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  • v1.19.4-rc.2 - Now with glue included! #2


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.4-rc.2, a release candidate, is now available to download through the account manager.

    Stable should follow pretty soon.

    Ukraine War
    Two years have passed since the full scale invasion of a sovereign country, in violation of multiple international agreements. Years of humans dying miserably in their homes and trenches. Ukrainians have a right to defend themselves. We must do more to support them. Today, I personally will be donating 10.000 eur to United24 to protect Ukrainian Skies.

    Screenshot by cy, shared in #screenshots

    Game updates since rc.1

    • Visual fine tuning
      • Better synced smithing sound and action
      • Fixed stretched crate label item images
      • Fixed z-fighting on copper spear
      • Fixed mianguan had bad display case transform
      • Fixed missing texture pattern on resonator
      • Fixed jarring text/button overflow in Vintagehosting Server Configuration screen
    • Performance tuning
      • Loaded ruins and other schematics RAM optimisations, with larger savings when using certain mods
      • Mitigate rapidly increasing RAM usage and lag spikes resulting from it, particularly when the same chunks had to be redrawn multiple times when blocks within it were modified often. (Technical details: Reduced GC pressure by reduced heap allocation during chunk tesselation, by reusing instead of re-allocating MeshData objects. Can be disabled by adding the following new line in the boolSettings area of clientsettings.json: "disableMeshRecycler: true" or the corresponding .clientconfigcreate command, requires game restart to take effect)
      • Minor server-side RAM optimisations when saving or sending chunks
      • Minor RAM optimisations for Microblocks, Clutter etc
      • Minor optimisations to clayforming
      • Reduced client-side lag spikes from doors in newly loaded chunks
      • Prevented the lag spikes when starting to type in chat or handbook, with RAM mode set to "Aggressively Optimize"
      • Fixed total memory use the debug screen and /stats command showing a too high value, more than what the Task Manager showed
    • Tweak: Cobblestone mining speed slowed, to be more in line with other stone materials; cobble stairs now mine at the same speed as other cobble blocks
    • Tweak: Added shield block pose when blocking with right hand
    • Tweak: Improved collision/selection boxes for ancient book pile clutter
    • Tweak: Chiseled blocks with beams on them, when broken, now only drop the beams in Survival mode
    • Tweak: New /dev bookshelfvariant l[] inc/dec subcommands to "scroll" through variants. Note: similarly to other commands, this can be set as a macro and bound to a hotkey
    • Tweak: Localization and handbook
      • Minor information corrections in English guides in handbook (Animal husbandry, Helve hammer mechanisation)
      • More use of the current configuration for right mouse button, in any handbook text referencing right-click actions
      • "Melting" transformation for snowballs in handbook now localized
      • Block interaction help for Support beam and Prospecting Pick was not localized, in non-English languages
    • Fixed new issues introduced in 1.19.4-rc.1
      • Mod breakage (including crash on startup) related to modded spears and cleavers
      • In Multiplayer, creatures had unstable positions or jerky movement for some players
      • Smithing action not applied unless mouse button held down for a long time. Smithing not in sync with sound and hit action.
      • Controls settings menu made it difficult to set any of the keyboard controls to just the Shift, Ctrl or Alt key
      • Certain trader dialogues (those with trader or player names) were not displaying correctly
    • Fixed: Melee attacks with weapons, at the same time as getting attacked, did not damage entities in some cases and played a weird animation
    • Fixed: Shield block pose not stopping when placing the shield on an armor stand
    • Fixed: Player endlessly holstering spear after world reload
    • Fixed: Burned out torch making extinguishing sounds when thrown in water
    • Fixed: Various crashes
      • Rare crash when destroying a lot of beams on one block
      • Rare Multiplayer crash if an in-game warning message is sent by a mod before client has fully joined a server
      • Multiplayer game crashing when connecting to a server with mods missing on the client
    • Fixed: Log spam for attempted drifter spawns when Temporal Stability is disabled in world config
    • Fixed: Re-add /land claim abbreviated grow commands (/land claim gu/gd/gn/ge/gs/gw, su/sd/sn/se/ss/sw)
    • Fixed: In the Multiplayer 'Add New Server' screen, prevent entry of obviously wrongly-formatted host names

    Mod API

    • Tweak: Exceptions thrown by ticking a BlockEntity are now logged with position of entity and type; override BlockEntity.TickingExceptionHandler to change this behavior
    • Tweak: Exceptions thrown by BlockEntity.FromTreeAttributes() are now logged with position of entity and type
    • Fixed: Incorrect door and chest took on wrong appearance when animated in heavily modded games, due to multiple texture atlas creation, when using default texture atlas sizes
    • Fixed: For coded mods using native binaries (.dll in Windows) in a /native folder, these will now not get loaded automatically (they would produce 'Bad IL format' errors at loading time anyhow). Applies to native binaries representing either libraries or a mod's own code not written in C#. Mods needing to load native binaries should instead write their own short DllImportResolver method [example] to locate their native binaries properly for each platform, and also include a static call to set that DllImportResolver [example line of code]
    • Fixed: Some mods crashing due to missing ItemSword class, introduced in 1.19.4-rc.1


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