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  • v1.19.0 Dejank Redux - Stable!


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    And just like that, we conclude the 9 months long development of 1.19, with over 500 individual features, tweaks and fixes! As always, we are immensely grateful to everyone that play-tested our unstable and preview builds and provided feedback to us. We hope you will enjoy this update! ūüíö

    "Windows protected your PC"
    When installing 1.19.0 on Windows, Windows Defender Smartscreen might raise a warning when you run the installer and you will have to click "More info" and then "Run anyway" to proceed. There is nothing we can do on our end to address this, unfortunately. It seems the 1.19 install files need to build enough reputation for Microsoft to be recognized as safe.

    Apple Mac version
    Similar to the issues on Windows, on first run of vintagestory.app on macOS you need to Open it and confirm to proceed - see macOS Installation Guide on the Wiki. Talking of which, we have made significant strides into improving support for macOS - please do try!

    Is 1.19 done now?
    At this point, we believe it is complete enough for everyone to play on. Some of the new features will require further fine tuning. We estimate that all the new First-person mode animations will still take about 100 additional man-hours of tuning to fully mature. The cave-in system, Command Handbook and Accessibility tab could also use some visual upgrades and tweaks.

    What's next?
    For 1.20 we would like to build the second main Story Event, following the Resonance Archives. We plan this to be a series of primarily surface-level experiences, involving lots of travel and exploration, along with new travel mechanics.
    Entering speculation territory: Beyond that we have some vague plans on a potential VS Model Creator rewrite, continuing our work with the mini-dimensions system, along with all the benefits that such new system can provide and other features that didn't make the cut for 1.18 and 1.19. Time will tell on how far we will get on these fronts. As always, there are bound to be some juicy new things added along the way...

     Game update trailer

    Screenshots / Gifs

    Snowballs! Frosty-fight friends and foes alike

    Added indoor rain ambience system

    Overhauled First-person mode: Now with hands!

    Cave-in system: Build support beams to prevent getting buried alive (only on by default in the Wilderness Survival mode)

    Added 11 species of deer and more!

    Added 11 types of goats

    Animal catching: Domesticated animals can be picked up with a basket. Wild animals can be trapped, if small enough.


    Added antlers and horns, which can be harvested and mounted on walls

    Fully reworked surface ruins

    Fully reworked underground ruins

    Reworked crystal vugs: Now with colorful coverage all around

    New Accessibility settings

    Added Command Handbook (in Creative mode)

    Added Scroll racks, also lets you store Tuning cylinders

    World map tweaks: No longer super revealing by default, but instead it displays your prospecting results

    Character selector tweaks: More canon hair colors, better randomizer and the ability to use your last selection from another world or server

