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  • v1.19.5-rc.2/3 - YABATP #2


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.5-rc.2/3, a unstable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

    [Edit:] Also released rc.3 to fix more issues with the hammer and other tools!

    After a short time off on my end it is time to resume the prosaic process of patching to perfection! Possibly preposterous, perhaps, yet purposeful.

    Screenshot by Chuchi Gucci, shared in #screenshots

    Game updates

    • Fixed: Multiple smithing and player animation issues
      • Smithing not registering hits sometimes. Action/Sound not in sync with animation
      • Smithing hit action sometimes executing twice
      • Some player animations stopping too early, causing jerky movement (e.g. left mouse with hammer)
      • Some left-mouse actions sometimes looping the animation multiple times
      • Other players' animations no longer running
    • Fixed: Trader wandering off while trading
    • Fixed: Boars with offspring attacking on passive mode
    • Fixed: Shapeless recipes not consuming ingredients if spread out with only one per slot, e.g. wooden path
    • Fixed: Mobs dropping Jonas parts (e.g. Double-headed Drifter) and random loot in chests could repeat a sequence, now truly random
    • Fixed: Worldgen exceptions if multithreaded worldgen enabled and a Translocator is spawned
    • Fixed: Distant tule were colored white-ish
    • Fixed: Jonas lamps, Gas lamps and Banners were not repairable with glue
    • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves names not localized in repair chat messages
    • Fixed: (1.19.5-rc.1 issue) Labels not appearing on crates when first drawn, and other label issues
    • Fixed: various handbook and block HUD info issues:
      • Aged version of Antler mounts missing from handbook and Creative inventory
      • Falx handbook entry showing mining speed for wood and leaves, when it cannot break either
      • Purpleheart and Ebony tree logs block HUD info incorrectly stated they were breakable with Stone axe
      • Incorrect help tip on wooden pan [GitHub report #3680]
    • Fixed: Various crashes
      • Rare crash when typing during drunken effect
      • Very rare crash involving a pot of jam on the point of turning rotten
      • Crash when clicking on a food container while holding a bowl containing Rot
      • Rare but long-standing crash when clay-forming [GitHub #3713 #2284]
      • Very rare crash when chiseling in multiplayer [GitHub #3688]
      • /kick command crashing a dedicated server if no kick reason given
      • Renderer crashing if a dropped item has an id which has been removed from the game (e.g. because a mod was removed)
    • Fixed: Movespeed command not working /player [player] movespeed [amount]
    • Fixed: Worldconfig allowLandClaiming not being respected when using /land commands
    • Fixed: WorldEdit mirror functionality issue with chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: WorldEdit control "Cloud Y Position" not working for some languages like German
    • API Fixed: WorldAPI RegionMapSizeX would return a size off by one since game version 1.12.9. Affected methods are MapRegionIndex2D, MapRegionPosFromIndex2D, MapRegionIndex2DByBlockPos
    • API Fixed: Chatcommands with multiple `WithPreCondition` or a pre-condition and `RequiresPlayer` would over-write each other. Now all pre-conditions are checked and if one pre-condition returns EnumCommandStatus.Error it won't process the command further.



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