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  • v1.18.11/12/13 - Leaky world reload plug


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.11/12/13, a stable release, can now be downloaded in the client area.

    In one of the recent updates we seem to have broken the Windows auto-updater. This version fixes this, but you still will need to update to 1.18.11 manually through the client area. It also fixes a large memory leak in single player when you leave and reopen worlds without restarting the game.

    [Edit:] Also released 1.18.12 to fix a missing translation entry and also add a new "Direct Mouse Mode" settings for those with mouse speed issues. Also the Windows installer no longer requires admin privileges.
    [Edit:] Also released 1.18.13 to fix 2 bugs with the Windows installer

    Screenshot by Jet, shared in #screenshots on Discord


    Game updates

    • Feature: New "Direct Mouse Mode" setting in the mouse settings, off by default.  Switch it on for 1:1 mouse mapping which should by-pass any OS mouse acceleration and speed settings. The effects will vary from system to system depending on how your mouse is set up in your OS for non-gaming use.
    • Fixed: The in-game auto-update from game version 1.18.9 was becoming stuck on Windows
    • Fixed: Very large memory leak when leaving and reopening single player worlds without restarting the game
    • Fixed: Wooden club and spear link not clickable in the Starter Guide
    • Fixed: Creature "Dave" always visible on max view distance and leg movement not in sync
    • Fixed: Removed "experimental voice" hover text in the Create Character dialog, as these voices are no longer experimental!
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