    More chisel power: Now supports decors and topsoil

    Overhauled/new 3D models for troughs, buckets and seeds

    Added Tule and Sedge plants

    Added live preview during schematic import

    Added warning icon to outdated mods

    Game updates

    • Feature: Overhauled First-person mode: Now a hybrid between the old standard fp mode and the Immersive fp mode. We render the player's hands and arms, their positions and animations depend¬†on current actions and items held.¬† (A slider is provided in Settings, Interface tab to allow players to adjust the hands position to their preference.)
    • Feature: Added 11 species of deer and¬†moose and elk, each has several antler variants. (Originally based on the assets from the Capreolinae mod, with permission. Thanks Tentharchitect!)
      • Wolves will attack some of the smaller deer species, and all fawns
      • Deer Antlers! These grow on male adults over winter and¬†are shed in spring. Can be picked up by players and placed on 3 variants of wood-typed antler mount
    • Feature: Added 11 types of goats, some are only found at altitude or in warmer climates
    • Feature: Cave-in system in the Wilderness Survival playstyle (and optional in other playstyles). Solid rock and cracked rock now collapses if not supported while being broken/placed. Enabled via world config.
      • Use wooden beams to stabilize mines¬†and tunnels
      • Falling rock from cave-ins can be¬†very painful!
    • Feature: Snowballs! Scoop up snowballs from deep snow and throw them at your friends. There are also some options for those that aren't really feeling the holiday spirit this year.... Can also turn snowballs into water.
    • Feature: Rough implementation of small¬†wild animal trapping¬†using baskets and food as bait. Basket traps are not always successful. Some heavy creatures (e.g. boar) can destroy basket traps.
    • Feature: Ability to catch small tamed animals (generation 5+) with an empty reed chest. Requires one free backpack slot
    • Feature: Added Accessibility tab. Moved View Bobbing and Toggle Sprint settings there. Added 3¬†new accessibility settings: Camera shake strength,¬†Wireframe thickness and Glitch strength waviness (for times of temporal instability).
      • Tweak: Added experimental minbrightness client config, potential use for YouTubers/streamers to prevent pitch-black areas.
    • Feature: Added Command Handbook. Available in Creative mode through the game pause menu, or type command .chb to open
    • Feature: Visual fine tuning
      • Increased god ray intensity and fine-tuned its shader
      • Fixed god ray ray directions. Before, the rays would not exactly start from the center of the sun
      • Improved frost overlay visuals on creatures/traders - frost now only applies during precipitation or shortly thereafter, improved visual quality and some body parts are no longer completely frosted over, such as the trader's head
      • More haptic menu buttons - the main menu should feel slightly more responsive in actual use
      • Re-worked large trough, small trough and bucket models
      • Crop seeds and grain items now have 3D¬†models
      • Improved SSAO quality - no longer has odd artifacts (thanks to @nug on Discord)
      • Faster storm dust particles
      • Improved seraph idle animation
      • Fixed: Ambient occlusion from stairs, slabs and other non-full cubes was broken in almost all directions
      • Fixed: LOD popping at very short view distances (32 and 64
    • Feature: Added scroll racks. Storage space for scrolls, papers and tuning cylinders
    • Feature: Prospecting pick heatmap:¬†added tabs to the world map
    • Feature: New more medieval looking world map visuals, using the color palette from the Medieval Map mod (by permission from Rangelost, with many thanks). Classic world map visuals can be restored using the commands "/worldconfigcreate bool colorAccurateWorldmap true" server-wide or "/player [playername] privilege grant colorAccurateWorldmap" for each player
    • Feature: Chiseling system upgrades
      • Decor overlay support as well as support for grass covered topsoil block. Can use knife to remove decor layers again.
      • Can now properly add more material to a chiseled block, useful when wanting to create a full block from 2 slabs
      • When using slabs as input material the game did not correctly count already used material
      • Chiseled blocks no longer have their name fixed to the block name first used during creation. If no custom name is set by the player, the chiseled block will now take on the name of the majority material
      • World generation now fully supports chiseled blocks when part of a surface or underground ruin, i.e. chiseled block materials can adapt to local rock types and can get submerged into soil
      • Microblocks, such as the chiselled blocks¬†in ruins, can now be excavated from soil. Cobble microblocks drop stones when broken
    • Feature: Raccoon and Fox pups now spawn in the world
    • Feature: Can now ignite extinct torches on lit torches, firepits, forges, pit kilns, etc.
    • Feature: Improved character selector
      • Players can now select their previously selected skin preferences, in the Create Character dialog via new 'Last selection' button
      • Greatly reduced strange hair combinations when using the Randomize button
      • Updated hair colors. Replaced all purple and pink shades (sorry to those that loved them, but they are not in keeping with the general visual direction in the game; they can be added back using a mod)
      • Added 3 new beards
      • The selector no longer plays the seraph voice when the Create Character dialog first appears (too laggy in the first few frames to do so, can heavily skew sounds)
    • Feature: More streamlined introduction into the game's mechanics (WIP). Instead of a dialog about the Handbook overlaid when the game first starts, now when launching a new game, the player can select their character and 15 seconds after selection a small HUD element will appear on the left side offering help - this will open an Introduction dialog with links to the Handbook and the tutorial
    • Feature: Gameplay balancing tweaks and fixes
      • Tweak: Boars and Sows are now intensely protective towards their offspring. They become highly aggressive if there are piglets nearby. This behavior disappears after generation 3
      • Tweak: Bear spawning generally reduced about 20-25%. ¬†Brown bear lower spawn range moved further north, to reduce black and brown bears spawning in same places
      • Tweak: Terra Preta is no longer generated during worldgen. ¬†High fertility soil will be generated instead. ¬†Terra Preta is now made in the crafting grid, as high fertility soil was previously. ¬†However crafting Terra Preta requires charcoal and bone meal, in addition to compost. ¬†High fertility soil can be included in the recipe, to increase the yield of Terra Preta
      • Tweak: Double-headed drifters and Bells now have a chance to drop Jonas parts/sub-assemblies as loot.
      • Tweak: Double-headed drifters have a little more health now.
      • Tweak: Made arid areas more arid (by further filling up lakes with blocks)
      • Tweak: Being wet de-buffs your warmth 50% more than before, but players now get wet from snowfall 4 times slower than from rain
      • Tweak: Nerfed¬†fur clothing set warmth values, it was circumventing the need for clothing repair
      • Tweak: Bitter bolete now only deals 1 damage. In real life it's not poisonous but it tastes awful...
      • Tweak: Polar bears now cannot climb, but can swim¬†faster than other bears
      • Tweak: Wooden paths can now be made with any type of board
      • Tweak: Plank¬†path recipe now outputs 1 path per 2 boards (25% of previous output)
      • Tweak: Archimedes Screw¬†now only accepts plates of tool metals in its¬†recipe
      • Tweak: Chisel durability cost for recycling a steel anvil increased to match steel chisel durability. ¬†Anvil recycling recipes made shapeless
      • Tweak: Tin bronze falx damage slightly increased
      • Tweak: Tin bronze spear durability reduced, bismuth bronze spear durability increased (in line with typical precedent of other tools and weapons)
      • Tweak: Pickled olives can now be used in pies and the cooking pot. ¬†Peanuts can be used in pies. ¬†Added barrel textures for both. ¬†Soybeans now have a 3d item model
      • Tweak: Pumpkins can no longer be eaten whole, but must be cut into pieces to eat (like pineapple)
      • Tweak: Commodity trader no longer sells square/offset/diamond pattern linen, only normal. ¬†Fancy linen patterns are now a Tailor-exclusive grid recipe using a normal linen sheet, plus sewing kit. ¬†Fancy linen can be turned back into normal pattern by any class via shears, in grid
