb685eb81bcae2e4.png

    Greatly increased outfit variety

    There is now an 'Open To Lan' option when starting a singleplayer world, which allows other players to join you in your local network (or internet if port forwarding is set up)

    New blocks: Torch holders, jonas gears and wood typed fences and fence gates

    Teleporters! A creative mode only block. Helpful for server owners to connect cities.2018-05-18_18-57-57.thumb.png.49abd345339f766a98a84d24d84943fa.png

    Microblock chiseling! The chisel tool is currently also a creative mode only tool2018-05-18_19-43-34.thumb.png.f6fd3d635ecd2f6c67f2e00564ad3c96.png

    Full Game updates list

    • Feature: Ingame Lore and Journal
      • Can collect Lore pieces that are rarely found in ruins
      • Right clicking a lore piece add it's to the journal accessible via the key 'J'
    • Feature: Buried treasure You can now rest assured that there is infinitesimal chance to find treasure while digging around randomly :D 
    • Feature: 10 new sets of seraph outfits 
      • Fancy wear by Balduranne
      • Can only be found occasionally in ruins
    • Feature: Richer Ruins
      • In addition to new outfits and story pieces ruins now have more in them which also are randomized more greatly
      • Added collapsed chests from which you can only take items but not put any
      • Several new ruins and updated old ones with new blocks
    • Feature: Rusty Jonas Gears
      • Can be found in ruins and buried treasure
      • Will be acting as currency in future updates, so make sure to collect them :P
    • Feature: Lava is dangerous now
      • Now damages all creatures touching it
      • Has a yellow ambient when being submerged in it
    • Feature: Teleporter
      • Creative mode only block
      • Can be used to connect 2 places in the world with teleporting capability. Once placed it can also be used by survival players.
      • Easy to configure via ingame gui
    • Feature: Open To LAN
      • Singleplayer worlds can now be turned into multiplayer sessions with a "Open TO LAN" button, which allows other players on the LAN to connect to you (or through internet with port forwarding). 
      • Can also use the command /allowlan [1|0] to enable/disable it
    • Feature: Microblock Chiseling
      • A creative mode only feature for now
      • Right click with a chisel in hands on solid full blocks (i.e. planks or rock) and start chipping away
      • Hit 'F' to select a bigger brush or to rotate the model
      • Hit middle mouse click to duplicate the model
      • Can also be placed in masses by worldedit!
    • Feature: Wood type fences also they connect properly to fence gates now. Also double fence gates!
    • Feature: Torch holders 
      • Can place torches inside which will never burn out while inside the torch holder
      • Recipe is 2 brass sheets on top of each other
    • Feature: Creative Mode / WorldEdit updates
      • Paintbrush now can have a cutout brush inside the normal brush to make hollow shapes
      • Removed Paintbrush mode "Replace top layer" it is now replaced with a depth limit field, so any amount of top layers can be replaced now
      • The erode tool now will use the blocks beneath the eroded blocks, old behavior can be attained by setting /we tusb 1
      • Fixed tool offset mode "Attach" not correctly applied in various cases
      • Creative inventory now shows 10x9 slots instead of 10x7
      • Player no longer receives torch and bread for creative playstyle worlds
      • Added command /we mex [filename] c to export a schematic and copy some text into your clipboard for you to save a macro into a text file for convenient re-exporting.
    • Feature: Wild crops now grow slowly 
    • Feature: Added double fence gates
    • Feature: Right clicking a dress piece now equips it
    • Feature: Growing grass blocks now also grow tall grass on them. Grass blocks lacking sunlight now turn to soil blocks.
    • Feature: Can now also toggle fullscreen mode in the graphics settings
    • Tweak: /genbackup is now executed in a background thread and thus no longer lags the server while it is running.
    • Tweak: Added subcommand /tp player x y z
    • Tweak: Major memory management improvements, may help with the memory leak issues that start to become apparent after several hours of gameplay
    • Tweak: Increased chance of broken skeps spawning bees to 40%
    • Fixed: Beemob sounds not following the beemmob
    • Fixed: Held items in third person now can also glow
    • Fixed: Burning doors leaving behind ever burning fire
    • Fixed: Placing Fences deleting blocks that it shouldn't
    • Fixed: Placed meta blocks fading in and out 
    • Fixed: Rotating schematics with vertical slabs in them not rotating properly
    • Fixed: Server loosing randomness over time
    • Fixed: Ladders not place-able if the player is standing on the target block
    • Fixed: Incorrect damage values on obsidian spear
    • Fixed: Rare visual glitch where black streaks appear on the screen
    • Fixed: Rare client crash
    • Fixed: Game not launching on mac os
    • Fixed: Loose stones and flint placeable in mid-air
    • Fixed: Creatures not spawning in tall grass
    • Fixed: PvP death message incorrect
    • Fixed: Growing Bamboo replacing blocks that it shouldn't
    • Fixed: Vertical slab torch/sign attachment flipped
    • Fixed: Several issues with duplicate ghost players on the client and server side only creatures after teleporting
    • Fixed: Changing your outfit was not visible to other players in mutliplayer until the player rejoined

    API/Modding Updates

    • Feature: Added loot randomizer items for mapmaking
    • Feature: Moved mesh data pool system to the api for mesh pooling (go bug tyron if that is a feature you could need)
    • Feature: Added method block.CanCreatureSpawnOn(), added blocktype json property AllowSpawnCreatureGroups
    • Feature: Added block behavior BlockBehaviorLiquidContainer that you can extend from to have custom filling/emptying behavior with vanilla water buckets
    • Feature: Added IServerConfig interface to the server api to have access to the servers configuration 
    • Tweak: Renamed ModSet to just Mod and ModBase to ModSystem to get rid of the confusion of what is a "mod"
    • Tweak: Major modinfo.json changes
      • Changed ModInfo and added ModDependency, changing the modinfo.json format
      • Added ModInfoAttribute and ModDependencyAttribute for pure code mods (example usage)
      • Added ProperVersion project, a SemVer implementation
      • Improved ModInfo, version and dependency checking
      • Documentation/Logging improvements
    • Tweak: Improved json patch error logging
    • Tweak: Renamed api.Render.WindowWidth/Height to api.Render.FrameWidth/Height
    • Tweak: blockAccessor.SetBlock() now takes a third argument for the itemstack to be passed onto block.OnBlockPlaced(). This can be used to pass on custom data to block entities.
    • Tweak: Added sidetype property to json patches
    • Fixed: Applying multiple json patches on the same file only applying the latest one
    • Fixed: Modloader crashing if a patch is an add/replace op and its value is not set or misspelled
    • Fixed: Blockloader crashing if an item/block with duplicate code has been loaded
    • Fixed: Reloading shaders not printing error if a mod shader has errors
    • Fixed: Mods not loading if there were compilation warnings
    • Fixed: Game crashing if a mod is missing modinfo.json
    • Fixed: Game crashing if a mod is missing the asset folder

    Edited by Tyron


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