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  • The unglowy particles hotfix (v1.7.1)


    Version 1.7.1, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    Version 1.7.0 was literally unplayable because particles stopped glowing, so I had to make this emergency update :P
    Other than that, it contains only minor fixes/adjustments and a fix for one very elusive rare multiplayer server deadlock. Gotta catch 'em all. 


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added crafting recipe to turn hay blocks back into 6 dry grass
    • Tweak: Sign texts now updates as you type
    • Tweak: Honey bowls can now also be emptied/filled through the cooking pot
    • Tweak: Made all wood based blocks play the planks sound upon hitting/breaking it
    • Tweak: Soil recovers fertility 50% slower
    • Tweak: Added itemstack info for troughs
    • Fixed: Rare server deadlock upon player join
    • Fixed: Dropped items rotating mid-air when the game is paused 
    • Fixed: Typos in pro pick texts
    • Fixed: Low to decent chance of fixing lake and rivulet world generation issues
    • Fixed: Decent chance of fixing left-mouse item-distribute messing up when done too fast
    • Fixed: Other players in multiplayer forever stuck in death anim loop upon death
    • Fixed: Bed not unmounting players upon death
    • Fixed: Cube particles not glowing anymore
    • Fixed: Leaves from grown saplings deleting its own logs/bamboo stakes
    • Fixed: Sign block placeable sound playing when trying to place a sign on a wall twice
    • Fixed: Able to place clay forming surfaces on top of non solid surfaces
    • Fixed: Using tree gen tool did not remove the placed block
    • Fixed: Missing bracers icon in the character dialog
    • Fixed: Removed useless Left/Right buttons for gloves during the create character dialog
    • Fixed: "/gamemode survival" did not reset the movespeed to 1
    • Fixed: Shears fp hand transform
    • Fixed: Wrong block breaking particle color and map color for troughs 
    • Fixed: Pouring honey into a bucket also makes the player attempt to eat the honey
    • Fixed: Spam hovering over buttons plays the button sound for several seconds
    • Fixed: Copy&Paste weirdness. Pasting text into the game now filters the utf8-bom 
    • Fixed: Adding removing mods while the game runs does not update the scrollbar height on the mod manager screen

    Mod API Updates

    • Tweak: Arm slot dress pieces now has highest draw order priority 
    • Fixed: Game crashing when it encounters 2 mods with the same mod id

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