      • Tweak: Traders now sell linen by the single sheet
      • Tweak: Adjusted prices for a couple of trader goods.
        • Linen now much more expensive, also raised Gambeson armor cost to match.
        • Most tools slightly more expensive
        • Antique armor cost now matches the protective value of the armor slot. Head armor cheapest, leg armor medium cost, chest armor most expensive
      • Fixed: Players not receiving fall damage when touching a wall during the fall
      • Fixed: No fall damage when doing a gliding land while aiming less than 45¬į downwards, i.e. looking horizontal or upwards would previously¬†negate all fall damage
      • Fixed: Ingot piles were combustible
      • Fixed: Tree seeds were not combustible
      • Fixed: Fuel duration of Night vision goggles was not properly calculated (was only client side)
      • Fixed: Damaged flax crop still giving a full yield of flax fibres
      • Fixed: An upside half slab¬†over a 1-deep hole is now no longer recognized as a cellar
      • Fixed: Sleeping did not accelerate healing. Health and Hunger are now calculated based on in-game time instead of real world time. (Can adjust the heal regeneration speed and the hunger speed using commands /worldconfig playerHealthRegenSpeed 1 and /worldconfig playerHungerSpeed 1)
      • Tweak: A config for player health regeneration speed is also available on world creation
    • Feature: All Treasure chests now have¬†more valuable loot in them
    • Feature: Added one more room to the Resonance Archives. Various tweaks and fixes
    • Feature: Added new Music track "Arctic Winds" for the polar regions
    • Feature: Added new rain ambient sounds to rain-exposed glass (glass windows or glass ceilings)
    • Feature: New Directional Audio setting in Audio Settings, to enable HRTF audio (positional 3D audio for headphones). Most game sounds are now adapted for this, enabling it can make sound positioning immersive and realistic if headphones are worn. Switching it off (the default) may address some players' sound issues (detail: if the Operating System had detected headphones before the game started, the sound system in some cases may have already switched on HRTF without user control, which could previously make some music and environmental sounds strange, now fixed)
    • Feature: New blocks:
      • cracked ashlar blocks (ashlar was previously stone bricks)
      • deadfungi and spotty mold decor layer blocks
      • some book clutter blocks
      • clothing drying rack clutter
      • added 4 variants of aged firepit clutter
      • added another variant of aged tall display case, another variant of a ruined bed
      • added various human and animal skeleton clutter blocks: like other clutter blocks these are rotatable
      • new rock-typed rubble blocks for the new ruins (Creative mode only at the moment)
      • all types of aged polished rock
      • new crystal layer decor block for all crystal types, used in the new Vugs
    • Feature: Added new Tule plant beside lakes (usually spawning in different places from Cattails, more common around high altitude lakes). These drop thatch. Thatch roofing can be made from thatch or dry grass in this version; in the future thatch roofing may¬†be craftable from thatch only.
    • Feature: Added new Brown Sedge plant in wet/marshy areas in warmer climates. They drop dry grass
    • Feature: World generation updates
      • Fully reworked underground ruins
      • Added more comprehensive surface villages
      • Removed legacy blocks from trader outposts
      • Fixed topsoil generating underwater inside structures
      • Should fix ruins generating too deep by default. Modders: Please note, a worldgen structure offsetY now defaults to -1 (used to be 0)
      • Resonance Archives entrance improvements. The prominent sections of the shaft are now not repeated; internal water blocks removed if it happens to spawn in lake/ocean
      • Trader carts no longer spawn in the Arctic (nor in the Antarctic!)
      • Updated underground lakes to match the new ruins style
    • Feature: Added a stack randomizer for all Jonas items
    • Feature: Outdated mods will now be visually marked as outdated in the mod manager, with a warning sign
    • Feature: World Edit upgrades
      • Schematic import (and copying from clipboard) now previews a live version instead of half-transparent blue cubes
      • Major World Edit command rework based on Elvas' suggestions. Air brush placement quantity is now a % value instead of fixed value.
      • New option for Paint brush: Placement %
      • Move, Selection and Repeat tool can now also be operated by "Look direction" instead of N/E/S/W/U/D only
      • New constraint system. "/we constrain selection" constrains all World Edit operations to the current selection only. "/we constrain none" to return to default behavior
      • New flip system: "/we flip (n|e|s|w|u|d|l|x|y|z)" flips selected area in-place in given direction (cardinal, look direction or axis)
      • Fixed chisel brush icon black instead of white
      • Fixed major derps happening on block entities when using undo/redo after certain operations
      • Fixed schematic rotation: don't abort with exception if a block returns an invalid rotation, instead log an error and use unrotated variant
      • Added a couple of aliases to /we marked commands (e.g. /we minfo)
    • Feature: Added capability for server owners to compact savegames
      • /db vacuum: Recreate savegame to minimize disk space¬† (Note: there is a known issue if this is run from inside a Docker container, it will attempt to use the TMPFS in RAM and will therefore likely run out of disk space unless the TMPFS is sufficiently large)
      • /db prune [threshold] confirm: Deletes chunk columns where there are less than [threshold] player edits (player block placements/breakings) in game versions later than 1.18 - note that this also allows the game engine to refresh (re-generate) the world with latest version worldgen in all these areas (but the number of player edits is only counted since game version 1.18.0 or later¬†was installed, so this feature would need to be used with care in savegames pre-dating 1.18.0, it may be that only recently active chunks, since the world was updated to 1.18.x,¬†would be protected from deletion)
      • A full compact process looks like this:
        • /wgen autogen 0¬†¬†¬† (disable generation of chunks)
        • /db prune 5 confirm¬†¬†¬† (delete all chunks with less than 5 edits)
        • /db vacuum¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (compact database)
    • Tweak: New main menu background images, most of which showcase new 1.19 content
    • Tweak: Can now shift+left click armor and wearables onto the player when the Character inventory is open
    • Tweak: Cosmetics / Easter Eggs
      • Show appreciation where it's due: new¬†petseraph animation
      • Entities standing on a rotating Quern now rotate as well
    • Tweak: Added tarnished steel beams
    • Tweak: Quartz vugs are more like geodes now!
    • Tweak: Added visual hints that the Library resonator (in the Resonance Archives) is interactable
    • Tweak: Game text fine tuning
      • Add item description for knife blade items, to help new players who might think that knife blades are actually knives
      • Removed the '(Experimental)' suffix to large world sizes. The game engine is now stable enough for large sizes.
      • More immersive "claimed by" error messaging, especially when in the Resonance Archives (simply reworded)
      • Renamed 3 blocks: Crimson King maple => Crimson maple, Green Spire cypress => Mediterranean cypress, Stone bricks => Ashlar blocks
      • Oiled hides mention a bit more on how curing them works
      • When the main menu offers to download a new update, the Confirm Update screen now has a link to the devlog entry
      • In the Main Menu, singleplayer world info hover box now only shows the differences from the default configuration
      • Updated some of the hover text for Settings menu (Resolution, Chunk upload rate limiter, Mouse modifiers locked to Sneak/Sprint)
      • Better hover info text on "landform scale" world config, changed selectable values to 20% increments instead of 10%
      • Add missing hotkey reminders for other interface settings
      • Dead animals now show in their block info if they got electrocuted
      • Omok table top now no longer displays food perish rate in block info
      • Fixed: Liquid containers showing only first decimal place and thus rounding the value
      • Fixed: A 'claimed' error message appearing when igniting the coal pile in the Resonance Archives generator room
