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  • v1.17.12 & v1.18.0-rc.7&rc.8 Lore Update: The Resonance Archives


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.0-rc.7, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    [Edit:] Also released rc.8 to fix up a startup issue as well as the Resonance Archives occasionally generating underwater


    More bugs fixed. Stable release even Sooner™

    We are happy to report that you should now be able to play v1.18 on old worlds (worlds created in v1.17 or earlier) without too much sacrifice. To have the main story event in your old world, you do however need to run 2 commands by hand - see below.

    We have addressed two very long-standing bugs, one with dark chunks seen sometimes in the world and one with the land claiming system where players could walk through claimed doors with various tricks - this should no longer be possible, but has the potential to introduce new issues - please let us know if that's the case. Thanks!

    We have also simultaneously released a 1.17.12 version with the specific fixes below, to ease the process of servers updating from 1.17 to 1.18. Servers with existing maps now have the choice: export player claims and create a fresh map with all the 1.18 features, or retain the existing world and add the main story event to it at a suitably-chosen location (but in that case it will not have other 1.18 features including the new terrain and updated ruins etc., except in newly generated regions of the world)

    Screenshot by Cosmic Redshift#7238, shared on Discord

    Game updates 1.17.12

    • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to connect to a password protected server without password
    • Tweak: Backported land claim downloading from 1.18. Accessible via
      • /wec downloadclaim [index]  - download to the player's data folder. Note: In 1.18 the same command is "/land claim download"
      • /wec exportclaim [index]  - save to game server data folder. Note: In 1.18 the same command is "/land claim export"

              Note for this to succeed in 1.17.12, the claimed chunks need to be currently loaded, therefore it is best to travel to each claimed region before running this command.


    Game updates 1.18.0-rc.7

    • Feature: Items from the new clothing sets can now be found in ruins
    • Feature: Added  /land claim export  to allow players on multiplayer servers to export their claim to be saved on the server. Disabled by default, requires privilege "exportclaims" to run. It is up to server owners to determine what to do with these exports - they are in the server data folder. Useful for migrating to a 1.18 world via worldedit.
    • Feature: Added ability for players to generate the main story event from 1.18 - the Resonance Archives - at a chosen location through commands. This is for players and server owners that would like to have the main story event also in their old worlds. Instructions:
        1. Find a suitable location where there are no chunks that you want to keep, in a large area around
        2. Look at a block for the desired center location. Run command  /setstorystrucpos resonancearchive l[]
        3. Then standing at the same center location, use either command  /wgen regen 6  to generate the terrain on even ground, which might expose parts of the structure on the world surface in some instances, or use command  /wgen regenf 7  to generate hilly terrain which will better cover the full extent of the Resonance Archives, but might create some chunk borders.
    • Tweak: Continue work on new gadgetry. Added some initial game juice to the base return teleporter and made it 1-time use, the Rift ward is now grid-craftable, fixed night vision device no longer working, fixed temporal gears adding only 1 hour of fuel.
    • Tweak: Made sand storms a bit less common
    • Tweak: Added command  /wgen regenf  to also regenerate mapregions (/wgen regen  no longer does that)
    • Tweak: Added lots of missing translation entries
    • Tweak: Worldgen errors are now logged to a separate, permanent log file, server-worldgen.txt for later inspection
    • Fixed: One major cause of dark chunks (technical detail: fully dark chunks could result from errors (code exceptions) in worldgen in any of the worldgen passes before lighting is reached; now the world generator will normally attempt to continue with later passes including the lighting pass, while logging the error to new log file server-worldgen)
    • Fixed: Can no longer walk through claimed doors (technical info: Land claiming / Privilege testing when breaking, placing or using blocks is now synchronized to client)
    • Fixed: Work items displayed in the handbook were invisible and a source of lag
    • Fixed: Improved ruin generation system
      • Revert 1.18.0-rc.6 change that trader caravans could generate in slightly more places since that lets them end up with wheels in more weird places
      • Structures placed by worldgen now accurately use local grass/soil/sand/gravel
      • Sometimes ruins could be placed overlapping near the edges of mapregions, this should no longer occur
      • Underground schematics which included water were sometimes filled with stone in place of the water
      • Rivulets (waterfalls) can no longer generate in 1-thickness stone ceilings including the roofs of ruins
      • Ground storage items, wall leaning tools, and interactable bookshelves should now rotate properly
      • Api Feature: Structures (in structures.json) can now have suppressTrees and suppressWaterfalls bool settings: these prevent the stated worldgen feature from being able to spawn anywhere within the structure's bounding box (trees includes shrubs)
    • Fixed: Various rare crashes (technical info: a rare chunkdbthread crash when 3rd party mods attempt to store data, crash when taking Boiling water with a bucket, random ChunkDataLayer.GetGeneralCase null reference due to a rare race condition during palette compaction; on multiplayer servers EntitySimulation.SendEntitySpawns log spam if the connected client had no entityPlayer; BehaviorDoor accesssing GetLiquidBarrierOnSide during worldgen; BEGroundStorage attach block to side when no StorageProps set)
    • Fixed: Earthball mushroom picked item texture incorrect
    • Fixed: Water lilies blocking specular reflection
    • Fixed: Polar bears spawning on mountains
    • Fixed: 4th slice of pie not stacking
    • Fixed: Mushroom stew in pot invisible
    • Fixed: Should address damage taken from inserting a temporal gear absorbed by armor
    • 1.18 related changes
      • Tweak: Updated community translations
      • Fixed: Floating snow on top of support beams
      • Fixed: 1.18 doors are now lockable again, in multiplayer. Thanks to @NoelleLavenza :)
      • Fixed: Ground storage pickup sound gone
      • Fixed: /land free X confirm not working
      • Fixed: /serverconfig setspawnhere not working
      • Fixed: Crafting recipe output quantity in the handbook wrong
      • Fixed: Chiseled blocks in inventory were invisible
      • Fixed: Gas lamps were named "Luminescent jonas lamp"
      • Fixed: /player name privilege  command no longer allowing use of custom privilege codes
      • Fixed: Reso archive map not giving marking location on map on multiplayer


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