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  • v1.18.8 - net7 migration completed


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.8, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    As mentioned in the previous devlog post we are migrating from the .net4 to the .net7 framework. It was a half year long parallel project that is now finally ready. Thank you to everyone who tested our net7 testing releases, that was immensely helpful!

    Screenshot by ElvisAlligator, shared in #screenshots on Discord

    Game updates (compared to 1.18.7)

    • Changes in 1.18.8.rc.1
      • Feature: VS now runs under the .net7 framework, improving overall performance
      • Feature: added option to set the window to be always on top (useful for multi-monitor setups with the net7 versions of the game)
      • Tweak: server.sh for Linux servers: Fixed check for requirements and use the net7 dotnet binary to not require DOTNET_ROOT to be set to start the server
      • Fixed: RiftWard stuck in off state when turned off and the world was reloaded (thanks Eugene [Discord] and korobya [PR #21])
    • Changes since 1.18.8-rc.1
      • Fixed: Able to refuel the terminus teleporter by breaking and placing it (thanks korobya)
      • Fixed: Able to freely transport boiling water from hotsprings. Will now turn into normal water instead.
      • Fixed: Should fix water not rendering on AMD cards with dynamic shadows disabled


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