    • Tweak: Audio fine tuning
      • Over 200 sound files have been fine tuned for quality by reducing noise, eliminating popping sounds and more
      • Improved soundscape for glider¬†gliding and Creative-mode¬†flying
      • New eating sound for large animals
      • The Resonator Music is now affected by the music slider, instead of the ambient slider
    • Handbook tweaks
      • Handbook search now ignores diacritics in the search text¬† (and the same change for searching the Creative inventory)
      • Now also displays if an item can be obtained by harvesting a creature
      • Handbook entry for alum gives some details of where to find it
      • Jonas generator room equipment, and Gasifier, removed from the Handbook
      • Lamellar armor has the word 'armor' added to the name, so that it shows up in a search for "armor"
      • Added "Mechanical power part" description to mechanical power blocks to make them more easily findable in the Creative inventory and the Handbook
      • Implement Greenhouses mechanic explanation in the Handbook, and fix its lang strings
      • Fixed: Handbook text for mudbricks was missing the info that it is normal for them not always to drop anything when breaking the block
      • Fixed: Certain handbook links (e.g. for planks) not clickable, this was caused by a mismatched order of attributes set in the recipe and the handbook entry for the block/item, now we sort attributes when building the handbook references
    • Tweak: Improved command help
      • Add client-side .help command
      • Improved formatting of the help output in chat
    • Additional command tweaks:
      • Added commands .debug plrattr [path] and /entity cmd [selector] attr [path] to read player/entity attributes. Might help us narrow down the cause of "Dave" running during broad daylight and blood rain seen outside times of temporal instability
      • In the /entity command, added a new "id" entity selector, e.g. /entity remove e[id=1234]
      • New /entity cmd <entity> birth command to test entities' multiply behavior (could also feasibly be used by a command block)
      • Added command /entity cmd [selector] rmbh [code]¬†to remove a behavior at runtime
      • Add optional kill radius parameter to command /entity wipeall
    • Multiplayer tweaks:
      • Multiplayer server screens: don't show the server password in clear text
      • Reduced default SpawnCapPlayerScaling from 0.75 to 0.5, as multiplayer servers with a large player count got completely flooded with drifters
      • When privilege¬†allowcharselonce was not granted, show the player an error message instead of opening the dialog to reduce confusion
      • Added ability to individually enable world maps (in games where the map is normally disabled) using /player playername grant allowMap
    • Tweak: Removed unused workbench block from game
    • Additional visual tweaks and fixes
      • Tweak: Loose gears when placed now no longer move around visually or shift texture with each added gear past 2
      • Tweak: Don't show < > buttons on books with only 1 page
      • Tweak: Improved sieve item textures
      • Tweak: Added more depth to Dry stone wall textures; visual tweaks
      • Tweak: Added copper rim to normal and tall display cases. Reduced opacity of aged tall display cases by 50%
      • Tweak: Replaced Resonance Archives clutter bed with updated model. Added colorful linen textures for mattress sides and pillow. Added shading texture overlay for mattress sides and pillow. Some changes to fancy bed with drapes
      • Tweak: Malefactor pendant now worn on neck, rather than emblem location
      • Tweak: Crowns, hoods, and other head-worn clothing are now 3D models. All crowns should be display-case-able
      • Fixed: Redwood beams: wood grain was in the wrong direction
      • Fixed: bed-fency-open clutter block missing textures.
      • Fixed: Aged fancy bed having incongruent bright green bed cover. The bed cover is now faded, aged green
      • Fixed: Water against solid/near-solid Microblocks is now rendered correctly
      • Fixed: Incorrect block breaking overlay on Bamboo
    • Lots of WorldEdit fine tuning
      • Tweak: Flood tool: rename "ignore rocks" to "ignore loose surface items" and include (loosesticks, loosestones, looseboulders, looseflints, looseores, loosegears) to be ignored
      • Tweak: Add /we exp as alias for /we export
      • Tweak: The UI tools no longer focus the first textbox in the tool options dialog when a new tool is selected (therefore, the user can still move normally using movement keys etc.)
      • Tweak: Import tool immediately has "From Clipboard" mode active, when the tool is selected, if there were already blocks in the clipboard: helps workflow
      • Tweak: Schematic placement preview can now be partially transparent, set this using command .clientconfig previewTransparency v where v is the desired transparency level between 0.0 (solid) and 1.0 (clear)
      • Tweak: Add command to disable right settings panel in the worldedit dialog: use command .we rsp on/off
      • Tweak: Delete, fill, and delete-nearby now also removes all entities within the affected area
      • Tweak: Disabled several /we subcommands using the old naming scheme (mfill, mcopy, ...), use /worldconfigcreate bool legacywecommands true/false to toggle them
      • Tweak: Added ability to disable first person hands in the WorldEdit Controls Dialog
      • Tweak: Save the FreeMoveAxisLock setting when exiting the game
      • Fixed: Importing of schematics exported from older game versions is now possible, we now remap the blocks and items on import
      • Fixed: Chiselblock and Microblock in schematics now also remap their materials on schematic import
      • Fixed: update temperature and transition state (perishable) for items inside containers and racks when importing schematics [Detail: since a schematic could be imported from an other game where a completely different amount of in-game time had passed]
      • Fixed: Schematics now also import/export the fluid layer
      • Fixed: Pipes, and other clutter blocks, which are rotated in schematics, now have their correct rotations even when the schematic is rotated when imported/placed
      • Fixed: Worldedit undo/redo now properly set blocks with water (when using undo it would leave behind flowing water)
      • Fixed: Decors now get properly placed/removed with undo/redo
      • Fixed: Multiple issues related to rotations of decors and fluid layer
      • Fixed: Issues with Mirror, Repeat and Move tool with water and decors
      • Fixed: Undo now removes any entities just spawned (note: entities spawn when doing import/place of schematic or copy of selection, but not on redo)
      • Fixed: For schematics with entities, if one entity was not available then no entities were spawned; now it logs an error and spawns the remaining (available) entities
      • Fixed: Free floating single rock no longer popping off if AllowFallingBlocks is set to false
      • Fixed: Exception on /we shift shorthands (sms, smn,...)
      • Fixed: /we shift n 2 would always use 1 as the amount
      • Fixed: Tapestries disappearing or changing or becoming rotten whenever a schematic is imported or copied...
      • Fixed: MagicWand selection would cause to insert two historystates upon selection
      • Fixed: WorldEdit selection would not properly update on various tools and undo/redo
      • Fixed: WorldEdit move tool would move by a multiple of the amount set in the tool
      • Fixed: WorldEdit operations (Move,Mirror,Repeat,Undo,Redo) now also include entities
    • Water physics fine tuning
      • Tweak: Water can "heal" slightly more easily if solid blocks placed in water and then removed (details: 2 direct neighbour source blocks + 3 diagonal neighbour source blocks is now enough to heal a position)
      • Fixed: Water continuing to have surface flow after fully healed
      • Fixed: A few edge-cases where water block flow was not updating on the diagonal neighbors
      • Fixed: Block updates near the worldgen-created boundary between fresh water and salt water do not cause catastrophic collapse of water levels
    • Tweak: Sound FX (sfx) fine tuning
      • Feature: Walking through bushes (normal leaves, narrow leaves, berry bushes, fruit tree leaves) will now have a sfx for passing through
      • Feature: New sounds for stepping on sticks (also fixed boulder's missing sfx)
      • Tweak: Cooking pots can no longer be heard from an extreme distance away (could be heard more than 32 blocks away, previously)
      • Tweak: Loose sticks¬†now have a small collision box so that they trigger step sounds correctly
