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  • v1.18.7 - That'll buff it out


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.7, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    This update contains a number of high priority fixes that make another 1.18 release worthwhile.

    Anego Studios Status update
    After the hectic release of 1.18 most off us went off the gas pedal, took some time off to recharge and enjoy the summer days. Most of the team has now returned from their holidays and activity is picking up again. As for me personally, there are a number of loose ends that I need to tie up before I can fully focus on actual game content again. I started on some updates on our model creator so that our artists can work to the best of their abilities, as well as some improvements to our world edit commands for Elvas, our builder. At the same time th3Dilli is finishing up the .net7 version of the game and so we are looking into perhaps making the plunge to .net7 as a minor update to 1.18. The release is however tightly coupled to also supporting .net7 on our Vintagehosting servers which is now in testing phase, while (again) at the same time we are in the final phases having principal mod support for Vintagehosting, which also requires a couple of updates on the game client for convenient mod management.

    On another front I am currently attempting to delegate more work that I have been doing so far, which is also a time intensive process. The first step in that direction was to promote Vallen to community manager and disabling my direct messages on discord, as about 50% of all DMs were things that can be handled via support tickets. I'm also looking into handing over development of Vintagehosting as well as a potential rewrite of the model creator. Redram has been churning out some very interesting mechanical power and animal models, but we don't know yet into which release those will go. Radfast has embarked on a grand journey deep into the game engine code, possibly never to be seen again 😂. Should he re-emerge on the other side then the game engine will have an epic new feature that I shall not disclose for now 😛
    Elvas is currently doing a full rework on our existing surface ruins, but I also cannot tell when that will make it into the game - soon or later for sure :D

    The next story event is in planning phase as well, I personally hope we can prepare some of it already as part of the 1.19 update - we still need to figure out what to prioritize, as we already have a gigantic list of things we would want to address as part of a dejank update.

    And lastly, most of the team, including myself, will meet for the first time in real life in London this October. We'll also take a peek at the EGX Event that happens around that time, and we'll likely also invite every one of you to come say hello. More information on that later. While taking quite some time organize, I believe it will greatly benefit us in the long term.

    In short, lots of things happening!

    Screenshot by Ave_Maria, shared in #screenshots on Discord

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Can now eat honey comb directly
    • Tweak: Added logging to identify issue with missing textures on toolracks
    • Tweak: Show all processes on Linux and Mac too with /debug threadpoolstate
    • Fixed: Completely broken visuals on some items stored on the ground, such as shoes
    • Fixed: Block ticking not working at all in some cases in large worlds
    • Fixed: Do not spawn massive amounts of threads during worldgen on CPUs with high core count. Should fix high cpu usage on CPUs with 20+ cores (and my game servers running at the same time)
    • Fixed: .reload textures command not working and producing invisible chunks on redraw
    • Fixed: Farmland had incorrect moisture level calculation from rainfall (thanks Amzd!)
    • Fixed: Game server freezing completely on certain chunks from old savegames
    • Fixed: Landform scale world config missing translation entries and using wrong default values
    • Fixed: Able to build a coke oven from any material
    • Fixed: Copying positions to clipboard should be disallowed if allowCoordinateHud is off and not with allowMap being off
    • Fixed: /time add command result message only returning invalid language key
    • Fixed: Coal burning only in layers (2 items) instead of per single coal
    • Fixed: When only one coal was left in a coal pile you could not pick it up
    • Fixed: .charsel leaving changed class on the client side if the player did not have permission to change it in the first place
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