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  • v1.18.4/1.18.5 Security patch, further server perf tweaks


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.4&5, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    [Edit:] Also released 1.18.5 to fix issues isolated to some players.

    Dear players, please update to this version, it fixes a number of issues in 1.18.3.

    Multiplayer games:  There is a server privileges security issue in 1.18.3 (and earlier game versions) which can affect especially the admins and other staff of multiplayer servers. It will not affect anything outside the multiplayer game and so far we have not gotten reports that this security issue has actually been abused by anyone, but even so we now advise everyone playing multiplayer to update to 1.18.5.  Will tell more info about the issue in a couple of days.  Note: a 1.18.5 client will require a 1.18.5 server to connect to.

    Screenshot by Mercatto#6367

    Game updates

    • v1.18.5
      • Tweak: Improve server connect failure message when connecting to a v1.18.3 server or older
      • Fixed: Occasional berry bush crashes on the client, in 1.18.4
      • Fixed: /serverconfig MaxChunkRadius and certain other config commands not working in 1.18.4 (reports a hosted mode error)
    • v1.18.4 and 1.18.5:
    • Tweak: Barrel HUD info better formatted
    • Tweak: More performance improvements, mainly affecting server performance for each game tick
      • Greatly improve chest, crate, storage jar, barrel and other containers (details: skip perishable checks on empty containers or containers holding only non-perishables, retrieve climate data only once per container instead of once per contents item)
      • Improve WeatherSystem updates
      • Improve BEBerryBush (details: cache a number of block attribute values)
      • Improve BEFarmland slightly
      • Fruit tree ticking substantially faster (especially at chunk-loading)
      • For 1000+ dropped items, items go into a dormant state unless a player is nearby (you may notice distant items being a bit "sleepy" if many items have been dropped)
      • Improve entitypartitioning
      • Improve entityspawner: now better especially for butterflies (faster rejection of unsuitable spawn blocks: butterflies like flowers!)
      • Entity physics: improve trigger-insideblock
      • Entity physics: improve locomotors (skip some player-specific code for non-player creatures)
    • Tweak: Fruit trees in Dormant state can tolerate 3 degrees more cold without dying
    • Tweak: Peach trees fruit slightly earlier (normally between cherry and pear)
    • Tweak: Instead of always being "low" weight or full weight, newly spawned wild creatures spawn with random weight, usually "decent" weight then adjusted for one week worth of potential hunger so typically "low" weight in winter/arctic regions
    • Tweak: Updated community translations
    • Tweak: Attempt to resolve player ghosting issue in multiplayer, or at least provide warnings in client log to help track this issue
    • Tweak: Add more debug tools for ticking blocks / grass growth to debug issues with grass not growing
    • Fixed: Barrel HUD info with rot or other non-liquid contents always showed as Empty in 1.18.3
    • Fixed: Barrel now correctly redrawn on client as unsealed as soon as the sealed period finishes
    • Fixed: Items dropped by the player on death did not always have the correct timer as set in droppedItemsOnDeathTimer, until the chunk was unloaded and reloaded
    • Fixed: Dropped cattails and other floating items drift sideways in water in 1.18.2 and 1.18.3
    • Fixed: Players not taking damage from standing in fire in 1.18.3
    • Fixed: Writing to books and parchment could crash the game when cursor moved right when already at the end of the last page
    • Fixed: Books duplicating newlines when additional text pasted
    • Fixed: Coke oven door losing its lock and reinforcement, if opened/closed
    • Fixed: Torch holder losing reinforcement, if a torch is added or removed
    • Fixed: Blocks generally losing reinforcement, if water flowed through them
    • Fixed: Very rare crash when creating coal pile or charcoal pile rapidly
    • Fixed: Linux: run.sh not getting executed on some Linux distros without running the script inside a shell
    • Fixed: Linux: Move mesa_glthread to the install.sh and prompt if the user wants to enable it
    • Fixed: Rare crash in /player role command and certain other commands instead of an error response in chat
    • Fixed: When using tutorial sub commands without a selected tutorial it crashed the game
    • Fixed: Phantom errors being reported after Cancel / Force Quit button pressed during game startup, for example "Mods must not get assets before AssetsLoaded stage" error
    • Fixed: Crash when running .blockitempngexport for certain new clutter items
    • Fixed: When building beams and the build was cancelled due to not enough beams it would overwrite the initial block with a empty beam block
    • Fixed: Replaceable blocks are not replaced by a beam (like grass)
    • Fixed: Damage log, death messages and killed-by info now show the player name instead of the projectile like for example throwable stone or by creature
    • Fixed: Fancy bed opened/closed appearance now the correct way round
    • Fixed: Mushroom soup and stew no longer invisible in bowls and cooking pots, and mushroom ingredients named correctly
    • Fixed: Obscure bug where farmland moisture levels did not always reflect recent rainfall



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