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  • v1.19.4-rc.3 - Now with glue included! #3


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.4-rc.3, a release candidate, is now available to download through the account manager.

    Here's a thing to fix more things, also sorry for breaking some working things. In other news, seems like a lovely Korean version of 100 days in Vintage Story is going viral currently. This release fixes a garbled text issue with Korean translations (and adds 2 new languages!) Thank you so much for contributing translations, community! Also, hi Korean players, glad to have you around! 👋 💚

    In some weird way, it almost feels like the game's come full circle. Saraty and me used to play Maple Story around 2008, as a way to stay connected during the times where we had a difficult long-distance relationship. Maple Story was created by Nexon, a company founded in South Korea. Our company name, Anego Studios, is a homage to the times I played Maple Story. Anego was one of the bosses I used to grind at. To this day, still one of my fondest memories in gaming.

    Screenshot by Tarian, shared in #screenshots

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Mountainous creatures (deer, goats, bighorn sheep) now take less fall damage, should mitigate issues when they flee off precipices
    • Tweak: Chickens and chicks now take slightly less damage from falls, compared with other creatures
    • Tweak: Entities (except when fleeing) now strongly avoid pathing through boiling water
    • Tweak: Hot springs now cannot spawn under lakeice or saltwater
    • Tweak: Update community translations. Added Thai and Chinese Traditional.
    • Tweak: Localization: Rock instability % in block info now localized
    • Fixed: Creatures stacking / bouncing on top of each other and thus escaping pens
    • Fixed: Inconsistent attachment of signs on left and right end of a trunk
    • Fixed: Burning entities and items were not extinguished by salt water
    • Fixed: Crashes when dying holding sling, bow and certain other items
    • Fixed: Crash when editing book, using backspace key at the end of the text, and deleting backwards through a page break
    • Fixed: Rare crash relating to Fruit press
    • Fixed: Item id remapper command /iir getid not working
    • Fixed: File drop of schematics for WorldEdit, while game was paused, could be reported as an error
    • Fixed: Localization crash in TranslationService.PluralFormat with certain formatted strings
    • Fixed: Localization strings, if plural format {p... used more than once in the same string it didn't work
    • Fixed: Garbled text on Korean translations (for existing player, switch to English then back to Korean to fix)
    • Fixed: (-rc.1 issue) Crash when repairing clutter blocks with glue from a receptacle other than Residue-covered pot
    • Fixed: (-rc.1 issue) Some containers in ruins held missing clutter blocks
    • Fixed: (-rc.2 issue) Clay forming process was messed up
    • Trader fixes:
      • Modify trader place auction slot to prevent accidental item disappearance with shift-click
      • Fixed: Resolve trader visual duplication bug for items [thanks to korobya GH PR 34]
      • Fixed: Address issue where "your offer" slots at the trader allow any item to be shift-clicked into [thanks to korobya GH PR 34]
      • Fixed: Eliminate duplicated audit logs for creative and trader inventory open/close [thanks to korobya GH PR 34]
    • API Tweak: Marked UsingHeldItemTransformBefore/After as obsolete
    • API Tweak: Missing dependencies now listed in the mod manager
    • API Tweak: Exposed GetRecipeRegistry() in IWorldAccessor
    • API Tweak: BlockEntity.GetBlockInfo() exceptions now trapped and logged, a simple error line is shown in the Block Info HUD
    • API Tweak: Added entity property fallDamageMultiplier
    • API Notice: Entity boolean property fallDamage will become obsolete in v1.20 and removed in v1.21. Use fallDamageMultiplier: 0.0 instead
    • API Fixed: Block patches with NearSeaWater placement now detect salt water properly

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