      • Tweak: Leaf rustle and other Inside Block sounds now tied to position and movement with more precision
      • Tweak: Many blocks that were missing sfx now have sfx assigned that fits with other blocks of the same type. Additionally normalized sludge walk sfx
      • Tweak: Glass blocks now have a unique walk sfx
      • Tweak: When sneaking, armor noises will now match with the lower volume of walk and inside sfx. (Sneaking previously only affected walking and inside walking sfx)
      • Tweak: Walk sounds now respect the current block underfoot when walking along the edge of blocks
      • Tweak: Additional wolf howl sfx, plus further cleanup of original wolf howl sfx (same for the pup).
      • Fixed: Hot springs sludge sound not playing
      • Fixed: Water step sound not playing when the liquid block contained other blocks
      • Fixed: Glass slabs that used BlockSlabSnowRemove playing the rain ambient noise all the time
      • Various fixes to the newly added indoor rain ambient sounds
    • Tweak: Perfomance: Worldgen should run on average 33% faster in all games (YMMV, depends on terrain and servermagicnumbers config, less¬†impact on high-end systems). Additional further up to¬†~20% when enabling multi-threaded worldgen¬†in servermagicnumbers.json by specifying "MaxWorldgenThreads": 4 (or other numbers in the range 1-6 are possible)
    • Tweak: Add a proper maximized Borderless windowed option and fix related weird window behaviour
    • Tweak: Added a warning to serverconfig.json in non-dedicated server installations that edits in this file also affect single player worlds, which is a common source of confusion
    • Tweak: New command .timelapse <interval-in-days> <duration-in-months> for taking a set of timelapse photographs of the same spot over several hours, days or seasons: find the images in folder Pictures/Vintagestory/timelapse ¬†(note: as currently implemented the world does not actually change while the photographs are being taken, for example crops will not grow, snow will not fall, this is intended only for seeing the visual changes of the changing time of day or changing seasons)
    • Tweak: In Extended Debug mode (.edi), add the Axis directions to the coordinates HUD
    • Tweak: Added "Color Accurate Worldmap" world config to enable the previous, full color map style
    • Tweak: Slightly increase the chance for hail
    • Tweak: Termite mounds now have some variance in termite drops, and the larger mounds drop more.
    • Tweak: The plaques in the Resonance Archives are now translatable into other languages
    • Tweak: Added "/dev settranslateable true" command to mark a looked-at sign block as translateable
    • Tweak: Terminus translocators can now be placed directionally and no longer always face west
    • Tweak: Plaster should be easier to orientate consistent with planks and logs
    • Tweak: Jugs can now be used to make dough
    • Tweak: Pineapple and pumpkin grid recipes now shapeless, clay oven model chimney shortened 1/2 voxel to cleanly meet chiseled blocks above. ¬†New thatch model.
    • Tweak: Added more game credits
    • Tweak: The standard sapling growth rate in the customize world screen is now "Normal (1x)" instead of "Somewhat slower (2x)" but also doubled the growth days of saplings. For players of 1.18 worlds: Use command "/worldconfig saplingGrowthRate 1" if you want default sapling growth times, they will be twice the default otherwise
    • Tweak: Modified hitboxes of several animals
    • Tweak: Various roof block model changes to fix gaps between roof blocks and snow inconsistency. Most noticeable on the slate and copper roofs. Additionally thatch and aged thatch roofs have some of the loose hay now gently sway in the wind
    • Tweak: ItemWrench order rotations by name and remove duplicates from list
    • Tweak: Torch holder light color now the same as a regular torch
    • Tweak:¬†The "Protect eyes" seraph pose is now further restricted to dry areas in addition to strong winds (i.e. now only during sandstorms)
    • Tweak: Localise chat messages about schematics received, and fixmappings
    • Tweak: Can no longer remove bot gear in Survival mode, now requires Creative mode
    • Tweaks to error handing:
      • More informative "Out of Memory" errors, the error message now correctly states that it might also be due to a shortage of system memory instead of only video ram memory
      • Game client no longer displays Host/Ip when failing to connect to a game server
      • Crash reporter: Only show event logs matching the game version in the crash reporter and filter them to Application Error
      • Log login failure messages to client-debug.txt (rarely, a player cannot connect to the auth servers at all), improve the¬†feedback messages in-game
    • Tweak:¬†Allow corrupted savegames to repair broken MapRegions in repair mode
    • Tweak: Added experimental feature to slightly speed up world startup, available only in the Developer settings tab
    • Tweak: Added "Macro Editor" button to the Controls settings tab
    • Tweak: Added --withConfig server startup arg. Allows one to override any serverconfig.json values at runtime
    • Tweak: Removed Mono dependency in Linux install.sh, introduced logic to determine default data path, mirroring game behavior
    • Fixed: Don't crash on invalid block entities
    • Fixed: Avoid a crash on an incorrectly created crucible itemstack
    • Fixed: Wild vines not rotating correctly with worldedit
    • Fixed: Modified Linux install.sh script to prevent lowering vm.max_map_count if it is already set to a value higher than 262144.
    • Fixed: Shingles and other objects in piles sometimes invisible after being placed and could be briefly drawn at the wrong rotation, on first creating the pile
    • Fixed: Two minor visual bugs with Seaweed (but pre 1.19 worldgen can still be bugged)
    • Fixed: Butterflies now manage to fly away eventually after getting stuck in water
    • Fixed: Reduce cases of endlessly jumpy dropped items
    • Fixed: Should now properly sync edge sitting animations on players
    • Fixed: Player body pitched awkwardly after landing with a glider
    • Fixed: Unable to complete the Resonance Archives while in immersive first person mode
    • Fixed: When a candle is placed on top of a fence it will only spawn one candle in the center
    • Fixed: Gates sometimes missing collision and selection box [detail: when a gate was placed and a second one was added to the left the right one was missing the multiblock parts and had no collision except for the bottom right block]
    • Fixed: Glider also functioning if inside a backpack (thanks korobya)
    • Fixed: Pixelated background on the Download Mods screen
    • Fixed: Some trader carts did not fully generate
    • Fixed: Should fix watered farmland not updating for other players
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with block breaking overlay in tallgrass, leaves and vines
    • Fixed: GUI alignment issues when¬†references to hotkeys are mixed in with other text
    • Fixed: Folders with spaces could not be opened (e.g. via "Open Mods Folder" button)
    • Fixed: The¬†Controls settings tab and the Macro Manager now show the key for the currently set keyboard layout,¬†instead of always assuming a US keyboard
    • Fixed: /moddb search also returned non mods, and if no version is specified now installs the latest version instead of the oldest
    • Fixed: .charsel¬†command leaving changed class on the client side if the player did not have permission to change it in the first place
    • Fixed: Some lore discoveries activating the gong and discovery center screen text, although they were already discovered
    • Fixed: Incorrect position matching in the /entity command selector (e.g. in /entity remove e[minX=3, minY=0, minZ=3, maxX=4, maxY=2, maxZ=4])
    • Fixed: Running server with --standby argument crashes if serverconfig.json does not exist
    • Fixed: --port arg not applying to master server advertising
    • Fixed: On some systems (MacOS) the sky would load color inverted (red) [Technical detail: this now ensures we load all images as Bgra8888 since that's what we send our texture pixels as to the GPU]
    • Fixed: Linux Wayland freezing on start up issue
    • Fixed: Bug where attempting to walk over low blocks (slabs, etc) at oblique angles, the player would be forced to travel along the side of the block instead of stepping up onto it
    • Fixed: .map command would not show up in the Commands Handbook
    • Fixed: /wgen regen command erroring on missing structures within the target map region
    • Fixed: Planks block stack combining issues
    • Fixed: Fruitmash would not count as food in large trough for animals
    • Fixed: Unable to squeeze honey into placed bowls
