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  • v1.18.6 Stable security patch


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.6, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    Hopefully the last release for 1.18.x unless something is critical enough to fix.

    Optionally, a .NET 7.0 build of this version is also available on info.vintagestory.at. It offers better and smoother performance and - in the vanilla game - no disadvantages that we are aware of.  If you play a modded game, a very small number of the available mods for 1.18.6 will currently not load in the .NET 7.0 version, try your favourite mods and see! Gameplay in single player and multiplayer is identical between the .NET 7.0 build and the regular stable release. There are micro-differences in startup and shutdown which are hardly noticeable, for example in the way that it switches in and out of fullscreen mode.
    Modders: if your mod is coded and uses any GUI, please see the API Tweak mentioned below, this should help you to create a 1.18.6 version of your mod which works in the same way under both stable and .NET 7.0 releases.

    In future, we plan for upcoming 1.19.x and later versions of Vintage Story to be released in .NET 7.0 only, so this .NET 7.0 build can be seen as a sneak preview of that!
    As a reminder, .NET is the software framework that players must have installed to run the game. Its latest incarnation, .NET 7.0, provides us with noticeable performance and stability gains for the game. Our .NET 7.0 page provides a link where you can download .NET 7.0 from Microsoft if you don't have it already. NET 7.0 also greatly helps Mac and Linux compatibility, we are pleased to see large performance benefits on Linux, and we are working on getting back to the game being fully playable on Mac OS as well.

    As for 1.19 - we still plan that one to be focused on De-jank. That means finishing up some loose ends, adding a few small new features and one major new feature (which will be a surprise!), as well as reworking a few of the not yet optimally designed mechanics. Stay tuned!


    Screenshot by alostgrue, shared in #screenshots on Discord

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Updated community translations
    • Tweak: Added a number of missing translation entries
    • Fixed: Avoid a rift ward crash
    • Fixed: Sign/Label typing oddities (text didnt autobreak)
    • Fixed: Using 1-click mod install while a game world is loaded caused undefined behavior. Now gracefully exits the game world first.


    Also includes all the fixes from 1.18.6-rc.1 and 1.18.6-rc.2:

    • Tweak: Polar bears now cannot climb, but can swim faster than other bears
    • Tweak: Polar bears visually lower in the water when swimming
    • Tweak: (cosmetic) Bear respiratory rate slower when sleeping, sitting or standing still, depending on size of bear
    • Tweak: Handbook display of baking result now shows "(in oven)" not "(in firepit)"Tweak: Additional optional parameter for command /debug logticks to include off-thread data in results
    • Tweak: Changed command /entity cmd [selector] wipeall to /entity wipeall as it does not require a selector
    • Tweak: v1.18.5 had fixed the server privileges escalation issue only by ~90%. This version should be 100% secure now on that aspect. 1.18.6 clients require servers to be on 1.18.6 as well. (Technical info: Completely reworked client<->server handshake)
    • Tweak: Added capability to disable player-2-player collisions (/worldconfigcreate bool player2PlayerCollisions false)
    • Tweak: Added frameprofiling capability for server threads to help find a performance leak likely in one of the threads. Add command /debug threadpoolstate
    • Fixed: Crocks, bowls, and other food containers were losing cellar protection if picked up in 1.18.5
    • Fixed: Stone, wood and brick slabs placed vertically adjacent to snow could show Unknown (?) texture
    • Fixed: Bears stuck in running animation forever (when chasing a creature which is in a hole the bear cannot fit into)
    • Fixed: Electrum plate could not be smithed
    • Fixed: Drifter drops are no longer affected by weight; drifter info no longer shows Low Weight (or any weight at all!) - so you should generally now receive more loot (on average) from killing drifters
    • Fixed: Bees not being aggressive since 1.18.2
    • Fixed: Night Vision Mask duplication by putting in more then one gear as fuel
    • Fixed: Decor blocks and also sometimes entities (armor stands etc.) were missing from any structures rotated by worldgen prior to placement
    • Fixed: Axe breaking while felling a tree left floating leaves
    • Fixed: Bucket with alcohol portion showing up in handbook
    • Fixed: Player in bed rotation being backwards
    • Fixed: Raft animations getting broken when pressing too many keys
    • Fixed: Metal parts not centered in GUI
    • Fixed: When unmounting a mountable (raft/bed) placed by someone else, the server did not unmount the using player, when seen by others
    • Fixed: It was possible to read coordinates in other ways in games with worldmap disabled
    • Fixed: Prospecting Pick results (and other chat window output localised to the individual player) are now shown in English if the player's own language is missing the translation
    • Fixed: Extended picking range when mouse is not grabbed (thanks to @noelle-lavenza) [details: Github issue #42]
    • Fixed: Log spam from EntityPhysics after a mod caused an exception in called entity code (for example, if an entity died during physics ticking due to walking into fire or lava, and a mod could not interpret that death reason)
    • Fixed: Rare crash in Clay Oven
    • Fixed: /land claim grant|revoke crashing the game if the claim had not yet been loaded
    • Fixed: Rare client crash in CullVisibleFacesWithDecor due to multithreading
    • Fixed: /wgen testmap rockstrata not working
    • API Tweak: Deprecate methods in GuiElement with Bitmap parameters, please use equivalent overloads with BitmapExternal  (this helps to prepare your mod for .NET 7.0, so that re-coding a mod for .NET 7.0 may then not be necessary: note that System.Drawing.Bitmap does not exist in .NET 7.0)
    • API Feature: IServerAPI.AddServerThread() allows mods to create ServerThreads: advantages are that thread pause, shutdown and tick profiling are managed by the server
    • API Tweak: IContainedMeshSource can now return a null mesh to ask the caller to make a default mesh instead; and the container block may be smarter about drawing the textures of IContainedMeshSource items (needs testing!)
    • API Fixed: Some icons no longer centered in GUI dropdown (#2645)
    • API Fixed: Game could crash if a mod uses OnTestBlockAccess with any result other than Granted (Github issue #2761)

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