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  • v1.18.0-rc.6 Lore Update: The Resonance Archives


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.0-rc.6, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    More bugs fixed. Stable release very Soon™
    This release includes some optimizations to reduce lag spikes in some areas of the game, which we'd like to test before stable. Also 1.18 had a major impacting on Vintagehosting, due to another performance issue which should be addressed with this one.

    Screenshot by Mercatto#6367

    Game updates

    • Tweak: (Experimental) Trader caravans can now generate in slightly more places (more tolerant towards non-flat terrain) - this is reverted in v1.18.0-rc.7, it tended to put wheels into hillsides
    • Tweak: Mitigated a few sources of lag spikes on client and server (Technical info: Reduced lock contention, removed some unnecessary bits of code)
    • Api Tweak: Added guid field to Waypoints
    • Api Fixed: Renamed container property "transitionSpeedMulByType" to simply "transitionSpeedMul" which should make it work as intended
    • 1.18 related changes
      • Tweak/Fixes: Various fine tuning on the main story event
      • Fixed: Server-side exception when a user tries to break blocks without breaking permissions
      • Fixed: Major server-side performance issue on high end hardware that runs many active servers (Technical info: Game server was spinning up waaaay too many threads on high core cpus)
      • Fixed: Trader caravans, occasional chest and storage vessel placement outside the caravan (1.18-rc1+ issue)
      • Fixed: Should fix metal blocks from 1.17 not remapped correctly to 1.18 metal blocks
      • Api Fixed: Unable to properly format translatable TextCommandResult messages


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