    • Fixed: Clothing trader had reversed linen prices, buying it for more than they were selling it.
    • Fixed: Coal pile crash in certain cases
    • Fixed: Prevent a crash when trying to break certain invalid blocks in Survival mode
    • Fixed: Able to travel very fast with gliders and roads of ladders
    • Fixed: Various cases where chiseled blocks were not detected as room-enclosing
    • Fixed: Removed duplicated remappings which printed errors in the player's chat window when opening old worlds
    • Fixed: Missing lang keys relating to Handbook, Tutorial, world configurations, and some of the 1.19 game elements
    • Fixed: Some trees getting unintentionally growth stunted or 'flat-top' appearance
    • Fixed: Books went vertical when placed on the ground
    • Fixed: Clay Oven fuel positioning; and fixed that fuel was removable even after burning
    • Fixed: Should fix a reported client side crash with the Mycelium block entity
    • Fixed: Another Memory leak when leaving and reopening single player worlds
    • Fixed: Further reduce memory footprint after SP leave by cleaning up the EntityBehaviorPassivePhysics which caches Blocks
    • Fixed: Slanted and inner corner roofing will correctly seal a room when used on the inside of a room
    • Fixed: Glitchy inside player rendering when drunk in new first person mode and old ifp mode
    • Fixed: Game no longer automatically requesting to download unmet dependencies on startup
    • Fixed: Multiple engine-related exceptions when trying to load an outdated mod
    • Fixed: 3rd person mode against walls no longer renders the inside of seraph brains
    • Fixed: New worlds with no customisation at all had some non-default terrain config values (Detail: copying a world seed resulted in a different world the second time the seed was used, because the second time around necessarily had some customisation)
    • Fixed: Avoid potential server side endless loop during a broken/invalid item use action
    • Fixed: Firepit used in schematics with contents in the cooking slot would cause issues (NRE) on worldgen
    • Fixed: Fruit trees part of schematics on worldgen would log a lot of errors [Details: "Coding error. Fruit tree without fruit tree type" caused by unsetting the to null, since OnBlockPlaced provides a null itemstack by default]
    • Fixed: Chute rotations for schematics/worldedit
    • Fixed: Wrong command info in /land claim new (subcommand gu/gn/... no longer exists)
    • Fixed: Two potential sources of large memory leaks when leaving and re-opening single player worlds
    • Fixed: Chutes/Hoppers not able to push items on one side of the trunk
    • Fixed: Should fix items dropping out of chutes if a neighbouring chunk was not loaded
    • Fixed: Commands prefix shown on help subcommands
    • Fixed: Players were omitting knockback when hit, since 1.18.2
    • Fixed: Handbook entries for Flax twine and Linen incorrectly stated right-click to repair; add similar Handbook text for Sewing kit
    • Fixed: Screenshot hyperlinks in the in-game chat were not clickable if the user's screenshots path contained a space
    • Fixed: Chiseled blocks in schematics would not rotate the texture
    • Fixed: BlockRandomizer resolving of meta-blocklayer to local block it would always spawn an air block
    • Fixed: /wgen pos structures not working for underground ruins
    • Fixed: /wgen structures spawn not spawning in BlockEntities, causing unknown blocks
    • Fixed: /time stop and /time resume commands now working
    • Fixed: Helve hammer mold-rackable despite not fitting visually now no longer rackable. ¬†z-fighting on back of Falx mold.
    • Fixed: Worldgen: No longer generate patches of barren rock near sealevel in some cold areas, now has barren topsoil
    • Fixed: Typos in English-language version of First Steps tutorial, and re-written some of its text, various other typos and grammar in other texts
    • Fixed: First Steps tutorial detection of sprint + forwards keys now order-independent
    • Fixed: Handbook crash while viewing tutorial (#3259), thanks to korobya
    • Fixed: Tutorial progress not saving when tutorial stopped manually, thanks to korobya
    • Fixed: Cold areas sometimes generated underwater ice lakes and overlapping gravel with ice blocks
    • Fixed: Added translations for pomegranate, lychee, and breadfruit pies. ¬†Added ability to pickle olives, and translations for their derivatives. ¬†Fixed some transforms.
    • Fixed: Plaster not keeping current texture rotation when being chiseled; additionally rotating or flipping chiseled plaster now also rotates the texture correctly
    • Fixed: Crash when chiseling meta objects such as "collider" cubes
    • Fixed: Hopefully a fix to tiny ruins having "chopped off" their tops
    • Fixed: Treasure Hunter trader unable to buy player-crafted iron & leather shield; additionally Treasure Hunter trader will now buy an iron & leather shield in any color
    • Fixed: Various helmets and other headgear obscuring facial hair when it should not
    • Fixed: Many helmets were set too high on the seraph's head, so eyes did not line up correctly
    • Fixed: Z-fighting on underside of chimney block
    • Fixed: Barrel cactus adjacent patches z-fighting sometimes, depending on rotation
    • Fixed: Crash when right clicking an entity with unlit torch
    • Fixed: Game crashing on the mod manager with invalid mods
    • Fixed: Gate and Oldworld tapestry not triggering lore discovery
    • Fixed: Journal dialog overflowing from too many elements in the list. Now has a scroll bar
    • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to break green bamboo with an axe
    • Fixed: Snow layers falling from trees etc now do not destroy sticks, stones, boulders etc. but instead cover them
    • Fixed: Peanuts could not be used in the cooking pot.
    • Fixed: Wrong material with rotated chisel blocks in schematics/ruins
    • Fixed: Some meats were not displaying correct incontainer textures
    • Fixed: Seawater missing incontainer translation
    • Fixed: Bees no longer attack arrows, spears and armor stands
    • Fixed: Metal nails and strips had incorrect smelting properties
    • Fixed: Fruit juice portions with 2 decimal places in quantity could not be fermented in barrel
    • Fixed: Copying glider schematic gave an extra copy
    • Fixed: Sieve could have durability completely repaired by placing on ground
    • Fixed: Pickled vegetables in soup did not have translations
    • Fixed: Firewood recipe in the handbook would sometimes display incorrect output numbers for certain firewood, now shows the 3-output recipes separate from the 4-output recipes
    • Fixed: Most potted flowers, and potted bamboo saplings missing windwave
    • Fixed: Forest floor had incorrect texture on bottom face
    • Fixed: Cured fish not showing in creative inventory
    • Fixed: Ingots had incorrect shelf transform
    • Fixed: Game crashing from deleting ore readings. Fixed too small hitbox around map waypoints/orepoints on GUI scales above 8
    • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves not correctly rotated
    • Fixed: Don't show chisels in the anvil recycling handbook recipes that are too low tier to actually work with a given anvil
    • Fixed: Renamed some clutter blocks to fit convention.
    • Fixed: Hot springs no longer spawning steam particles
    • Fixed: Restored capability to play LAN games without internet connection which broke in 1.18.4
    • Fixed: Content in trough when rotting not changing into rotten content variant
    • Fixed: Strange dark shading in the main menu, most noticeable in hover texts
    • Fixed: .debug find command now returns accurate coordinates
    • Fixed: .blockitempngexport inv¬†and similar export commands created images with a black background instead of transparency
    • Fixed: When using Enter or other non-printable keys as start chat hotkey (instead of the default T) the chat¬†would skip the first keypress
    • Fixed: Pretty severe numerical typo in the Prospecting Guide; fixed bad torch links in handbook
    • Fixed: Rare crash when switching focus while game is shutting down, and prevent potential similar issues with mouse and key presses during shutdown.
    • Fixed: Able to put more than 10L worth of mash into the Fruit press, causing undefined behavior
    • Fixed: Ability to add infinite ingots/plates to a workpiece when smithing (after 3 it wouldn't add more voxels), thanks to KonaCoffeeDrgn [GH issue 3250]
    • Fixed: Metal plate recipe showing up as recipe of a metalplate, thanks to KonaCoffeeDrgn [GH issue 3250]
    • Fixed: Ability to add any metal plate to a workpiece when smithing, thanks to KonaCoffeeDrgn [GH issue 3250]


    • Feature: Added ability to delete the complete hosting setup, improved logging
    • Feature: Show the server logs from your Vintagehosting server (last 200 lines of server-main.txt)
    • Tweak: Removed "1.18.8 testing phase" notice in the Vintagehosting version changer screen
    • Tweak: Can now set or remove a server password
    • Fixed: Timeout issues when changing server version
    • Fixed: Made it easier for players to test world seeds locally first before using them on Vintagehosting (add 384k world size option and VS hosting servers will now default to 384k x 384k world size)
    • (Internal: Significant progress towards Vintagehosting mod support)


    Mod API

    • Feature: Mini Dimensions initial¬†support. For technical details see¬†movchunks public notes.txt
    • Feature: Support for connected textures for drawType: "Cube" blocks (see "tiling cobblestone test" block in creative mode, and blocktypes/meta/tilingcobble.json)
    • Feature: Eliminated all¬†texture atlas limitations, i.e. mods that add a lot of blocks no longer have glitched graphics
    • Feature: Added Block randomizer. Creative mode configurable block that, when created during worldgen as part of a schematic can randomly turn into one of 10 blocks. Using meta-filler block as input for the randomizer block now forces air blocks at that location
    • Feature: Chiseled blocks should now support worldgen blocklayer replacement when using the new meta-blocklayer block as placeholder material
    • Feature: Wearable gear animations support. Models configured with a step parent and backdrop shape can now be animated in VSMC
    • Feature: Added a somewhat more Blender-compatible animations mode (via version:1 attribute for each animation)
    • Feature: Randomizer block and microblocks now respect worldgen schematic replace block properties to conform to local rock types if they are made of granite
    • Feature: Entity code remapper, to preserve entities in previously saved chunks or schematics if entity codes have to change [details: to use it, either run /eir command at game startup or add /eir commands to core config file remapentities.json]
    • Tweak: Loot vessel drops no longer hardcoded but configurable in the block type json file
    • Tweak: Can use stack randomizers to get resolved when used as a mob drop
    • Tweak: Allow shipping of .dll files inside a mod's native/ folder
    • Tweak: Game now logs a warning if the obsolete Collectible GrindedStack property is set
    • Tweak: Added api.Event.OnEntityLoaded event
    • Tweak: Disallow registering of recipes in-code at a launch phase that would cause random crashes
    • Tweak: Added őĒx/y/z fields to the block selection editor (.bsedit) to move selections around
    • Tweak: Game will now print a warning on duplicate animation codes
    • Tweak: Avoid game crashing from improperly configured liquid containers
    • Tweak: Can now define player bot inventory via inventory:{} object in the entity type json file:
      	eyeHeight: 1.7,
      	attributes: {
      		inventory: [
      			{ type: "item", code: "blade-blackguard-iron" },
      			{ type: "item", code: "armor-body-improvised-wood" }
    • Tweak: Added "ServerIdentifier" GUID to serverconfig.json
    • Tweak: BlockPos now includes a dimension field as well as x, y, z values, see documentation for Mini Dimensions
    • Tweak: Added /debug spawnheatmap commnand. Added entity map layer for mob spawn testing. Enable with command "/worldconfigcreate bool entityMapLayer true"
    • Tweak: Using wildcards for sounds should now work globally everywhere for all sounds using the PlaySound/PlaySoundAt/PlaySoundFor methods
    • Tweak: Allow use of meta-layer block in the randomizer block
    • Tweak: Rename command "/debug roomregdebug" to "/debug rooms". "/debug rooms hi" will now by default highlight the room at the current player location instead of highlighting room 0 of current chunk. Can still provide a room index as argument
    • Tweak: Worldgen village generator can now define min/maxquantity per schematic group
    • Tweak: Entity multiply behavior now has a new optional property "spawnEntityCodes" to allow randomized variant offspring of a creature; for simple cases where there is only one type of offspring, "spawnEntityCode" (in the singular) can be used. ¬†e.g. spawnEntityCodes: [ { code: "deer-{type}-male-baby" }, { code: "deer-{type}-female-baby" } ],
    • Tweak: Decors can now have 3D shapes without needing variants for every orientation: these shapes are now automatically rotated to the side they are attached to (default: bottom)
    • Tweak: Can read own entity debug info via command .debug self
    • Tweak: Allow use of 2 completely separate parallel running animation sets for the client seraph. One for first person mode, another for third person/shadow pass
    • Tweak: Bows can now define custom aim animations via aimAnimationCode attribute
    • Tweak: Knife can now define custom attack and block break animation via attributes knifeHitBlockAnimation and knifeHitEntityAnimation
    • Tweak: Cleanup XML documentation (mainly missing/old parameter names)
    • Tweak: added "resolveImport" parameter to OnLoadCollectibleMappings to disable resolving on WorldEdit commands [Detail: old method remains but is marked obsolete and redirect to the new method with resolveImport defaulting to true. For WorldEdit this parameter is now set using /we replace-meta true/false [default false]. During worldgen it is always true. So now it can be changed in WorldEdit when working with schematics, without affecting worldgen]
    • Tweak: Refactored most of the player entity related code in EntityShapeRenderer into EntityPlayerShapeRenderer
    • Tweak: new BlockPos() is now obsolete, please use new BlockPos(int dimensionId) or BlockPos.Copy() - this will help future dimensions code compatibility
    • Tweak: Trade items can specify AttributesToIgnore (see Treasure Hunter trader for an example); can also be done using a single wildcard * for the attribute value
    • Tweak: IWorldChunk.ContainsBlock() method for quickly checking whether or not the chunk contains a specific block ID
    • Tweak: Minor Mini Dimensions code improvements:
      • Players now prevented from flying above height y = 20,480
      • EntityPos now contains rudimentary dimension support
      • Dimensions boundary (when stored in x,y,z coordinate space) increase from 16384 to 32768
      • Graceful failure with an error message, if the maximum count of 16.7 million Mini Dimensions is exceeded in a save game
      • Fixed startup crash if ImportTool is already active, and TestShip y-position jitter
    • Tweak: Restore previous functionality of BlockPos(Vec4i vec) constructor
    • Tweak: Can now define animation for the firestarter (e.g. via attributes: { igniteAnimation: "startfire" }) and for shield block (create anim called shieldBlock)
    • Tweak: Allow wearables to be eyeprotective, which if worn have the effect that the player does not put hands up to protect the face in strong winds
    • Tweak: Entity hud info box now shows entity code in extended debug info mode
    • Tweak: In IBlockAccessor, position-based methods with BlockPos parameters should be used where possible in place of x, y, z parameters, for future dimension compatibility
    • Tweak: Include OpenTK.Audio.OpenAL.dll and OpenTK.Mathematics.dll in server builds since native libs are already there
    • Tweak: Added possibility for contentConfig to in trough to allow wildcards in content to have custom textures:
          content: { type: "item", code: "pressedmash-*" },
          textureCode: "*"
      textureCode will now turn into "content-{domain:pathofcollectible}", so add "contents-pressedmash-blueberry": { base: "block/wood/trough/large/fruitmash" }, to use a custom texture for the content in the trough
    • Tweak: Various tweaks on the new first person animations mode. Retouched several fp animations.
    • Tweak: Add a number of missing translations for our community translators
    • Tweak: Flour, egg, measuring rope, and quicklime are now 3d items
    • Tweak: Beeswax, fat, and flax fibers are now ground-storable
    • Tweak: Necklace models are now positioned to show outside of armor
    • Tweak: Sun bear step height reduced to 2, polar bears now cannot climb 3-high walls
    • Tweak: Improved MacOS Support for OS Versions Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma
    • Fixed: Exception thrown in the logging system when a Block failed to load
    • Fixed: Microblocks only allowing 16 materials, instead of 255 as intended
    • Fixed: Game client not issuing a warning when a block texture wildcard yielded no texture
    • Fixed: Prevent a crash in the handbook on misconfigured harvestableDrops
    • Refactor: Collectible.OnBeforeRender(): The passed ItemRenderInfo.ModelRef property has a changed type MeshRef=>MultiTextureMeshRef. Instead of calling api.Render.UploadMesh() you now need to call api.Render.UploadMultiTextureMesh() to acquire this new type. To manually render such meshref, use api.Render.RenderMultiTextureMesh()
    • Refactor: Renamed Block.PriorityInteract to PlacedPriorityInteract. Added Collectible.HeldPriorityInteract
    • Refactor: IRenderAPI.GetItemStackRenderInfo new argument: dt
    • Refactor: Method BlockEntity.OnPlacementBySchematic() has now 2 more arguments for the rocktype info
    • Refactor: Fox entity types now in one file instead of six.
    • Refactor: entity.AnimManager.HeadController and entity.AnimManager.Animator might now be null for a few frames during startup. You might need to null check these
    • Refactor: InventoryBase.GetBestSuitedSlot() has a new argument ItemStackMoveOperation op = null
    • Refactor: Split method CollectibleBehaviorHandbookTextAndExtraInfo.GetHandbookInfo() into multiple smaller ones
    • Refactor: Switch from System.Data.SQLite to Microsoft.Data.SQLite to enable ARM CPU support in the future
    • Refactor: GlobalConstants.DefaultEntityTrackingRange renamed to GlobalConstants.DefaultSimulationRange. Made it configurable via servermagicnumbers.json
    • Refactor: Large cleanup of entity shape stepparenting/extraTexture stuff. extraTexturesByTextureName in EntityShapeRenderer is now removed, instead we are now using entity.Properties.Client.Textures. Entity.addGearToShape() and EntityTrader.addGearToShape() is now refactored into Shape.StepParentShape()
    • Refactor: Block.GetHeatRetention() is now obsolete, please use GetRetention()
    • Refactor: Added IWorldAccessor argument to OnTransformed() method in IRotatable interface
    • Refactor: The assets packet that is sent to the client is now built after the server has launched. This creates *much* less headache when loading or modifying assets in code during startup
    • Refactor: Trough / Creature diet system rewrite. A creature's food preference is now in each entity type, instead of partially in the trough code. Food preference is now detached from specific itemstacks instead it is defined by FoodCategories, FoodTags and SkipFoodTags. Example:
      creatureDiet: {
          foodCategories: ["Grain", "Fruit", "Vegetable", "Protein"],
          foodTags: ["fruitmash"],
          skipFoodTags: ["rice", "parsnip"]
    • Removed: Disabled gltf test object, gltf loading broken due to multi-atlas change (scream in #gamedev if you need this, lel)
    • Tweak: Added WeightCapFactor property to AnimationMetaData. Can be used to cap easeIn speeds when a high weight animation is played alongside a low weight animation
    • Tweak: ITreeAttribute can now be sorted by key alphabetically with treeAttribute.SortedCopy(bool recursive = false)
    • Fixed: Character class starting items that are not wearable were not being given
    • Fixed: JSON file¬†patching system updated to use .NET7 and added a new op named "addmerge"
    • Fixed: IServerAPI.ServerIp property crashing on dedicated servers
    • Fixed: tree.GetAsBool() return wrong value for bool attributes :facepalm:
    • Fixed: Call to unload chunks did not trigger UnloadChunk event
    • Fixed: GetPlayersAround() horizontal range search only searched in a range of sqrt(range)
    • Fixed: MaxAnimatedElements setting not set to 46 (was 36)
    • Fixed: Modded sky.png not getting loaded
    • Fixed: Clutter block crashing game if a texture was missing, now prints an error
    • Fixed: "Companions" section of entity spawning not behaving as one would expect. Originally had only and 80% chance of spawning the main entity and then 80% chance of spawning one of the companion codes. Now the main entity is always spawned first, and every subsequent entity is selected from the companions list. Also the spawner had an hidden bias towards preferring spawning baby creatures due to their smaller hitbox
    • Fixed: When on IServerPlayer.Disconnect() is called it would crash the client
    • Fixed: Multiple instance detection by using a named mutex (since net7)
    • Fixed: CollectibleBehavior.OnHeldAttack* methods where not getting called
    • Fixed: Underground ruins would not spawn with decors/overlays
    • Fixed: Loading order issues when modding in new cave art
    • Fixed: Game crash when only partially specifying the held sound set
    • Fixed: Multiple moddability issues in several blocks and items (BehaviorDecor, BlockIngotMold, BlockToolMold, BlockWateringCan, BESign, ItemBow, ItemHoneyComb, ItemStone, ItemWrench, Func<T>, IBlockAccessor.GetInterface() removed, GetHeldInteractionHelp()
    • Fixed: BeginSubs and BeginSubcommands would not add the aliases properly
    • Fixed: WorldReady server startup event not being triggered


    Changes since 1.19.0-rc.8 (also listed above)

    • Tweak: New main menu background images, most of which showcase new 1.19 content
    • Tweak: Omok table top now no longer displays food perish rate in block info
    • Tweak: Quartz vugs are more like geodes now!
    • Tweak: Removed Mono dependency in Linux install.sh, introduced logic to determine default data path, mirroring game behavior
    • Fixed: Wild vines not rotating correctly with WorldEdit schematic rotation
    • Fixed: Modified Linux install.sh script to prevent lowering vm.max_map_count if it is already set to a value higher than 262144.
    • Fixed: Shingles and other objects in piles sometimes invisible after being placed
    • Fixed: Shingles and other objects in piles could be briefly drawn at the wrong rotation, on first creating the pile
    • Fixed: Two minor visual bugs with Seaweed (but pre 1.19 worldgen can still be bugged)
    • 1.19 related changes
      • Tweak: One more nerf to the basket trap: Adult animals have now a chance of destroying the basket trap, partially fix wrong block breaking decal (The ready state decal doesnt work for some reason)
      • Tweak: Board recipe now accommodates both plank variants (ns/ud)
      • Tweak: Adjusted range of the reed trap sfx
      • Tweak: Converted all non positional sfx to stereo in order to sound correct with hrtf enabled
      • Fixed: Crate crafting recipe corrected to exclusively use plank items with saw in the center, resolving previous issues with wrong planks variants
      • Fixed: Minor memory leak in main menu
      • Fixed: Display case link not clickable in Handbook
      • Fixed: Snow layer walk sfx playing twice
      • Fixed: Issue #3438: Incorrect textures for cobble skull, 2 variants of aged polished rock missing
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